Kratos... Are you-?
A Oneshot by: Fehize


There was the sun shinning high above a certain group of people as they were beginning to walk down a beaten path that was secluded from the rest of the world by greenery and vines. It was no longer beaten or trodden by the many passing of feet, and now it was just a mass of sharp sticks and wild flowers. However, perhaps many years ago, this used to be a road that led the first group of Chosen into their ways of the many seals. Whatever the case, it was now a path that the Chosen One herself was taking, as well as her party.

A certain brown headed teenager was pacing right next to a small, white haired genius. Together, they were the best of friends, even though at first glance it might be hard to catch. (Genis, the small one, was opposite from Lloyd, who was not always on the bright side of the shoeshine, but Lloyd did have a good heart.) Right of then, they were discussing the mysterious case of their other friend, Colette, who was busy having fun flying about.

"I think I am a little bit jealous of her, you know?" stated Lloyd as he turned his head to give Genis a happy smile. "I mean, I always wanted to fly about! It's so cool! Can you imagine the sweet tricks I could do?"

Genis sighed as he shook his head. "Lloyd... Colette has wings because she's an angel, and you aren't. Besides, you'll probably just get bored of it just as fast as you get bored of everything else..."

Lloyd gently smacked his half-elf friend across the head. "Hey! That wasn't very nice to say! I would have most certainly NOT have been bored doing that! There are lots of stuff that I don't get bored doing!"

Genis chuckled. "Sure, Lloyd. Fine, then let's name at least three things that you do not get bored in."

The teen's white laces hanging from the back of his collar flew gently in the wind as he straightened up and began to list the three things that he did not fall over with boredom within the first few days. "Sword practice," he said as he pulled up one finger, "star-gazing," another finger to join the finger already placed up, "and craftsmanship."

Next to them was a young woman, the ending time of a teenager, who had raven hair. "I believe you got defeated, Genis." She was a ninja, and always had her little fox-like pet around her.

Genis frowned, but then muttered, "Those just might be the ONLY three things you wouldn't get bored in."


"Ow..." muttered Genis as Lloyd saw his elder sister pull away her hand. The small child was beginning to rub his head back and forth, as if rubbing would get rid of the pain that was caused by the contact of flesh on scalp. It never really did help, but at least it was the thought that counted. "Gesh, Raine. We were only joking around..."

Before the woman could rebuttal, Colette arrived with a small UMPH as she plummeted from a tree. Lloyd had to smile in the inside, for it was always something funny that she did. Who could not manage a small smile when someone was as clutzy as Colette? "Hey Colette! What did you see?"

"Lloyd! Genis! Up ahead there is a swollen creek, so I am afraid we can't pass. I'm sorry about that everyone. It seems that there is just to much water to cross over safely."

It was at this time that a red headed mercenary called Kratos nodded. "It must be because of the melting snow. Even though it is winter, the heat this year is still enough to melt the ice from the tops of the mountains. We must be careful when approaching fast rivers. Small children," he stated as he turned his eyes briefly to meet Lloyd's, "must be extremely careful when getting near them for they could be swept away."

That made Lloyd angry. In fact, whenever Kratos made him seem insignificant, he usually got to that mind set. Of course, he got over it quickly. At the beginning of the adventure, it was more than just a regular anger that settled in him: it was pure hate. He thought Kratos was out to get him, and him alone, as if trying to embarrass him in front of everyone else on purpose. Then, as a little bit of time passed, he realized that it was just the spiky hair dude's personality.

"But," Lloyd pointed out in a rebuttal, "I can swim."


It was evening as the sun was beginning to show the last bits of its color upon the edge of the horizon. Lloyd yawned as he stretched his hands high in the air before plopping down right next to his doggie, Noishe. The green and white fur was always something to nestle up in. Genis was nearby, sleeping in that small position that made Lloyd once want to hold his nose. (It was fun doing that.) Towards the left was the shadow that consisted of Kratos - when Lloyd had to find out it was him by accident, it almost made him loose his head - who was the guard. Sheena was standing close to the fire as she seemed to be unsure about falling asleep with what she seemed to call the enemy…

AND, she was questioning Kratos about something that seemed to deal with him as she was giving him a big stare as was edging closer.

"Children need to go to sleep," muttered Kratos as he turned his head to face the duo swordsman. "It's too late for you to stay up, and young ones need their rest, unless you want to fall asleep in the middle of the battle."

Lloyd then patted the back of Kratos before very mischievously rubbing up the red hair. Naturally, Kratos gave a scowl, but it was almost impossible to see due to his mono-nature. "BUT, you'll totally help me out of it, right?" he said with a smile.

The mercenary responded back in a cold-like fashion, of course. "I am not going to help people when they become in a fantasizing stupor about people saving them."

Sheena tilted her head towards the side, and then began to have a blank-like expression. "Ummm... I hate to come into this conversation right about now, but, Kratos," she pointed out. The night was black and everyone else was fast asleep in a happy dreamland. "Hey, look here. When we were in the middle of battle, you began to stay in the background and do your magic techniques. Then there was that bad boy Drake that almost pummeled Genis, Raine, AND Colette into the ground. Lloyd, in his fashion, runs up with almost all of his stamina, and you heal HIM! Everyone else was on the verge of passing out, and you healed Lloyd?!? That is rather confusing there, oh mercenary."

Kratos seemed to get angry at this comment. "I have the liberty to heal those I deem willing..." Lloyd noted that it still held the same calmness of the regular speech.

Corrine, Lloyd noticed, manage to snuggle out of wherever he hid when Sheena wasn't using him in battle, which might mean the back of her rather large ribbon. "Sheena! SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENA! Sh-Sh-Sh-Sheena!!! Corrine knows what Sheena was really going to ask!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Corrine!" she yelled out. "NO!"

But it was too late. "Corrine knew that Sheena was going to ask...!" Lloyd noticed the little blue-tailed puff ball roll around in a gleeful circle as it avoided all of Sheena's futile attempts to catch it. "Sheena was going to say,

'Kratos, are you gay?'"

...! That stunned Lloyd like getting slapped around by Raine when he got an answer DREADFULLY wrong.

Holy Goddess MARTEL!

Naturally, everyone became so deathly quiet that the sound of the crackling fire could be heard loud and clear. Lloyd blinked at Sheena, blinked at Corrine, and then at a last glance blinked at Kratos. "Kratos? Corrine says are you-"

Kratos had quickly grabbed the mouth of the small "Summon Spirit" and closed it tight. "Say that again, and your life will see its fate," came the response in the ice of death.

Sheena gave forth a guilty smile, and then laughed in a weak, timid way while looking at the sword that still resided in the sheath. "Well... you always seem to be huddling around Lloyd and all... I mean," she was quick to point out, as Lloyd uneasily noticed, "you ALWAYS hang around him... It's... really creepy. That, and..." Lloyd wondered if he should get out of this conversation and run away. As in really far away.

"Do you... well... love Lloyd, Kratos?"

"This subject," butted in Kratos angrily, "is of a topic that is irrelevant and frivolous." With those words, he left the swordsman and the summoner all alone.

"EWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!" the brown head screamed while flying backwards. He did NOT expect that! "SHEENA! That's DiSgUsTiNg!!!" He had waited to say that until the red headed mercenary had left.

The ninja brought up her hand in her normal fashion. "Seriously! This is a very serious topic!"
"Corrine says so, too!"

"SHUT it, Corrine! You already got me in trouble more than once!"

"But Sheena, Corrine also knows that you like L-"

"OK!" began Sheena as she threw Corrine's head into her bow as the little feet tried to kick itself out. "That's enough sugar for you!" She then turned her head to face Lloyd in a more serious manner. "Lloyd... you need to be careful when you are around him. I don't know about you, or much of this world, in fact, but I think you gotta watch out for Kratos when you are alone!"

Lloyd gave her the blank stare that she had used earlier. "Sheena, you are just overdoing things. See! You made Kratos go away!" Indeed she did as Kratos was now tending Noishe. He was now out of earshot, but Lloyd had some inner gut telling him to defend his "big brother." "He's not like THAT, Sheena!"

She pouted as she folded her hands together. "Whatever you say, Lloyd… Even then, he deprived me of some sleep."

"Well, that's just Big Bro doing what he does best!"

She sighed. "Lloyd... Go to bed." It seemed she was trying to change the subject. "Don't worry about me attacking you guys. Ninja's honor."

"Ok, Sheena!" cried Lloyd as he stood up and then took a glance at Kratos. "G'Night, Bro! Don't forget to stop being an insomniac!"

"Go to sleep, now," came the response.


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