Monday, April 30, 2007

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Kitsune: (sits up, perfectly fine) Review Withdrawal: a condition affecting an author's mind when he or she has a lack of reviews for his or hers fanfics. Symptoms include: spacing out, irritable mood, twitching eyes, fluctuating periods of overeatting and anorexia, twinges, twitches, convulsions, headache, migraine, dehydration, nail-biting, achey joints and bones, delusion, paranoia, singing songs from broadway plays such as "Phantom of the Opera", and hiccuping for no apparent reason. Some people may even lose their sight from sitting in front of a computer for extended periods of time. Some set-offs to Review Withdrawal are lack of reviews and flames. P.S. I own the term and am suffering from Review Withdrawal. (spazes out again)

Jeremy: Right. Medic!

Rabid Chibi Squirrels INC does not own Yu Yu Hakusho or its characters. This fanfiction was inspired by Little Shop of Horrors.

Kitsune: (sits up again) Oh, by the way, in case you're wondering, this isn't a vampire fanfic. You'll find out soon enough, though. (thumbs up and falls back again)


Caught in a Venus Flytrap

Summary: Following a strange series of events, Kurama is stuck caring for a rare Makai plant. But, as it matures, its craving grow and a trickle of blood will not satisfy . . .

Chapter 2: Kyuketsuki's First Meal


The next day, Kurama came back to the shop. He took the plant from the back and observed it.

It didn't look like much. It was a simple green bud, just bigger than the size of a golf ball, with two large, velvety, green leaves poking out from beneathe, planted in dark soil. He shrugged and watered it before going out to the front to answer the call of some customers.

He came back later, but, instead of being better, the plant looked worse. It had started to shrivel and shrink. Kurama was confused; what had gone wrong? It was a plant. Didn't plants like water? Maybe it was stuck inside its pot, its roots tangled and confused. He reached down the side to lift the leaf just a little, just to peek under the small plant. But as soon as he did, he was pricked by a couple of sharp thorns on the stem.

He pulled back in pain as a few drops of blood poured forth from his wound, landing in the soil. He cursed, silently, and went to wrap his wound.

Unbeknownst to him, the plant straightened out a little. It had become healthier. When he came back, he noted the change and stared at the plant.

He went home that evening, planning to look up everything he knew about Makai plants. What was this plant? He found a scroll tucked safely in a little hole in the floorboards beneathe his bed. He took it out and read.

He came upon an entry Youko had made long ago.

"Kyuketsuki. They are a strange breed of plant. They shrivel at the touch of water and fire, and it seems as though they will not grow for any normal food. Strangely, it sucks the excess blood from a wound inflicted by its thorns, so that must be its diet. But how can so small a plant sustain itself of a small trickle of blood?"

Kurama went back the next day and observed the plant again. "Kyuketsuki. I should have known." He pet the plant's leaves, as though they were a dog's head, but he did so unconsciously. Maybe it was Youko. Maybe it was Youko's connection with plants that made him yearn to touch the small thing.

Some things concerned him, though.

First, the plant survived on blood. It made sense, sort of, it's name meant "vampire." Where would he get the blood to keep the plant alive? Surely Youko wouldn't let his plants die, so starving the poor thing was out. And he wasn't about to slit throats. There had to be some way. Would demon blood suffice?

Second, who was he supposed to keep the plant from and why? Why had the demon who'd wandered into the store given the plant to him? Did he know he was Youko and that he would protect plants as though they were his children? Was this his "destiny?"

Third, Youko didn't know much about the plant, anyway. When he was researching and studying it in Demon World, it had only been a few weeks before he'd been shot. He hadn't continued. Kurama didn't know what these plants were capable of. Youko hadn't done proper research while in Demon World. He'd slacked off to go thieving.

What could Kurama do?

Glancing at his hand, he unwrapped it and shook off excess blood from the cloth, directly into the plant's soil. It was only a trickle, but it would suffice. Kurama saw the plant perken up and even grow half a centimeter. He smiled. Perhaps he could do research on the plant now that he was here in Human World. He wanted to know everything about this plant.

Kurama felt a strange bond between the plant and him. It made no sense. The plant was so simple, yet so alluring. He would trade having children to just stay and keep his plant. All he needed was this plant . . .

He shook his head to clear his thoughts, suddenly concerned. This wasn't the way he normally thought. He put the plant down on a shelf and closed shop for the day. As he was walking home, he thought about the name. Kyuketsuki. The word, translated meant . . .


A small smile came to Kurama's face, unknowingly. He stuffed his hands in his pockets and whistled a little tune, content with today and anxious for tomorrow, where he would be reunited with the plant, his friend, his child . . .


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To Sonzai Taz, the reason the fanfic came up under those names is because I put them down because, yes, this is a BotanKurama fanfic. It's also kinda KuramaOCish (by OC, I mean the plant. Yeah, I know. Wierd, but Kurama becomes . . . well, I won't give it away. -smile-). Thanks for reviewing!


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