I thought of Maron and decided, what would she be like if the story was more mature? Not in that way you pervs, but what if she was less magical girl-ish and more like... well, have you ever seen Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or uhhhh... Jackie Chan? Well, sort of like that. She still has magical powers, but she's a little older, and she uses her God-given supernatural strength, speed, and agility to fight instead (you know, the one that lets her jump on rooftops and stuff). Oh, and Fin is not evil here. I just can't stand the thought of cute little Fin having to be bad (sob sob sob). So... on with the story and I hope you enjoy. Chiaki and Access will appear soon too, so be patient. I just want to let you get use to the idea of this new Maron and Fin first, so it might be a bit. But... happy readings!!!

ratings- T (for possible implied stuff (oh who am I kidding, stuff will definitely be implied, especially with Chiaki there. we all know that) and language (though I did not necessarily put or plan to put these in every chapter- the language and suggestive stuff, I mean). I might change it later if I have to up to M, but I'm not planning on it at all, so it's safe (well, safe for a rated T fanfic anyway).)

author- nihogoneko

genre- romance, action/adventure

fanfiction name- Huntress Jeanne

pairings- MaronxChiaki, JeannexSinbad, FinxAccess

disclaimer- I own neither Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne nor its characters. However, anyone who dares to take this story, word for word, as their own will have to answer to me and my army of the undead writers and our fuzzy creatures. You have been warned.

(by the way, the first chapters' kind of short, but just bear with me for a bit on this one. I need to start it off somewhere.)


Chapter One- Maron the Huntress (but still Kaitou Jeanne)

Finn (is it one or two n's by the way? I'll just put two to be safe, but if you happen to know it, please tell me) Fish knew that her job was to find the reincarnation of Jeanne D'Arc and help her awaken her powers to become Kaitou Jeanne and fight against Satan's evil minions. But she had never expected the girl to be so... able. Instead of transforming into a kwaii-ish magical girl and fight with only magical powers like Finn thought that she would, the girl transformed into an amazoness of a woman, and fought with her own strength and agility against the demons. She took advantage of the supernatural boast that she gained during the transformation instead of God's, and her own, spiritual power. It was actually not such a bad thing, considering that if she used that instead, the police would catch on less, and her power could be saved for emergencies. Plus, it was... refreshing to have such a strong and confident girl as her partner.

It wasn't that she had no magical abilities, but that she chose not to use them if she didn't have to that made the semi-angel happy. Finn guessed that the girl must feel like she had too much of an advantage when she ran from the police if she used her power. It never seemed fair to her either that they had about about zero chance to catch her if she used her powers, when they all believed that she was stealing and breaking the law. At least give them a chance to do what they thought was right.

She wasn't squeamish either. She did what had to be done, with little complaint (and no all this is not saying that I think that the original Maron is weak or anything. I want this to just be Finn's thoughts on how she does her job. And by the way, I think that Finn probably thought this either way, because Maron rarely complained about her job as a kaitou.) She was especially proud that the girl was trusting enough in her power to jump off extremely high buildings to transform (which scared me when I first saw her do it, by the way. Seriously. In the anime, it never told how she was able to do that and not be scared.It made me wonder, what if I was Maron and I was transforming for the first time and I was told to jump off that tower?).

Maybe she was just becoming besotted with the girl. She did have quite a nice personality. And such a deep thinker too! And she was always so considerate of everyone's feelings. Finn sighed happily. Her job was wonderful. She was so lucky to have such a great partner!


It was night time. The clock struck ten. Miyako waited, tension showing throughout her whole body. Tonight... tonight she would catch Jeanne. She was sure of it.

The notice was for 10: 15. The trap was set with plenty of time to spare to make a quick check.

She glanced around at the officers and equipment. They were all in position.

Yup. Everything was in place. Now all they had to do was wait...


Jeanne stared at the museum from off in her spot on a nearby tree branch. It was close to her destination, but not too close as to be spotted by a stray light or a wandering guards' eye. Just the right distance for her legs to be able to push off and propel her over the first watcher. Then the fun could begin.

She grinned, but she didn't dare let out a sound. She wanted this to go off without a hitch so that she could go home early tonight. She still had shopping to do. One, she needed an excuse for being out when Miyako returned to the building so she wouldn't get suspicious. Though she had to admit, she didn't think that Miyako had ever thought that she may be Jeanne. But it was better to be cautious around her then get caught on a careless error. And two, because she really needed that milk for Finn.

The clocks' minute hand moved. It was now 10: 14.

'Ready...' she thought.

"Game... Start!"