Chapter 55 Curiouser and Curiouser

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Getting used to a new class schedule was as easy as breathing. June had Potions 8-10 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, Charms was 10-12 on Mondays and Fridays, Healing was just her and Pomfrey on Mondays from 1-3 and Wednesdays 10-12, Tuesdays and Thursdays started with an hour of study period, which all the sixth and seventh years shared, then Transfiguration from 9-11 and Magical Law from 11-12, followed by a study period from 1-3.

Getting used to the work load was a different story. The work in class was hard, the homework was extensive, the essays long and detailed.

Potions was still fun, though a lot more crowded then she expected since the required O had gone down to an E because of the new teacher, but June didn't mind, she was glad more people had a chance toward their chosen career. Slughorn gave them a little quiz on the first day, and since she'd been skimming the book Snape had given her, she and Hermione had gone back and forth identifying the Potions on display.

Hermione identified Veritaserum, the most powerful truth serum invented, and Polyjuice Potion, a potion that could make you look like anyone you wanted, as long as you had a bit of the person you wanted to imitate. June identified the Draught of Living Death, a potion that cast you into a sleep so deep that you showed no signs of life, and Amortentia a love potion. It smelled different to everyone to fit what a single person finds attractive. To June, it smelled like lemons, grass, and lake water.

The last potion on display was Felix Felicis, it was a gold potion in a tiny vial, and Hermione and June both said it at the same time. Hermione like a fact, but from June it sounded more like a sigh of awe. It was liquid luck. After taking it, the person could do no wrong. Anything they tried, they excelled at. And it was a very time consuming and difficult potion to make, and impossible to make in bulk, so no matter how much you worked, you could only make 24 hours' worth in a 6 month period. Which was good, because in high doses it was toxic. They didn't even recommend taking the whole 24 hour dose, as it could cause giddiness and overconfidence. It was illegal to use in certain situations, like sporting events and exams, but as June watched the molten gold potion shimmer, an O on her NEWT was the last thing on her mind.

As she opened her book to the assigned potion, the Draught of Living Death, June noticed most of it was scribbled out. A lot of the potions in Snape's book were like that, but this one seemed worse than most.

June grinned as she scanned the instructions scribbled in every available space. The prize for the best brewed potion was the tiny bottle of Felix. With a little help from her favorite Potions Master, that prize would be hers.

And at the end of the class, it was. June grinned at Hermione, who looked miserable with her potion that was slightly off color. The Ravenclaws looked pissed, they'd never had a Potions class with June, and had expected to be better than her, easily. Draco had a half smile, he wanted it, but he was proud of her for getting it. Blaise glared and Daphne grinned. The few other Gryffindors and the one Hufflepuff didn't seem to think they were going to get it anyway, and just clapped.


The emphasis for most of the other classes seemed to be nonverbal spells, which had to be the hardest thing June had ever tried. She focused, she thought as hard as she could, and she practiced her wand movements, but she just couldn't seem to get it.

In Defense with Snape she tried and tried, saying the words in her head over and over. In Transfiguration she read up on it, tried different techniques, and perfected her wand movements. In Charms she glared at her wand like it was the problem, even though she knew her wand was perfect. Healing was still mostly verbal, but Pomfrey did warn her that the nonverbals would be coming up soon enough.

Magical Law was still studying cases and debating the pros and cons and outcomes and how they might have been handled. For once she was thankful to have a class that didn't involve magic.

Two weeks into the school year, the Quiddich Captain slowly approached her during her study period. She was on her own in the Library, at a table surrounded by books. She was determined to figure out this nonverbal thing. Most of her friends were getting the hang of it, Hermione was slowly becoming an expert, and for once she was the one lagging behind. And it was pissing her off.

"Potter." He said, standing a safe distance away.

She looked up and blinked owlishly, her brain adjusting back to the world outside of her book. She frowned when she registered the person interrupting her studies.

Tybalt gave her a sheepish half grin, he'd been putting this off for a reason, but the first Quiddich match was a month and a half away, and they needed her.

"So, think you'll be rejoining the Team this year?"

June's brow furrowed, "hmm, I did say I'd play this year." she looked down at her books. Maybe I need to relax. Everyone else seems to be getting this junk, maybe I'll understand on my own. Stressing about it sure isn't helping...

June met his eyes and nodded, "Sure Sebastian, I'll play this year. When's the next practice?"

He grinned. It was his senior year, and he wanted to win the Cup, and with this little girl on his team, he would. Well, I guess little girl isn't the word anymore.

"Practice is this Saturday at 5 am, I recommend you practice a bit every night if you haven't been on your broom for two years."

June nodded, she'd flown, but not to the point of Quiddich practice. Hell, she didn't even know if she was any good any more. She had gotten a little taller, and while she was nowhere near as curvy as Hermione or Blaise, she had filled out a little bit in the past few years. Most seekers switched to a different position as they got older, only those of very slight build ever really made good seekers professionally. She was far more worried about being out of shape then not being built like a seeker, she was still the shortest and scrawniest in her class. Hell, most of the 3rd years were bigger than her.

June watched Tybalt leave. She didn't usually pay him a lot of attention, he was a year older and didn't socialize much with anyone younger. He always considered himself above his classmates. He was a good leader though, good people skills and once you were part of his team, and he treated you with respect. Unless you threatened him or his way of life.

She cleaned up her table, getting her books back on their shelves or into her bag, and made the trek down to the dungeons. When she walked in, she noticed Tybalt in the corner with a group, and from the flash of white blonde hair that could only belong to a Malfoy, assumed he was letting them in on the good news. As she made her way down to her room, she heard a loud chorus of "Yes!" "Alright!" "The Cup is ours!" and assumed no one contested her appointment. She let a little smile grace her features.

It was just after 3, so everyone was out of their classes, but as it was still the start of the year so most people would be getting used to the new work load. Nodding to herself, June striped out of her uniform and into a pair of loose jeans and a tank top, grabbed her broom and gloves, and made her way out to the Pitch.


At first she just flew. Laps around the pitch, loops, twirls, inclines and declines, basic moves. Then she tested her speed and reflexes, seeing how many times she could lap the field in 5 minutes, how close she could get to the ground before she pulled up, how fast she could turn and bank.

After two hours, she learned two things. One, her broom really was an awesome product. Two, she was really out of shape.

Her legs and arms were tired, her abs were tight and she knew that tomorrow morning she'd be lucky to be able to move.

June limped back up to the school, ate a high protein and high fiber dinner, and headed back to her room. She passed Snape's office, and poked her head inside to see her Professor marking papers. She limped in and sat down. Snape looked up instantly, no one sat in his office without permission.

"June? Are you alright?" Snape asked, taking in her bad posture and tired appearance.

June smiled reassuringly, "I was testing my Quiddich skills, since I'll be playing this year, and am a little out of shape. Do you have something I can take so that I'll be able to move tomorrow morning?"

Snape shook his head in exasperation. "You shouldn't have pushed yourself so hard," he said as he pulled a little blue vial out of his top drawer. "Rub this on your arms and legs before you go to bed and when you wake up. It'll loosen the muscles. Make sure you stretch too," he smiled at her, "I'm glad you decided to play this year, and not just because I've gotten used to having that trophy in my office."

June nodded, pocketing the potion. "I didn't know if you'd approve, what with the difficulty I've been having in my classes."

Snape chuckled. "I'm not worried about it, you'll get it. In fact, I think I know what you're doing wrong. Are you thinking the words, or are you concentrating on what you want to happen?"

June's eyes widened, "so, I need to think the words and picture what I want to happen?"

Snape smiled, "when you do a spell verbally, you picture what happens unconsciously, and most make the transition with little trouble. You tend to make things harder than they are, and usually that's fine, but this time you were focused so much on the process, that you didn't relax enough to just let the spell do what it was supposed to."

June nodded, she would have to try it. Tomorrow. She thanked him, and escaped to her dorm.

After applying the potion, she stretched and laid down to read a novel. Daphne and Millie found her at 8, sleeping with her glasses falling down her nose and her book on her chest.


By the end of September, she had returned to the top of her class, and she had adjusted to the work load. Quiddich practice was going well, she was catching the snitch with regularity again, and out flying Draco.

The first weekend in October brought another Slugclub luncheon meeting, which mostly consisted of McLaggen flirting with Hermione, and June chatting with the various members. She spent most of her time with the Carrow Twins, who, once you got them to open up, were quite interesting.

Flora was the voice box, she would talk for both of them more often than not. Hestia would only speak when her opinion was different then her sisters, which was often enough when June got them to relax. They had parents high in the Ministry, but they didn't like talking about that. Flora liked Charms best, and hoped to make a career out of Arithmancy. Hestia didn't really care what kind of career she had, she was more interested in being a good little pureblood daughter, wife and mother. Her father was already looking for a suitable husband for her.

There were a few that weren't there for the first meeting, mostly Ravenclaws and Slytherins in their 7th year. June listened to their stories, they were all impressive in their major and had promising careers waiting for them. She would be interested to talk to them in the next meeting, when they weren't being grilled for their potential.


On the walk back to her dorm, June, Blaise and Daphne ran into Luna skipping through the halls on the 3rd floor. She stopped in front of June, gave her a hug and said "I look forward to the start of T.A.C.T. It was like having friends!"

The girls watched as she bounced off.

Daphne sighed, "We don't really need Defense anymore, but we could use a general study group."

Blaise nodded. "It doesn't have to be secret, still exclusive, but not secret."

June nodded, "yeah, we don't want just anyone coming on in."

"Like McLaggen." Blaise said, giggling. The other two girls grinned.

"I do feel sorry for Hermione," Daphne said, chuckling, "but it's not like there's that good a stock of guys at this school anyway."

June shrugged, "there are a few gems I'm sure, but for the most part I'm unimpressed."

"It's not like you know all that many of the guys here." Blaise scoffed. "I mean really, if the choice is Ron Weasley or Neville Longbottom, I'd think the pickings were slim too. What you need is to broaden your horizon."

June laughed, "How? Have a Hogwarts Dating Game?"

After explaining the TV show, and what a television is, Blaise exclaimed, "Exactly."

Daphne nodded, "yeah, we could have whoever might be interested apply with no names or houses, since you don't seem to care about that, and then pick the top three, and then have an interview or something and the winner gets a date with the Electus!"

June rolled her eyes, "that sounds laborious and time consuming. Besides, I don't want to date someone who only likes me because I'm famous."

Blaise grinned, "We could do it anonymously."

June stopped. "You mean no one would know it's me?"

Daphne held up her hand, "If we're going to even discuss this, we need to get more girls in on this. Room of Requirement?"

June and Blaise nodded, and they headed back upstairs, Daphne messing with her T.A.C.T. galleon. As they were almost to the common room when they backtracked, Hermione and Ginny beat them to the room, and Millie caught up with them before they were to the second floor.


Maybe Pansy's idea of hooking her up with someone isn't the worst idea.

Blaise had nothing against June, it wasn't her fault that Draco was a jerk. It wasn't like she seduced him. In fact, even when they were dating she didn't do more then be herself. June didn't begrudge her for wanting Draco for herself, June didn't even do anything to Pansy. So getting revenge on June was pointless, because June didn't do anything against them. Draco was the target. And the best way to get Draco, was to get June a guy she'd last longer than a few months with. If they could find June someone who she could see marrying, Draco would have to move on. And yeah, he'd probably go for Pansy out of pure simplicity, but what better revenge for dumping her, then to have him end up with that Harpy?

Blaise grinned as the ideas bounced around the room.


"If we're doing it, they'll know who it's for." Hermione said after hearing the idea.

"What if we do it for more than just June?" Ginny said quietly.

June turned to Ginny, "I thought you were dating the Thomas boy."

Ginny shrugged, "we don't have much to talk about, and the physical stuff is boring"

June raised an eyebrow, "physical?"

Blaise laughed, "Not everyone is going to be a virgin forever June, some people actually like to do more than kiss their boyfriends."

June blushed, Millie put her hand on her shoulder, Daphne glared at Blaise.

"So, this dating game," Ginny said, trying to get them back on topic. "How do we start?"

"The application." Daphne put in, "we advertise that we all are looking for a relationship, and that we would like one based on mutual interests, and have them fill out personality tests, we go through them, find a few we like, and have a little game."

"How do we advertise? I'm sure they won't let us just post fliers all around the school." June said

"Word of mouth should be satisfactory, you are June Potter." Blaise rolled her eyes.

"Fine, what about the application?" June said glaring at Blaise

"Well, let's write it." Daphne said with a shrug. "What are the important questions?"

"Favorite color? Favorite book? Favorite food?" Ginny suggested

"Feelings on blood purity." Blaise said.

Hermione narrowed her eyes, "really?"

She shrugged, "you wouldn't want to date someone who found muggleborns disgusting, would you?"

Hermione grudgingly agreed.

"What about their idea for a perfect date?" Millie asked

"Dull." Blaise said. "Career path."

"You're not very romantic." Millie said, glaring at Blaise.

Blaise waved her off, "it depends on what you're looking for. If you want a boyfriend that will last a month, go ahead and ask all your silly little questions, but if you're looking for a man who you could someday see marrying, don't you want to know the important things?"

June nodded, "it's a very logical way of going about it, very Slytherin, very pureblood."

Hermione rolled her eyes. "Fine, but we need some fun questions too. Like zodiac sign or favorite subject."

"How about 'what are you looking for in a woman?'" Millie suggested

"Okay, hold on, we should be writing these down." Daphne said, grabbing some parchment and started scribbling.

"Oh, what about this-"


"How does this hurt Potter?" Pansy asked, glaring at Blaise as she flipped through her Charms book.

"It doesn't" Blaise said calmly.

Pansy growled "I don't want her to be happy, I want her to be miserable, I want ME to be happy!"

Blaise rolled her eyes. "June never did anything to you. Any misfortune you've had has been at your own hands."

Pansy open and closed her mouth, her face turning red, looking remarkably like a goldfish.

"You want Draco, that's all you've ever wanted." Blaise said smugly, "and Draco will never want you with June being a possibility."

Pansy glared.

"Look, even if June doesn't find her Mr. Right, she might at least find someone who will talk her into going further then she's allowed if she ever expects to marry well. In fact, if the little Weasley's influence is made stronger, she might be eager to lose it just to prove she's not a baby."

Pansy huffed and stomped off.

Blaise grinned.


June was flying around the Quiddich Pitch, looking for the snitch for the 8th time that night. A lot of the Quiddich team was made up of her class, Crabbe and Goyle filled in the empty Beater positions and Draco was back to his Chaser position. Sebastian was also a Chaser, along with a 5th year named Fabian Selwyn. The Keeper is the newly added 3rd year Aurelius Henrik. She liked the new kid, he was very fast and good at keeping his eye on a lot of things at the same time. He'd be a really good seeker if he was more graceful, and less afraid.

When Tybalt blew the whistle to signal the end of practice, June made her way to the locker with the rest of the team. Before she got very far, her captain was standing next to her.

She glanced at him and nodded her acknowledgment, but he stayed at her side.

"Yes, Tybalt?" June finally said.

"I hear you and your little group of friends are handing out applications for a dating game." Sebastian said, getting the attention of the rest of the members, including Draco.

June nodded, "yeah, a few of us are interested in finding someone and since our social circles are limited, this seemed like a good idea."

"So it's not just a 'who wants to date the Electus' competition?" He asked sarcastically.

June laughed, "that was actually what I was hoping to avoid by doing it with my friends and anonymously"

Sebastian nodded, "hmm, so if someone was interested, where would you go to get an application, and who do you turn it in to?"

June looked at him out of the corner of her eye. He was pretty good looking, dark wavy hair, bright blue eyes, tall, muscular, etc. she couldn't imagine him needing help to find a date, or him being interested in any one of her friends, including her. Well, maybe Blaise.

"Send an owl to Hermione Granger, she's sending out the forms, when you fill it out, send it to Daphne Greengrass, she's organizing them."

He nodded and she separated to the girls' locker room.


Draco was furious. Pissed. Enraged.

June was going to date. And not just date, she was sending out applications, so she was going to date just about anyone!

He stormed through the castle, still in his training clothes.

The worst part was that he seemed to be the last to know! Everyone in the castle was talking about it! The Ravenclaws lounging on the front steps, the Hufflepuffs standing by the stairs, the entire common room. He felt like screaming.

He stopped at the notice board in the common room and saw a flier.


Available Men Interested In The Possibility Of A Relationship

To Apply Send An Owl With "One Please" To Hermione Granger Of Gryffindor

Further Instructions Will Come With Your Application


*No One Under 15

*We Pick You, You Don't Pick Us

*Completely Anonymous Until You Are Picked

*Men Only

*Honesty Is A Must

Thank You For Your Time And Interest

~A Select Group Of Girls At Hogwarts~

Draco seethed. He ripped the flier off the board, a new one popped into its place instantly, and stormed out of the common room.

He pounded on the door of his Head of House. He knew this was a stupid idea, but he couldn't seem to help it.

Snape answered with his scariest glare plastered on his face, but Draco didn't find it as intimidating as he used to.

"Have you seen this!?" Draco demanded, shoving the parchment into his teachers face.

Snape took it from him and held it a reasonable distance from his face to read it.

Draco waited, figuring he'd storm off and tear June a new one for trying something so stupid. He was disappointed when Snape chuckled and said "So?"

"So?" Draco said dumbly. "So, she's going to be dating a guy she met with a personality profile!"

Snape shrugged, "sounds like a good idea to me. Better than her continuing to just date random Hufflepuffs and Gryffindors she finds sitting around."

Draco gaped. Snape had turned against him. "But what about me? She's supposed to realize that she loves me, we get married and we live happily ever after!"

Snape raised an eyebrow. "And what have you done to earn her? Your mother told me you were working on your image. To me it looks like you've just been sitting around waiting for her to do the work for you."

Draco lowered his head. He had meant to change, but it was so easy to be who his Father wanted him to be. It came so naturally. It was easier to go along with what he knew, then to do things like June did. How did she just voice her opinion without any care to how it affected her social standing?

"I'm working on it." Draco mumbled. "But in the meantime, what do I do?"

Snape put his hand on the young man's shoulder. He was almost as tall as his father, which was only a little shorter then Snape. "Maybe you could fill out one of their applications. Be you, see if that's even the person she wants before you go changing your entire personality."

Draco nodded and headed back to the common room.

That was far less satisfying then I had imagined...


The whole school was buzzing with it. She had gotten the flier posted in every dorm, she made sure to wait until Lavender and Pavarti were nearby before posting it in Gryffindor, she asked Susan and Hannah to post it in Hufflepuff, and Padma to post it in Ravenclaw. She didn't have to worry about it getting around Slytherin, Pansy would hear it from Blaise, and then it would be all over the House in seconds.

Blaise had looked way too happy to volunteer for that job.

Since posting the signs, she'd sent out about 15 applications, and that was 2 hours ago.

The applications were of course spelled. When they were returned, with a wave of the wand she'll be able to tell if they lied, bent the truth, fibbed, or maliciously lied. There were benefits to having Slytherins for friends, you learned all kinds of interesting spells based on paranoia.

She turned as another owl swooped through the window, a little note tied to its leg. She opened it up and written in very familiar handwriting was "one please"

Hermione shook her head and laughed as she attached a scroll to the school owl's leg and stroked its feathers. "Take this back to Draco, I'm sure he's wearing a hole in the floor waiting for it."

The owl gave a warbling hoot and took off through the window.

Hermione sighed, I hope that boy never gives up. As she watched Ron struggling over his list of nonverbal spells, she smiled. I hope I have his persistence and faith.


Draco unrolled the scroll he had received, and started scanning it.

Application for Date


*Answer Honestly

*Return Promptly

*No Identifying Information


Answer every question fully and honestly. Seal and send to Daphne Greengrass. You will receive a number, if you are chosen by one of our participants your number will be posted with the day, time and place of your meeting, aka date. If you are promised a date, you will receive one. Each participant will choose the guy she was most compatible with. Good luck to you all.


*What is your Zodiac sign-

*If you could be any animal, what would it be-

*How important is Blood to you-

*What is your ideal date-

*What do you want to do with your life-

*What is your favorite subject-

*What is your favorite thing to do in your free time-

*If you could go anywhere, where would you go and how would you get there-

*What is something most people don't know about you-

*What traditions are important to you-

*How do you feel about married women working-

*From the story "The Tale of the Three Brothers", which gift from Death would you want (if you don't know the story, ask someone with magical parents)-

*What is something you are very picky about-

*What would your friends say is an annoying habit of yours-

and on and on it went. Draco's eyes widened as he continued to unroll the scroll, questions continued to appear. When he finally reached the end, the list was almost as long as June was tall, which was about to his shoulder.

Rule #27; Malfoys never reveal too much about themselves

He gave a deep sigh, and sat down to start answering. It would be a long night...


Daphne wasn't surprised that she didn't receive any responses the first night, even though Hermione told her that she'd sent out at least 20 before she went to bed. They may have gone a little over board with the questions. She wasn't even surprised when she didn't receive any the next day by lunch. Even though it was a Sunday, people still had homework, and the girls answered all the questions too, so they knew how long it took. Well, they had started to answer all the questions. June had gone to Quiddich practice that same night after the SlugClub party and the meeting, and had only seen a fraction of the questions they even put on the list until she got back to the dorm at 9. Many of the questions were essay questions, the scroll charmed to expand as you wrote, a neat little trick Hermione had learned so she wouldn't have to rewrite her entire essay when she wanted to add an extra paragraph in the middle.

Even spending the whole evening and morning answering, she had barely finished before lunch. She really didn't expect a flood of owls until that evening at least, and even that would surprise her. Unless the guys were so enthusiastic that they didn't sleep.

After lunch Daphne wandered the grounds, the rest of the girls were working on their applications. She noticed a serious lack of guys on the grounds and Pitch too. This made her grin.

They had rated each question 1-5, by importance. They were only going to look at 3-5 for compatibility, they rest were just a kind of "pre get to know you". The girls answers would be sent with the numbers to the chosen dates.

Daphne had gotten the task of making the matches. She was the only one who everyone thought would do a good job of it, for everyone involved. Especially since she wasn't participating in the actual dating part of the game.

While she was walking, an owl landed on a rock near her, and hooted to get her attention. She smiled and walked over, taking the thick scroll from his leg. She tucked it in her bag for later. It would be a long annoying process, and she wasn't in a hurry to start.


June glared as she answered question after question. There had only been about 20 when she left them, and now she was answering "if you had 3 wishes what would they be?"

I mean really... what will this tell me about someone? What will it tell them about me? That I want to skip learning and suddenly know everything? Be able to just BE animagus without all the work? To have Voldemort either just disappear or become a really good guy and use all his power to help people? I mean, would anyone be surprised by that one? Or to have had her parents never have died. That would be nice... my life isn't horrible, but it would have been nice to grow up as a pure blood Potter with James and Lily and possibly a sibling or two...

June shook her head. These questions might tell a little too much about herself. Maybe this was a bad idea... maybe she should just go out with all the guys that the other girls aren't compatible with... maybe Daphne wouldn't tell the others...


Ginny bound up her scroll and sealed it. She was so excited! She couldn't wait to date a bunch of guys who just wanted her and had things in common with her. She wanted to fall in love, she wanted to get married and be a wife and mom just like her mom. She saw true love all the time, she saw it with Bill and Fluer, even if she hated her, she saw it in her parents, and she wanted it for herself.

She had always listened to her mom's stories about lovers and happy endings, she'd always thought her knight in shining armor would be waiting for her at Hogwarts, she always thought it would be love at first sight.

Now she was 15, had dated most of the guys in Gryffindor, and was still single. Where was she going to meet someone, if it wasn't at Hogwarts? She didn't want to get old and never find love and happiness. Wizards lived a long time, and alone was the worst way to live a long life.

Ginny looked at herself in the mirror. Her skirt was short, her shirt was riding up on her hips, the low cut neckline showed the top of her chest. The colors were flattering to her complexion and hair, her makeup was light and tasteful. Sure she was slim, but she felt she was attractive. She had friends, so she was interesting... she thought.

She didn't understand what June's problem was. Her brother was a great guy, and yeah his money had changed him, but not that much. He'd still make a good husband, a better one with a successful business.

And Malfoy was an evil little prick, but he seemed to like her a lot. And that Cedric guy, he was still around. He worked at the Ministry now, an understudy in some boring office. But he was making money. He was nice, attractive, had a good job, a future. He would make a great husband for any lucky girl.

But, she was the Electus, it's not like she wouldn't have options, it's not like she couldn't have any guy in the school.

Ginny wasn't that lucky.

She had one more shot. She held the scroll to her chest. She just hoped June wasn't the only one to get a date. She hoped that any date she got wasn't disappointed that she wasn't June...

Ginny made a little wish, then went to send off her scroll.


*From the story "The Tale of the Three Brothers", which gift from Death would you want (if you don't know the story, ask someone with magical parents)-

Draco rolled his eyes. He'd already answered the question on blood, and he'd answered honestly, blood was important to him and his family. He put that he didn't hate muggle-borns, and he thought it was true, he just couldn't see himself dating anyone not pureblooded. And yes, he did count June as pureblooded, because even though her mom was of muggle blood, she was a witch.

But just seeing that question made him realize that this was a product of purebloods and muggle borns. June had probably never heard the story, and Granger wouldn't have come across that in her constant quest to read every book in the library.

He took a deep breath and started answering.

I would choose the wand, because I could do anything I wanted and make the world the way it should be with that kind of power.

He read over his answer. It sounded like something his dad would say... Draco furrowed his brow, it had never even occurred to him to even consider any of the other gifts. Of course he'd take the wand, because the wand meant power. And Malfoys were all about power.

But did Draco really want power? What would he do with it? Turn into the next Voldemort? Remove everyone he didn't like, make the people he did like fear him? It made his stomach turn just thinking about it.

Even if he went the way of Dumbledore, which he had no idea how to do, he couldn't see himself being happy like that.

So, what were his options? The cloak?

It sounded useful, for sneaking around and doing things behind peoples back, but he didn't need to do that, he was a Malfoy, he could do whatever he wanted and no one would bat an eye.

The resurrection stone?

Who would he bring back? Even if he had someone to bring back, it would just make him miss them more and more miserable, just like in the story.

It sounded like all of the gifts were useless to him.

For some reason, this made Draco very sad...

He put his quill down and rolled up the scroll. He'd finish later, he needed to take a break.


By Sunday night, Daphne was seriously reconsidering her involvement in this game.

She stored the scrolls in a drawer in a special room she created in the Room of Requirement. It was a small room that had a really big desk with a filing cabinet that had each of the girl's names on a drawer. Near the ceiling was a hole open to the sky so owls could get to her.

With a wave of her wand the important questions separate from the get-to-know-you questions and appear on a new sheet of parchment. She tests each for lies and forgery, then starts reading.

She scans through them and puts any matches in the proper drawer and the superfluous questions go in a basket with the girls initials in the corner. Any that don't have a match get a scroll attached and sent back via owl. She wasn't sure how owls knew, but apparently it worked just fine.

She received her first scroll at noon on Sunday, by dinner time she had been locked in the Room of Requirement for 3 hours trying to get them all tested for truth and separated into the proper files. She still hadn't received Blaise or June's papers, so she couldn't disqualify anyone. Yet. Though some she wanted to do just out of principle. One guy's answer to 'what do you like to do in your free time' was masturbating... she hoped he wasn't serious about trying to get with one of them. His other answers read like a joke too...

Gaia swooped in through the owl hole and deposited an unusually light scroll and a note. Daphne unrolled the scroll, the first few questions were answered in short one to two word answers, and then it was just the questions. The note requested that anyone left over that doesn't seem like a nutcase be put in her file.

Daphne put her head in her hands. This had originally been to help her... of course she'd be difficult about it... damn... oh well.

Daphne sighed as another flood of owls came in, she opened June's cabinet and pushed all the excess scroll into it. She'd have to go through them when she got Blaise's scroll, but at least she had a place to dump them for now.


She felt like her eyes were going to fall out of her head and her hand was going to fall off. But she answered every stupid question.

Blaise sat up and stretched her back. It had been difficult and annoying, time consuming and boring, but she had finally finished. She rolled up the scroll and stuck it in her book bag.

Blaise groaned as she pushed aside her Transfiguration book she had been using to finish her homework and pulled her dating game questions back to her.

This is worse than Transfiguration any day... it better be worth it

For the first time ever, Blaise had finished all of her homework for the next week, her trunk was organized, and her bag was neat. She had polished her nails, braided her hair, showered, dressed down for bed, and now the only thing left was torture. She had finished about half of the questions, between doing anything and everything else, and now she just had to plow through the rest.

*What do you find annoying?

Blaise glared at the paper. She swore it was mocking her.


The deadline had finally arrived. It had been 3 days of sending off applications, Daphne had been busy day and night sorting the ones that were returned, Hermione helped now and then when it got really busy. Many of the applications got thrown out, they didn't match any of the girl's important questions and Hermione and Daphne vetoed them for June for various reasons.

In the end they each had a list of dates between 5 and 15 guys long. June's was longest, as she had the fewest requirements, Blaise's the second longest because she wasn't exactly picky, and neither were the guys in her list. Hermione's was the shortest, since so many seemed to have a problem with muggle borns. Ginny and Millie both had a very respectable 10.

Hermione made up the lists and had the dates set for different times on the first Hogsmeade weekend. A week from the upcoming Saturday.

Using her connections, she got the lists posted in each common room. Needless to say a few were upset by their number not being on the list, but since the idea had been put out there, a lot more girls were confessing their feelings for guys, in the fear that their love interest would soon be dating the Electus and they couldn't compete with that, and they were suitably distracted.

June had a busy time ahead of her before the 'Day of Dates'. She had Quiddich practice for the game the week after the D-day, school work that took up a lot of time and energy, and she had just received a note from Dumbledore asking for a meeting a few days before the Hogsmeade trip.

She figured, if she was in trouble, he wouldn't put it off for a week. So when the time came, she was dressed casually and comfortably, arrived on time and was very curious.

"Ah Miss Potter, how are you this evening?" Dumbledore asked, looking her up and down over the top of his spectacles.

June smiled, "well enough. My curiosity is pretty high."

"Yes, I can imagine it would be." Dumbledore stood and walked to a pedestal that had a wide shallow bowl sitting on it. The bowl had runes and markings all around the edges. He motioned her forward.

June stepped up to it, and looked inside. It was full of shimmery silver stuff that looked almost like a liquid, but moved like a gas.

"A Pensieve?" June asked, she'd never seen one, but this looked a lot like she had imagined it would from her readings.

Dumbledore nodded, "your reading puts you ahead of the curve as usual. Yes, this is a Pensieve. It is used to view memories, which is what we will be doing tonight."

June nodded, "who's memory sir, and why?"

Dumbledore smiled, "tonight, Bob Ogden's."

June waited a moment, sighed slightly and asked, "who's Bob Ogden?"

"He was employed by the Department of Magical Law Enforcement," said Dumbledore. "He died some time ago, but not before I had tracked him down and persuaded him to confide these recollections to me. We are about to accompany him on a visit he made in the course of his duties." He stepped back and gestured for June to step towards the bowl, "If you would…"

June watched the silver swirling… stuff, suspiciously. "Why are you showing me this? What am I to gain from it?"

She was curious, she was the type that wanted to know information, not as much as Hermione might, but there was no way she wasn't looking in this bowl. On the other hand, she would like to know what exactly she was looking for.

"Well, I have decided that it is time for you to be given certain information. It is obvious that Voldemort has focused on you, and by the effect you had on the box I feel you will have a large part in defeating him. Therefore, it is important to understand what made Tom the man he is today." He smiled at her from behind his spectacles, "I figured you of all people would want to know how someone grow into his mindset."

June tried not to smile, he knew she was too curious to not go in, and she would have gone in with no explanation, but the fact that he actually answered her question so thoroughly made her feel a little more warmly toward him.

June stepped forward and put her hands on the table next to the bowl. She took a deep breath and shoved her hand into the shallow bowl.

She could feel her body leave the office, or what felt like her body. It was a very unusual sensation.

June landed in a bright world that was all sunshine, green grass and blue skies. She was standing on a little dirt road behind a little man that looked like a mole that had gotten dressed from a costume shop grab bag, and Dumbledore was right beside her.

Suddenly Ogden started walking quickly down the road, they passed a sign that pointed them in the direction of Little Hangleton, which was a mile away. June sighed.

She wasn't against walking, but with all the ways wizards transport themselves, it seemed really stupid to walk a full mile when visiting someone. Especially in a memory.

It was a beautiful country, though. After some time with the sun and grass being the only sights, a little town was visible in the distance. It looked like something out of a fairy tale, a big manor house a little distance from a collection of houses and a church. Like a mini kingdom.

Suddenly Ogden disappeared through a hedge and June looked to Dumbledore, who just smiled and followed him.

On the other side of the hedge, it looked like they were entering the evil witch's scene in this tale. It was dark and twisted, everything had a slightly sinister look to it. But that was nothing to the house hidden behind a group of trees. A little run down shack that looked completely uninhabited.

Until a window was thrown open and smoke poured from it. Ogden slowly approached the door, but paused when he got close to it. There was a snake nailed to it. June felt her breath catch, it was a boomslang, just like her sweet little Kronos.

Suddenly a rag covered, dirty man fell from the tree and landed right in front of Ogden, making him jump back so hard he tripped.

"You are not welcome."

The dirty man looked like he had never even tried to care for himself. His hair was matted, his teeth rotted out, his clothes and skin disgusting. June wrinkled her nose as she took a step back with Ogden.

Ogden was braver then he looked, or at least was determined to do his job.

"Er- good morning. I'm from the Ministry of Magic-"

"You're not welcome."

"Er- I'm sorry- I don't understand you," Ogden replied nervously, which was probably a result of the dirty man in front of him waving a wand and bloody knife at him.

June nodded, the man was speaking Parseltongue. Now that she acknowledged it, she could hear the hissing undertones. It was interesting to hear, it was so rare to hear another person speaking the snake-language.

She exchanged a glance with Dumbledore, letting him know she understood what was happening, he just smiled at her.

"Now look-" Ogden began, but the man attacked. With a loud bang Ogden was on the ground with yellow puss spurting from his face.

June gagged a little and turned her head in time to see a man come running out of the cottage.

"Morfin!" He was an older man, a little oddly proportioned, a bit like a gorilla. He stopped beside the man laughing at Ogden, who was on the ground.

"Ministry is it?" the Gorilla asked. June thought it was a very rude was to address him, she wasn't a huge fan of the current government, but she at least respected that most of them are just doing their job. No need to attack someone who has never done you any harm.

"Correct!" Ogden said angrily as he cleaned himself up. "And you, I take it, are Mr. Gaunt?"

"S'right," said Mr. Gaunt. "Got you in the face did he?"

"Yes, he did!" snapped Ogden.

June rolled her eyes. Duh.

"Should've made your presence known, shouldn't you?" Gaunt said aggressively. "This is private property. Can't just walk in here and not expect my son to defend himself."

"Defend himself against what, man?" Ogden said as he got back to his feet.

"Busybodies. Intruders. Muggles and filth."

Ogden fixed his face with a wave of his wand as Gaunt whispered to Morfin.

"Get in the house. Don't argue."

For a moment it looked like Morfin would argue, but with an angry gorilla glaring at him, he held his tongue and went inside.

"It's your son I'm here to see, Mr. Gaunt." Ogden said as he cleaned his clothes of the yellow goo. "That was Morfin wasn't it?"

"Ar, that was Morfin," said the old man casually. "Are you pureblood?" he asked, suddenly aggressive.

"That's neither here nor there, Ogden said coolly. June grimaced. Obviously this was the question that would make this conversation go easy or not, and he probably just answered wrong. Lying to this man would be easy as breathing.

And she was proven right a moment later when Gaunt commented on the mans "mugglish" appearance.

"Can we continue this discussion inside?"


"Yes, Mr. Gaunt. I've already told you. I'm here about Morfin. We sent an owl-"

"I've no use for owls." Said Gaunt said, "I don't open letters."

"Then you can hardly complain that you get no warning of visitors. I am here following a serious breach of Wizarding law, which occurred here in the early hours of the morning-"

What followed was possibly the most useless conversation June had ever heard. The man kept trying to explain what Morfin had done wrong, why it was wrong and that he needed to go to a hearing for it, and Gaunt kept exploding about how pure his blood was and how that apparently made it ok to attack muggles. He assaulted his daughter a few times, yelling at her and calling her names. June felt sorry for her, she hoped she got out of here, found a better life somewhere. The poor thing was just cowering in the corner…

That was, until they heard some bells.

The voices were young and carefree, a simpering girl and a snotty boy talking of wealth and land that wasn't theirs, how they should just get rid of the ugly house and the tramp who lived inside.

June didn't particularly like these people, apparently descended from Slytherin, but aside from Morfin attacking the guy once, she didn't see the harm in them being there, eye sore or not. They were still people. This boy and girl were almost as bad as Gaunt himself with all his pureblood talk.

Then Morfin started hissing at his sister, talking about how she liked the pretty muggle boy, how she'd wait for him and watch him. How he had done his best to make the pretty muggle not so pretty anymore.

June watched as the family exploded, Gaunt attacking his daughter, Ogden defending her, Morfin attacking him, and Ogden finally making his escape as the poor girl screamed. It happened so fast that June barely had time to react.

She and Dumbledore followed Ogden out of the house and saw as he ran into the carriage pulling a very handsome young man and a very pretty girl. They were laughing cruelly, which made them look a lot less pretty in Junes eyes, but soon Dumbledore was pulling her out of the memory.

She blinked in the dim light of the office, "what happened to her? Merope."

"She survived." Dumbledore said, sitting behind his desk. "Ogden returned with reinforcements soon after, the two men fought back and were arrested and convicted by the Wizengamot. Morfin served 3 years because he had a history of muggle attacks, Marvolo served 6 months for resisting arrest."

June nodded, "Marvolo, last of Slytherin's heir."

Dumbledore nodded.

"So Merope was Voldemort's mother, and that man, Tom-"

"His father, yes."

June shook her head, it didn't make sense. That man, was young a very handsome, and Merope… well, she wasn't going to be winning any beauty prizes, even with a lot of work. She had obviously been inbred or something…

"Love potion?" June asked, Dumbledore was just watching her think it out.

"I can imagine so, but I have no proof."

June nodded. "Did she miss brew it? She got pregnant, but he obviously didn't stay with her."

"No, no he didn't. I believe she stopped giving it to him, because she loved him with all her heart, and she wanted that love honestly returned."

June just nodded. She understood that, wasn't that what everyone wanted? To be loved honestly for who they were. She felt her gut twist when she thought of that girl and her baby. The man she saw in the memory would never stay with a girl like that just because she was pregnant.

"Poor girl." June sighed.

Dumbledore nodded, "she had a very hard life, unnecessarily so."

"He was an orphan, what happened to her?" June asked quietly. "I can't imagine her not loving her baby, especially since he looked so much like his father. She even named him Tom Riddle."

"A story for another time I think." Dumbledore replied, for once not smiling even a little.

They sat there for another minute, thinking.

June's eyes scanned the room, all the different books and toys everywhere. There was a little pedestal in the corner that had an ugly gold ring in it with a broken black stone.

"Marvolo's ring." June whispered.

Apparently loud enough because Dumbledore glanced at it too.

"Yes, it is. A recent acquisition."

June stood and walked toward it. She reached out to touch it, but recoiled before she even got close. There was a symbol on the stone. A triangle with a circle inside and a line through it. It looked so familiar…

June glanced back at Dumbledore, who was watching her carefully. Her eye was caught by his blackened hand that was resting on his desk. The discoloration was further up his wrist, not by much but as someone taking medical courses, it was something she noticed.

"How is your hand doing, sir?"

Dumbledore smiled a little as he glanced down at it, "as well as can be expected, nothing to worry over. I have the best Potion's Master in the world taking care of it."

June narrowed her eyes. Snape was treating it? She hadn't visited her favorite teacher in a while, it might be time to do so. She nodded and stepped away from the ring.

"It's getting late," June said softly, glancing at the clock.

Dumbledore smiled, "so it is. Have a good evening June."

June nodded, "you as well, sir."


As June walked pass Severus' office on her way to the common room, she stuck her head in. Snape was bent over some essays, the sneer on his face let her know how the student had done. She glanced to the lab door, it was closed. He wasn't brewing anything.



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