Missing Miss Parker

He would have never thought it. But he really missed Miss Parker.

When she hadn't come to work one Monday morning he had thought that she had been ill or hadn't been in the mood to spend the day at the Centre. Who could have blamed her for that?! And after all, it was Miss Parker. Nobody knew what she really thought.

But on Tuesday, he had gotten worried. He had tried to call her a few times. But she had never answered any of his calls.

Sydney hadn't known either what had been wrong.

They had decided to wait until Wednesday.

But she never came back to work.

So they had driven to her house. Only to find it empty. There had been nothing left!

The first thing that had gone through their minds was that a team of sweepers had cleaned her house.

That idea had really frightened them.

Mr. Parker still hadn't returned from his holidays and so they hadn't been able to ask him about this mystery.

Even Jarod had said that he had no idea when he had called Sydney a few days later.

One morning, Mr. Parker had been back and he had asked Sydney if he knew where his angel was. That had made clear that Mr. Parker hadn't been involved in the disappearing of his daughter.

Mr. Parker had gotten very angry at the thought that someone had maybe abducted his little angel and so he had called the Triumvirate, but they had sworn that they hadn't known anything.

The conclusion was that Miss Parker had voluntarily left.

Sydney and Broots still couldn't believe that she had finally decided to get a life without the Centre.

Little did they know … THE END

P.S. It's only a little story taking place after "Bitch" and "Dangerous News". I didn't want to write about the things happening at the Centre in my other stories. So I decided to write a little story of its own just to remind you that the Centre still (!!!) exists.