Hello there! I've only actually got my hands on Ouran High Host Club material (both manga and anime) two months ago, even though I'd heard of the anime for quite some time.

The result? I'm HOOKED!!! The artwork is amazing, the storyline actually shows character development (well, if you don't take into account the fact that certain people are clueless about their feelings for certain people) while at the same time, it's HILARIOUS!!!

Hehehe, I would say that my favourite host is definitely Tamaki (how can you not love him with his adorable personality?) Recently, though, I've found that I really, really like Mori-sempai too. I've always thought him good looking and the traditional 'quiet bishonen'...but, I dunno...something must've happened to make me start liking him a lot. Aargh, but all the hosts are lovable, so...I guess that doesn't really matter...

Ahem, anyways, about the story...well, in the manga, we're introduced to Mori's younger brother Satoshi (who's the captain of the Kendo club), along with Hani-Honey's younger brother, Yasuchika (or Chika for short). We see that Satoshi really looks up to Mori, and, in volume 7, says; '...You know, recently I've been thinking...it could be that Taka is Japan's last living Samurai...' Hence, part of the title of the story refers to Morinozuka Takashi. The other part of the title does not refer to an original character, but to a character from a different anime. For some reason, I happen to think that the two would make a really cute couple...so...yeah.

Heh, enough of that. Hope you enjoy this!

Disclaimer: Nothing linked to Ouran High Host Club belongs to me. It's all Bisco Hatori-sensei's. Sniff. (But can I at least borrow them once every few days? Please? Please? Pretty please???)

Japan's Last Living Samurai and the Weasel

Chapter One: Commotion at the Kendo Club, and Braids

The commotion outside the training dojo caught the tall, lanky figure's attention, even as he calmly made his way towards the building. Too caught up with whatever was going on, the crowd paid no attention to the tall senior -that is, until he tapped one of them on the shoulder and sent a steely look in his direction.

A clear path to the centre of the commotion was immediately made, for the tall, dark-haired senior, who just nodded and moved forward, not caring that some of the people he walked past were shivering as they glanced at him.

"I don't see what the big deal is." A...strangely female voice caught the dark-haired senior's attention, just as he made his way to where the commotion was actually taking place.

He blinked at the sight that was before him.

"Demo, ne, er...sempai, the thing is...this club is just for...guys. You know, it's all about kendo and...and it does get violent at times so-"

"-Oh, I get it. You're a sexist bunch, aren't you?" interrupted the girl, glaring at the dark-haired boy standing before her.

"Chi-chigau," spluttered the dark-haired captain of the Kendo club. "It's...not like that. It's just, well, there aren't any girls in this club...and it would-"

"-So? I really don't care if I'm the only girl in the freaking club," stated the girl, as she interrupted him once more. The boy scratched the back of his head sheepishly.

"D-Demo, sempai, I---" his voice trailed off when he saw the lanky senior, standing still and watching them with an impassive expression on his face. "N-Niisan!" he exclaimed, quite relieved. "You're here!"

Morinozuka Takashi stared at his little brother for a moment, before nodding.


"That's good," said the boy, smiling. "Ah, we should get started shouldn't we? You probably want to get to the Host Club as soon as you can ne?"


"Yosh!" exclaimed the dark-haired boy, as he turned his attention to the crowd that had formed around them. "Minna, it's time to start practice. Everyone, get inside and grab your bamboo swords. We'll start with the usual--ah! Sempai, where're you going?" The dark-haired girl paused.


"B-but why-?"

"-To get my bamboo sword."

"Oh." The boy's eyes widened. "Ah! Iie, sempai! You can't go in there. Like I said, this club isn't-" his voice trailed off when the girl spun around and fixed him with a particularly harsh glare. "A-ano...ano ne..."

"Satoshi." The boy turned to the tall senior. "What's going on?"

The captain of the Kendo club seemed relieved at his brother's question.

"Well...this...sempai over here wants to...join the club," he started, shooting the girl a somewhat nervous glance. "And I told her that she couldn't...because, well, there aren't any girls in the club...and it wouldn't be right if we had just one, and -"

"-It's not my fault that the silly girls here don't have any interest in things like this," muttered the girl, as she fumbled with closing the clasp on her bag that had somehow come undone.

"I didn't say it was your fault," said Morinozuka Satoshi, "It's just that I don't think-"

"-it's a good idea for you to join the club," finished his older brother, who had now joined the pair. The dark-haired girl turned to glare at the tall senior, her green eyes blazing as they met his grey.

"Why? Because of the gender thing?" asked the girl, noting that the senior didn't seem the slightest bit intimidated by her glare, unlike his brother.

The senior shrugged.

"That's a possibility."

"Why you-!"

"There are other clubs to join," continued the senior, slowly and calmly as always. "The sewing club is over there, in that building. Along with the choral society, the arts and craft society and-" The tall senior brought his hand up in front of his face, and was just in time to catch the book that had been flung forcefully at him before it actually hit him.

He glanced nonchalantly at the book he now clutched in his hand, before staring ahead at the person who had thrown it at him.

The dark-haired girl glared daggers at him, hands clenched into fists as their eyes met. Satoshi unconsciously took half a step back, so there was a bit more distance between him and the...enraged female.

"Teme..." growled the girl, her eyes fixed on the impassive senior's face."Who the hell do you think you are?" She shook her head. "The sewing club? The arts and craft society?? Why the bloody hell would I want to join one of those clubs?! When I detest them?"

"You're a girl," said the tall senior, shrugging casually. This only seemed to further incense the girl, as her glare increased in its ferocity. She had to resist the urge to fling her whole schoolbag in the boy's face.

"Why you-!" She growled. "That's right...I'm a girl, and therefore, it's almost blasphemous for me to be interested in anything else, is it?" She paused. "Tell me, O wise one, is there a 'how-to-make-a-good-wife' society that I might join?" she questioned, the sarcasm quite clear in her voice.

"...I do not know, but I can ask around and let you know."

"You---aaargh!!" snarled the girl, as she threw her hands up in frustration.

"Now, if you wouldn't mind, kindly leave so we can continue with our practice." Satoshi, despite being relieved that his brother was the one taking care of this...problem, was surprised at how much he had spoken during the whole...encounter. "You've already set us back by 7 minutes."

With that, he started to move towards her, heading for the entrance to the dojo. "Come, Satoshi."

"H-hai, niisan-"

"-You know what, just go to hell," yelled the girl, glaring at the two brothers, before stalking past them rather roughly, slamming her arm into the senior's shoulder as hard as she could as she walked by him. "I knew coming to this school was a bad idea...stupid rich kids," she muttered, before disappearing around the corner, her long braid trailing her movements.

Satoshi stared after her, his eyebrows raised. He didn't think he'd ever met a female with a temper quite as...bad as that. Honestly, she reminded him of Chika when he was in one of his 'I-hate-my-brother-and-I-am-nothing-like-him-so-I-will-pretend-to-have-the-worst-temper-anyone-has-ever-seen' moods.

He shuddered at the thought.

"Let's go." Startled out of his thoughts, Satoshi nodded before hurrying after his brother, once again thankful for his presence. He didn't know how he'd have handled the situation if his brother hadn't turned up.

"Ohhh, those two..." growled the dark-haired girl, as she headed towards the main school building."Iie, I would've gotten my way with the other guy...if that tall, arrogant, stupid, idiotic, selfish, sexist, evil fool hadn't shown up!" She growled again as she thought back to the tall senior.

"Who the hell do they think they are?" she muttered to herself, ignoring the quick glances she was getting from the people she passed by in the corridor. "Talking to me like that? Hah, and I thought people here were supposed to have manners! Geez, and the nerve, the nerve to suggest the sewing club!"

She turned a corner rather sharply, and heard a muffled yelp from before her. Effectively snapped out of her thoughts, she glanced forward to see a brunet with a rather pained expression on his face as he rubbed at his nose, which had a faint red mark on it.

"Itai..." mumbled the brunet, as he glanced at the girl.


"Your braid..." explained the boy, nodding at her hair as he spoke. The braided girl fingered her long braid as she realized what had happened. She had turned the corner so sharply that her braid, following her movements, had whacked the boy who had been doing the same thing. Well, not her braid, but the heavy golden clasp that she wore at the end of her braid.

"Ah, gomen ne!" she exclaimed, looking a tad bit sheepish. "I should have been more careful." The boy shook his head.

"Iie, that's alright," he said. "Although...it is the first time I've been attacked by a braid..." The black-haired girl stared at him for a moment, before smiling.

"Well, they always say that there's a first time for everything..." she said, cocking her head to a side when she saw the warm smile the...boy sent her way. There was something...not quite right with him. Sure, he was polite and seemed decent...but there was a touch of...of fem---

"Hahah, yes, you're right about that..." said the 'boy', laughing quietly. The dark-haired girl's green eyes widened as she listened to...the person standing before her.

That wasn't a guy. That couldn't be a guy.

But...if it wasn't, then what-?

She was snapped out of her thoughts once more when the boy, no, the...suspicious...person waved his...or...well, she was snapped out of her thoughts when a hand was waved in front of her face.

"Ah, gomen, I just...spaced out there..." she said, smiling. The brunet nodded.

"I can understand that." The chiming of the large clock interrupted the conversation. "Ah, it looks like I'm going to be a bit late...ano, I'm sorry, but I have to go now..."

"Hai," said the dark-haired girl, bowing her head slightly. "And sorry about that..." The brunet smiled at her again.

"Don't worry about it. Ja ne."

The dark-haired girl frowned in confusion as she watched the brunet walk away, taking note of the brunet's walk, albeit unconsciously.

That's no guy.

That's a girl.

I'm sure that's a girl.

But why is she-?

She shrugged to herself. It was none of her concern, whatever was going on with the girl dressed as a boy. Sighing, she continued her walk down the corridor, growling once more as her mind reeled back to what had happened outside the kendo-club's dojo.

An hour and a bit later:

"Takashi!" cried out the short blond, as he saw his dark-haired cousin enter the room, quietly closing the doors behind him. "You're late."

Mori nodded as he walked over to his cousin, briefly glancing at the large slice of strawberry cheesecake that was set before him.

"Gomen," he said, quietly.

"We were starting to get worried, Mori-sempai," said the 'King' of the Host Club, having overheard their conversation. "Did anything happen?" Mori shook his head.

"Iie. We were just...held up from starting on time," he said.

"Eh? How come?" questioned Haninozuka Mitsukuni. "Did...did Chika delay Satoshi again? By stirring up trouble somewhere?" There was a small, worried frown on his face as he stared at his cousin, waiting for an answer. Mori shook his head as he sat down opposite the small blond.

"Iie. It was some girl. Who wanted to join the club."

"Ahaha, maybe she heard that you were in the club and wanted to join so she could stare at you for an extra hour," suggested one of the Hitachin twins. Mori simply shrugged, before glancing down at his book-bag. The girl had run off, in a huff, without realizing that he still had the book that she had thrown at him -and he had realized it only after they had entered the dojo and were about to start practice.

"-sempai...Mori-sempai...?" The dark-haired senior's head snapped up as he heard the female calling him. His grey eyes met Haruhi's warm brown, and he raised his eyebrows as he saw the red mark across the girl's nose.

"...Did...something happen?" he questioned, slowly.

"Eh?" questioned Haruhi, blinking in confusion.

"He means your nose, Ha-ru-hi," drawled Hikaru, slinging an arm around her shoulders even as he snuck a glance at the golden-haired 'king'. (Said 'king' glared at the cheeky twin)

"Oh...that..." mumbled Haruhi, shrugging."It's nothing. Really." Kaoru snorted.

"Yeah, it's nothing," he agreed. "Just some girl running down the corridor and turning a corner rather sharply -"

"-and the clasp she had on her long braid whacked poor Haruhi who was also turning the corner at the same time," finished Hikaru. "Do you know who the girl was? Maybe someone should tell her to do something about her hair..."

"Don't be stupid," said Haruhi, as she removed Hikaru's hand from her shoulders. "It wasn't as though she had planned it or anything. Besides, she looked rather...troubled..."

"Troubled?" echoed Suoh Tamaki, "In what sense?"

"How would she know that?" questioned Kyoya, who had only recently walked up to them. "Haruhi may be many things, but I doubt if she's a telepath."

Mori stared at the peasant girl for a moment, before turning back to his book bag. The girl who had held up their kendo practice had had a long braid as well...and ---

He shook his head inwardly. There could be any number of girls at the school who wore their hair in a braid. It probably wasn't the same girl.

"-doesn't matter! Can we please stop making a big deal out of this?" begged Haruhi, as Tamaki started pulling her towards the ante-room, where the food was kept.

"No, Haruhi. What sort of an Otosan would I be if I didn't treat that mark on your nose? My poor, poor daughter -that must have hurt!" wailed Tamaki, as tears welled in his eyes. "Never fear! Otosan always knows what's best! Some ice will help, Haruhi, so don't worry. Otosan knows what he's doing..."

Haruhi rolled her eyes as she resignedly allowed herself to be dragged to the ante-room.

"Why does 'Otosan knows what he's doing best' make me worry...?" she mumbled, before letting out a small squeal as a cube of ice was all but thrown at her nose. "Sempai!" she protested, glaring at him. "What was that for?"

Hikaru and Kaoru shook their heads as they listened to Haruhi lecturing the King of the Host Club ('You really shouldn't go around throwing ice cubes at people, sempai. It's very dangerous, and it's a good thing it wasn't thrown too hard. And no, I don't need ice for this. No, sempai, my nose will not be scarred for life; the mark will be gone by tomorrow. What-? Don't be silly - sempai, my nose is just rather sensitive, alright? It's not used to being hit -then again, whose nose is? It'll - Tamaki sempai, stop acting silly. Now come on out and entertain your customers. They've been waiting for you to join them for a while').

Snapping his mysterious black 'record-book' shut, Otori Kyoya caught the attention of the four remaining Hosts.

"I think we've had enough of a break," he said, as he calmly pushed his glasses back up his nose. "Our customers are waiting for us. We don't want to make them wait any longer, do we...?"

"Hai!" With that, the hosts dispersed once more, to entertain the girls who had been patiently awaiting their return.


I know that was a tad bit short, and that it didn't have too much of the other members of the Host Club, but...that's just the first chapter. More character development, or rather, introduction, takes place in the next chapter!

Heh, the girl with the braid mentioned in this chapter...would anyone have any idea as to who she is? After watching both Ouran High School Host Club and another anime one day, I just wondered what it would have been like if they (the girl and Mori) were in the same anime...and I thought they would pair up quite nicely! Anyways, just try guessing who the girl is!

Till chapter two!