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YATTO!! I've discovered...-- THE REASON

TaiLey6: What reason?

-- For the murder of the Uchiha clan...

Nariko: D:


Itachi: (weird grin) SHH! It's a secret...

-o-;;; Okay...ON WITH THE FICTION!!

Kabuto and Nariko entered the hospital with Tai-Ley and Tobi trailing behind.

"Excuse me miss do you know where Sasuke Uchiha is?" Nariko asked the trainee nurse Rei.

Rei raised her eyebrow and leaned on her broomstick looking at Nariko up and down.

"Are you one of his fangirls?"

Nariko's face turned bright red.


Kabuto stepped in.

"Were classmates miss, if you could point out the ward please,"

Rei eyed Kabuto and Nariko together.

"okay," she sighed, she turned around and pointed to down one of the corridors.

"In room U3 we had to move him into a private room,"

"Thanks!" smiled Nariko running down the corridors dragging Kabuto behind her.

Rei noticed a girl with sunglasses and a trenchcoat that could only be...

"Tai Ley!" waved Rei.

Tai Ley stopped and straightened herself up.

"Oh hey Rei..."

Rei glomped Tai Ley.

"Why are you here! I thought you loathed hospitals!" smiled Rei.

Tai Ley's face darkened.

"Hey Mom, are you feeling better?" smiled a younger Tai Ley entering the hospital with a bunch of roses.

Her mother breathed hoarsely and turned her face slightly to have a look at Tai Ley.

"Have you tried that coffee they sell? It's really gross!" Tai Ley said cheerfully coming closer towards the hospital bed.

Tai Ley's mother opened her mouth to speak and Tai Ley's face perked up.

"I'm sorry but who are you?" Tai Ley's mother asked.

Tai Ley's eyes widened and the roses fell to the ground with a thud, only silence filled the room.

"I still hate hospitals..." said Tai Ley removing Rei's hands around her shoulders.

"Just tell me where that blonde girl went,"

Rei gave a sympathatic look.

"She went down there," Rei said pointing to Nariko's direction.

Tai Ley swiftly walked past Rei, then stopped, turned around and smiled.


Rei smiled back.

'It seems she changed alot...in a good way...'

Tobi ran up to catch up with Tai Ley.

"Wait for me Tai-Tai!"

Nariko looked down at Sasuke, he was covered in bandages and breathing hoarsely into the oxygen mask.

"Sasuke..." shadows covered Nariko's eyes, until she felt a hand on her shoulder.

"Hey, you know what would be great...you buy him gift, there's one down the corridors over there," Kabuto suggested smiling.

"Hey! That's a great idea!" smiled Nariko running towards the shop.

As soon as Nariko left the room, Kabuto smirked evilly and pushed his glasses against his ridge.

He pulled out a blade from his pocket and held it against Sasuke's neck.


Kabuto spun around only to be pinned down to the floor.

"Oh...its you..."

Nariko eyed all the sweets and oggly stuffed toys in the shop.

'Hmm he doesn't look the type to like sweet things...'

Nariko stared at the beautiful sunflowers.

"I'll just get him some flowers!" smiled Nariko.

Suddenly a boy with an orange mask randomly came up to her and sniffed the flowers.

"Eerrr...can I help you?" asked Nariko eye twitching.

Nariko's pigtails stood up as the boy snuggled against her.

"Nari-channy soo cute" the boy stated.

"Er...hey nurse! I think you have a runaway patient!" squeaked Nariko struggling out of Tobi's grasp.

"Tai-Tai told me to stalk you!" Tobi said cheerfully.

"Tai Ley?" Nariko a strange aura looming over her.

Tobi nodded backing away from Nariko slightly.

"Wait!" Nariko said suddenly looking up. "Where is she?"

A hand pushed Kabuto's head down to the ground and the other restrained his arms.

"So you knew my plan..."

Kabuto smirked and glanced up.


Kakashi glared at him.

"Whether at home or at school no one harms my students...ever!"

Rei came in and stared at the two.

"Either you two are trying a new postion or your causing trouble..."

Kakashi got up and dragged Kabuto out.

"If he comes again get security,"

Kabuto whispered to Kakashi, "You can't keep me away forever Kakashi,"

Kakakshi growled as security came towards them.

Nariko placed the sunflowers on Sasuke's bedside cabinet.

"...Sasuke..." Nariko muttered looking at him.

"Nggh! Dobe..." Sasuke winced opening an eye as his lips curved.

"SASUKE!" Nariko wrapped her arms around Sasuke's neck.

"Aw! How cute!" smiled Rei.

Nariko and Sasuke blushed, they pulled away from each other and looked away.

"Well, good news Sasuke you'll be able to leave as soon as you want!" smiled Rei.

"He only got shot yesterday!" exclaimed Nariko.

"It didn't hit a vitial spot and the wound healed very quickly so..." explained Rei cheerfully.

Sasuke nodded and turned to stare at Nariko.

"Why visit me?"

Nariko didn't look at him only blushed.


"Sasuke!" squealed Sakura tearing through the door and threw an overly stuffed teddy in his arms.

"I'd tried to stop her..." panted Tai-Ley leaning on the door frame.

"OH MY GOSH SAASSUUKKEEE!!" screamed Sakura taking his head in a hug (headlock).


"Nurse!" choked Sasuke clawing to get at the nurse button.

"OH SASUKE!! HAVE SOME YUMMY CANDY!!" cooed Sakura shoving chocolates inside Sasuke's mouth.

"Errkkfucahfmmuhsakubiitmmch!!" Sasuke gurgled.

"I love you too Sasuke!" smiled Sakura.

Nariko was glaring at Sakura the whole time while Tobi was hiding behind Tai-Ley.

"Protect me!" cried Tobi covering his face behind her.

Rei sweatdropped and came towards Sakura.

"Umm...I don't think he likes that..." Rei stated staring at the desperate looking Sasuke.

"WHO ASKED YOU YOU CHEEKY SLUT!!" screamed Sakura cracking her knuckles.

Rei glared daggers at her.

"I'm gonna have to ask you leave!"


Rei whacked Sakura over the head with the broomstick and sweeped her unconcious girl out of the room.

"About time I took out the trash," smiled Rei sweeping Sakura to the trash can outside the hospital.

Nariko, Tai Ley, Tobi and Sasuke all laughed together until Nariko said:

"Hey...where's Kabuto?"

"It appears Kakashi got in my way, Mr. Orochimaru..." Kabuto said bowing to the figure in the shadows.

"Ku ku kuu kuuu! Not to worry about him! We'll reach our target in time..."

His golden eyes glinted with a devious thought.

"Hn...seems my niece Nariko is getting in the way as usual..."

"I will not let her get in the way of my goal sir," Kabuto stated bowing his head.

"Hmm maybe this can come to our advantage...heheeheehh..."

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