Chapter One

Nariko was floating in midair in the middle of nowhere but then…


A giant bowl of ramen appeared out of thin air.

It looked so steamy and tasty it made Nariko's mouth drool.

"Ahhh…ramen! Giant ramen! It so beautiful…" said Nariko as she wiped the drool off her mouth.


A pair of chopsticks appeared in her hands.

"Yes! Now I can eat it all!" exclaimed Nariko, floating towards the ramen slowly.

"COME TO MAMA!" she said when she reached the giant bowl of ramen.

But just when she was about to put the delicious food in her mouth…


Her alarm clock woke her up, she hit it so it would turn it off then she kept repeating hitting it out of frustration.

"Stupid alarm clock! Spoiling my beautiful dreams of ramen!" she growled furiously.

After hitting the poor alarm clock a number of times, she sighed and got up to get dressed, leaving the poor abused alarm clock alone.

'Today's the day,' Nariko thought as she tied her hair with her blue bandanna. 'Today's the day I go to Konoha High,'

"Wow…" sighed Sakura, as she gazed as Sasuke.

"He's even cuter this year, if that even possible," blushed a small Sasuke fan girl.

The inner Sakura suddenly appeared.

'YEAH! And that pig Ino better watch out!' Cause Sasuke mine! CHA!'

Sasuke let out an annoyed sigh.

'These fan girls are annoying…'

Nariko slowly walked through the crowed halls, it felt strange, Iruka taught her at home, so this school was frightening yet appealing at the same time.

She felt so embarrassed that moment, since no one had seen her before everyone was staring at her.

Some boys wolf whistled.

"Hey, blondie! I'd like a piece of you!" one of them said.

Nariko chose to ignore them.

'Bastards!' She thought furiously, stomping away.

She entered her homeroom, to find everyone stare at her yet again.

'Jeez! I get the point! I'm new no one knows me! So stop staring!' Nariko thought to herself scanning for an empty seat.

"Umm…excuse me there's a…a…an empty seat ne…next to me," muttered a timid voice, Nariko spun her head round to the person who spoke to her.

It was a girl with black hair and white eyes.

Nariko gave a warm smile to the girl.

'She's seems to be a good person,' she thought to herself taking her seat next to the girl.

"I…I'm Hin…Hinata Hyuuga," said Hinata shaking the blonde's hand.

"I'm Nariko Uzumaki, please to meet you,"

"I…I didn't see you in middle school are…are you new to town?" asked Hinata worried that she'll offend her, Nariko just smiled.

"No, I was home tutored by my guardian Iruka, this year I managed to convince her to let go to High School," answered Nariko.

'Also the fact I completely sucked at Iruka's school work and if social services found out how bad I was doing they'll probably kidnap and put me up for adoption' thought Nariko.

Nariko turned her head to some girls squealing; Nariko covered her ears and groaned "Ack! What are they squealing about?"

"They're the Sasuke fan-club,"


"You'll know him soon enough, most girls in middle girls had crushes on him, in middle school," replied Hinata.

"Sasuke's born on July 23rd that makes him a cancer and I was on January 4th that's makes me a Capricorn and Cancer's and Capricorns are totally compatible," smirked one of the fan-girls.

"No they're not! I'm a Gemini and Gemini's are way more compatible to Cancer's than Capricorns," screeched another fan-girl.

Nariko watched in amazement as the two girls started a bitch fight.

'Talk about obsessed,' she thought.

She looked over to Sasuke.

'And over him? He looks like a cold hearted bastard,'

She saw him gave a cold glare to a girl trying to ask him out, that girl crawled to a corner and started crying.

'And I was right,' she thought angrily.

Sasuke and Nariko's eyes caught each other's in a split second in that split second she gave him a glare.

Sasuke was shocked (though he did not show it) that a girl, glared at him like that, almost every girl fallen in love with him at first sight.

'This girl's…different,'

He glanced at her when she wasn't looking, she had bright yellow hair her hair was tied back by a blue headband, she wore an orange shirt, black skirt, blue tights with orange stars on them, and black boots. Not the usual fashion for most girls in Konoha, who like to wear glitter and make-up.

Sakura noticed Nariko glaring at Sasuke.

"Hey, you new girl! Don't glare at my Sasuke!" yelled Sakura.

"Yeah! If you glare at Sasuke, I'll wipe the floor with you bitch!" shouted Ino.

A mob of Sasuke fan-girls were ready to start a riot until Nariko said:

"I don't get he can't belong to all of you, so who does Sasuke belong to?"

"ME!" shouted all the fan-girls; they all turned to glare at each other.

"HE'S MINE!!!" they all shouted, then jumped on each other and started a huge bitch fight.

Nariko sweat dropped.


The teacher walked in, seeing the bitch fight he blew a blow horn.

When everyone was quiet, he coughed and said "Everyone return to their seats, we have a new student today, please try to be nice to Miss Nariko Uzumaki. Miss Uzumaki could you come up to the front please," asked the teacher.

Nariko ignored the glares the Sasuke fan-club girls were giving her; she stepped to the front giving a big smile.

"Tell us a little about yourself,"

"Well…I my birthday is on October 10th my favourite food is ramen, my favourite colour is orange, favourite animal is a fox and my best friends are Dokuro Makiguchi, Junko Ukita and Kotone Umeki," explained Nariko, still smiling.

The teacher smiled.

"Lovely Miss Uzumaki, please return to your seat,"

Nariko returned to her seat happily.

She looked down to her timetable on her desk.





'Science after P.E how cruel can they be! Oh well maybe I can catch some sleep in that class…'

Break time


'Hmm…I like to draw foxes, is that the same as art?'


'Best time to the day!'


'Whoopee…nothing like another nap in the afternoon,'


'I hope we make ramen!'

"Hey Hinata, what do you have now?" asked Nariko.

"Umm…I have history,"

"Oh, do you know where the Sports changing rooms are?" Hinata was about to answer, until someone interrupted her.

"Hinata," said a boy coming up to them both.


"Is this a friend of yours?" he immediately asked.

"Umm…yes this is Nariko Uzumaki, Nariko this is my cousin Neji,"

"Hi!" smiled Nariko.

"What's your first period? Maybe I can help you," said Neji.

"Err…Sports," said Nariko not liking this boy's attention.

"Me, too I'll take you to the changing rooms," said Neji, putting his arm around Nariko's shoulders.

"Errrmmm…okay…yeah….see you later Hinata," said Nariko waving goodbye to Hinata while she was dragged away by Neji.

She did not like the way this guy was holding her, his arm was gripped around Nariko's shoulders and one of his hands was fiddling one of Nariko's yellow locks.

'I sure hope we get to the changing rooms soon' thought Nariko.