Dedicated to Steven Scanlan.

There are some things that you tell no one; not even yourself. It's inside you, beneath the mask, stuck there, a feeling that you can't discern. But you'd do anything for it, you'd die for it, just to be there, just to see them happy. Then just one look in their eyes and you're trapped for eternity, to this pointless game. But is it all in vain? All those moments, all those sleepless nights, all those memories, all those tears, all those years, all those times, just hoping, and wishing, and waiting, wanting something that you know you can never have, is it all in vain? It is never in vain to love; it's deep inside, that leaves with a scar that can change your life forever. It's a story that's meant to be kept within; but here is mine. Let me tell you mine, that you might learn something from it, let me tell you my story.