Saturday, April 14, 2007

Kitsune: Hey! I had a new idea for a new fanfic!

Jeremy: Here we go again.

Kitsune: It's based on a play my high school did a couple of years ago: Little Shop of Horrors!

Jeremy: Isn't that a movie, too?

Kitsune: I haven't seen the movie . . .

Jeremy: . . .

Kitsune: . . . Anyway! It had really good songs (even if I can only remember a few of them, a.k.a. one) So, this is our newest fanfic! Please enjoy!


Caught in a Venus Flytrap

Summary: Following a strange series of events, Kurama is stuck caring for a rare Makai plant. But, as it matures, its craving grow and a trickle of blood will not satisfy . . .

Chapter 1: The Plant


Kurama smiled as he walked down the street towards his new job. His light green apron was clutched in his hand and he whistled a happy tune as he slipped it on, tying the strings behind his back as he got to the florists door. As he went inside, a light ringing announced his arrival when the door caused a wind chime to clatter together.

The older woman looked up from behind the counter, blinked twice, then smiled. "Ah, Shuuichi. Hello."

"Good afternoon, Ichimori-san," Kurama smiled, walking up behind the counter and beginning to sort out coins in the cash register. When he was done, he pushed the small drawer in, making it lock until he pushed a certain button. "I'm ready for work."

"Good, good," Naoko Ichimori nodded. "Although, I don't think we'll be busy today."

"Ah, but it's such a beautiful day," Kurama sighed, leaning on his arm and staring out the store's front window into the bright sunshine. "Who wouldn't want to buy a bouquet on a day like this? Who really needs a reason?"

Naoko laughed, slightly, working on something on the back counter. "Ah, Shuuichi, you make me laugh! If I only were 40 years younger and still single." She glanced at the ring on the finger of the left hand.

Kurama chuckled. Naoko Ichimori was a somewhat flirtatious widow, but she was true to her late husband, Kousuke. Naoko was Kurama's neighbor across the street and Shiori's good friend. Sometimes, his mother would invite her over for tea and riceballs; just a carefree visit.

"Well? What do you think?" Naoko asked, turning around and showing him a nice bouquet of flowers she'd arranged herself. Kurama smiled appreciatively.

"Why, it's lovely, Ichimori-san. May I ask the occasion?"

"I'm going down to the cemetary to deliver this to Kousuke," Naoko smiled tenderly down at the bouquet, and Kurama knew she was thinking of her husband. "I'd like you to look after the store while I'm gone. I won't be long."

"Okay, I will, Ichimori-san," Kurama smiled and helped her bring the vase of flowers to her car and saw her off. He went back into the store and waited for customers. Fifteen minutes passed by. He drummed his fingers against the desk then went into the back to take care of the indoor garden.


The stranger stumbled into the store, the pot in his hand. He fought hard to stay conscious. His vision was foggy. He stumbled to the counter, placing the pot heavily down in the space between the cash register and the big pot of flowers on the other end of the desk.


Kurama heard the thump and turned. He shut off the hose, wiped his hands on his apron and went out to the front. He saw a man in a trenchcoat slumped over the front counter; a pot was set in front of him.

"Are you okay, sir?" Kurama asked, concerned. He went to put a hand on the man's shoulder, but he lifted his head and looked at him. His eyes were slit-pupiled and a golden color. Kurama was taken aback. "A demon?" Kurama grew angry. "What are you doing here?"

The demon reached out and grasped Kurama's shirt, dragging him to look him in the eyes. The demon was greatly fatigued and possibly in serious pain. "Take . . . care . . . of the . . ." He tilted his head to stare at the pot, then turned Kurama's attention back to him. "Don't . . . let them have . . . it . . ." And he passed out, slumping to the floor, where he evaporated into thin air.

Kurama waved his hand at the rising smoke. "That sure was strange," he muttered under his breath, then turned to look at the pot and its contents. Inside the pot, there was dirt, and among the dirt was a tiny bud and leaves of a plant. He stared at the plant. "How curious." He took the pot and placed it behind the counter, where it was out of sight.

A half hour later, Naoko came back, but Kurama didn't mention the stranger or the plant. When his shift was done, he took it and placed it in the garden in the back, setting it on a counter. He shut off the lights and left the store.


Kitsune: Yay! The first chapter is done! I'm so proud!

Jeremy: I think it'll turn out good. (beams)

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