Kratos...May You-?
Another, Another, Another, Another, Another, and Another One-Shot By: Uber-Lazy Fehize


Sheena was one of the newest members of the group, and she was sitting at the edge of the campsite, poking the rock with a stick she had next to her. There were shadows covering her body, as if showing that the inside group refused to fully trust her after her attempts to kill Colette. It was already apparent that Kratos or Raine would easily run towards her and kill her in cold blood if she so much as aimed a glare at the Chosen of Regeneration.

Lloyd noticed it as well, and decided that maybe it was best to start some sort of a conversation. What else was a better way to start a comradeship than trying to find some common ground? With a little plop, he raised his body off from the dusty ground, and proceeded to allow himself to head off towards the area where Corrine - the little fox looking cat thing - was playing with.

"Hi! I know we already introduced ourselves, but I was wondering if you wanted to talk, or something?" he began, offering his gloved hand out. The ninja female, who had this strange outfit - but then again, so did Lloyd - only stared. Her brown eyes seemed almost black in the night. In the background, he could tell that Kratos was looking at them. For some reason, Lloyd wondered why the red headed mercenary ALWAYS looked at him every so often.

"Talk about what?" Sheena Fijubayashi responded back slowly and carefully, as is she was dealing with some poisonous item. He features seemed almost...stiff? That was weird, for Lloyd only wanted to talk to her! He wasn't going to do anything dealing with attacking, or something like that!

"Stuff! Like...where are you from?" The teenager raised up his arms happliy to show he was meaning no harm, and that he only wanted to make a new friend. With that carefree smile, he plopped down right next to her.

The female moved her eyes, but not her head, to face him, looking at him with examination. That was when something began to his, and then out of nowhere...


"AHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhh! WHAT THE HELL!?" he screeched as a little blue thing erupted in front of his face. "GET THIS THING OFF OF ME!"





For at least a few seconds that THING came out and molested his face, or something! Suddenly, he felt the fingers of a hand brush his face when the fuzz thing came ripping off. Gasping, Lloyd rubbed his face away from the little scratches - SCRATCHES - that were beginning to bleed.

"First Aid," came the deep, soft mutter of someone who was standing right in front the red clad teenager. With his brown eyes looking up in the darkness, Lloyd could see the tall figure of Kratos. The mercenary was standing there, looking down at the duo swordsman with this unreadable expression. In one hand, the fingers were outlined with a pale green light from casting that healing magic. In the other was the fur ball thing that was...moving?

"Corrine says LET CORRINE GO!!!" came the high-pitched voice of the blue looking fuzz thing. "Do it NOW! Corrine says stop! Sheena! Big scary man is clutching on to me! Sheena!!!"

"I assume that this object is yours?" Kratos began while turning his head to face the ninja women. Lloyd turned his head to see what was going on, and was curious as to why her face seemed a bit pale. It wasn't that color earlier! How was he supposed to know that Kratos was his father, and that the four thousand year old angel heard the painful cries of his only child, and that he raced forward so fast that his agility even scared the crap out of a ninja from Mizuho? Or that a certain angelic father gave forth a BAD glare to certain said Corrine?

"Y...Yes, sir."

"Don't let it happen again," came the reply as Kratos threw the little thing in his hand towards Sheena. This time, while it was flying in midair, Lloyd managed to catch sight of what that thing was. It looked like a little three-tailed fox now that he thought of it!

Kratos left as quickly as he came, sitting down next towards Noishe and feeding LLOYD's dog. Sighing a bit, the teen turned to face the animal that had rudely attacked him only seconds earlier. "Vicious little thing, isn't he," he grumbled a bit.

"Hiss! I am Corrine! Hiss! Hiss! That'll show you to sit on me! Corrine-sitter!!!"

Lloyd sighed, as he tilted his head down slightly. "Sorry, sorry! Gesh. Next time though, I'll get you off myself!"

Sheena picked up the animal - Corrine - by the middle as she looked at it. "Good Corrine."

"Hey!" complained Lloyd, but Sheena just began to laugh as she was muttering something along the lines of 'Just kidding! Just kidding!' It was a weird way to start a friendship, but then again, in the coming future, Lloyd would start more JUST as odd.


They were beginning to climb up the Tower of Mana. And Lloyd was having some SERIOUS neck and back issues from simply looking to see when the endless climbing of stair went. Seriously! If the Tower of Salvation had stairs like this, he would DIE of boredom only three hundred feet up!

"Ah. How long is this gonna LAST..." he complained as he dragged his feet up one last set of stairs. "How much longer of this ToRtUrE..." The group had to split into two sets to open the access way, but the sheer height was making them stay split for the overnight hours. Through the windows, one could tell that the sun was already beginning to set. "How much moreeeeeeeee..." he whined softly.

In front of him were the two figures of Colette, for she had to come with Kratos for he was her protector, and Kratos, 'cause where was the Chosen's protection without him. Well, Lloyd thought he could protect as well, but... Still... Darn it! People -cough-Raine-cough- still didn't quite trust him to protect Colette by himself so there was Mr. Mercenary. It wasn't that bad, however, 'cause Kratos no longer got underneath the skin of Lloyd as much as he used to.

"Can we stop nowwwwwwwwwwww?" he complained one more as he grabbed his hands onto the column so he can act as if his life was depending on this ONE stop. Lloyd wrapped his gloved hands around the column and then slid down as if he was exhausted. "Come on, Kratos. Pretty PWEESE? With sugar and fairies and what ever is nice and sweat in the world. PLEASEEEEE..."

Colette placed her hands in that normal, worried expression that she does, and then turned her head to face Kratos. "I think I need some rest as well. It is getting dark, and I believe that I am getting a bit tired as well..." That wasn't necessarily true as she couldn't get tired or sleepy, but it was nice that she was trying to get this favor for Lloyd.

The man stood there for a moment before turning around and nodding slightly. "Fine. We shall rest here tonight, but by morning, we are moving towards the top."


Lloyd turned to face Colette for just a little moment before feeling saddened once again. She was silent because speech was no longer available to her, but she was still feeling strong. Still, that made everyone in the party seem as if some weight were upon their shoulders. Their journey was almost done. Almost. It was still a week's long journey toward Hima, and that was the only place where they could head off towards the Tower of Salvation.

Yawning, he stretched himself a little bit before turning his head to look at everyone. There was Genis, placing his body near the fire subconsciously. Raine was there, wide awake, reading from a book taken from the inside of the Tower of Mana. In fact, it was something called Biotzman Book, or Bloitman's, or SOMETHING. Sheena was rubbing Corrine underneath his chin. Colette was sitting on a rock, thinking about something, but was still within protection distance. And Kratos was sitting, doing what he does best. Being Kratos. Near a rock. (Except for now something seemed to be bothering him...)

The large tower was right behind them as they were still rather close towards the front gates. Moving his body closer towards his dog, he noticed that Kratos was looking at him.

"Are you still tired from today's fight? If so, I suggest you spend more time resting, for what is to come will surely test our skills." His red hair covered his left eye again, giving that cold air that usually accompanied him. Good thing was that Lloyd was used to it!

"Yeah, I still am. But it's that tiredness where I can't go to sleep. I'm worried over Colette. Worried over what might come. Worried, in general. I mean, we are SO close to completing the journey, yet..." Sitting down next towards the tall man, the turned to face Noishe, who was about to lick the quiet man with his tongue. "Bad Noishe. He wouldn't like that."

Silence came back as the teenager once again yawned. He wished he could find something to relax him... Wait. That was it! He knew of a way. It was something like taking deep breaths right before exercising! "Hey, Kratos...May you give me a massage!?" he said happily as he turned his back towards the tall man. "Right there by my shoulder! There's a knot there that can't go away, and I see Raine do this all the time to herself, so... Massssaaaaaggggeeee meeeeeee!!!"


"Oh, KRAAAAATOSSSSS! Hey! Lloyd over here wants a massage!!!" he continued, staying put. Gesh, sometimes Lloyd wondered why he called Kratos his older brother. He didn't do the stuff he asked, sometimes! "Kratos! Message? Over here? Please? I'm tired and wanna go to bed..."


Sighing, Lloyd turned his head around to see what in the world was taking for freaking long. He was all achy still from that horrible climb UP those stupid stairs, and then fighting a monster! When he raised his eyes to see the group, he noticed they were staring at him kinda funky. "WHAT?" the teen asked.

"That" muttered Sheena as she gave Lloyd a face that registered something like 'I'm seeing you in a TOTTALY new light right now'.

"I...I agree..." came Raine, whose book was down on the floor, but her hands were still in a reading position.

Colette was only giving Lloyd that BIG blue eye stare.

"Corrine agreessssss. Don't you know only hot ladies in skimpy outfits are supposed to give dudes massages?"

He blinked. "Eh?"

The blinked back.

"WHAT?!" Lloyd yelled. He didn't get it. WHY WERE THEY STARING AT HIM?

"Ughhh...Hot pink haired girls... Yesss... SO cuteeee..." mumbled the magician midget in his sleep.


BLARG. I didn't like how it came out. Not one of my best, I can tell you.

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