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I'm Sick and Tired of This and I Don't Care

Chapter 1

Kagome had one foot on the Bone Eater's Well waving happily and smiling. "I'll be back in three weeks! I'll miss you!" Miroku, Sango, and Shippo all said at the same time, "Bye Kagome! We'll miss you, too!" Inuyasha was lying on the ground with his eyes closed. "Bye Inuyasha…" His only response was a, "Heh, later." But in his mind he said a sad, "Goodbye Kagome…Be safe." With that, the miko jumped down the well and disappeared.

One Hour Earlier

"I'll be fine, guys. I'm just going to stay home for three weeks. I'm going to train and get some rest." Shippo jumped into her arms with tears streaming down his cheeks. "I don't want you to go. I'll miss you too much!" Kagome patted him on the head, "Oh, Shippo. I'll be back before you know it." She kissed him on his fuzzy fox head, "If you behave, I'll bring a bunch of ninja food, just for you." Shippo hopped down and stood on Inuyasha's head. "I'll be good, and I'll even watch after Inuyasha for you." Inuyasha got irritated and flung Shippo at the wall. Without even a thought, Kagome said, "Sit boy!" As Inuyasha pulled his head out of the hut floorboards, he said, "Why do you have to do that?!"

"I'll say it whenever I feel like it. Like you care about anything that I do. Sango, Miroku, can you take care of Shippo, I'm going for a walk," she glared at Inuyasha, "alone." Kilala rubbed against Kagome's legs and meowed sadly. "You can come, Kilala." She patted on her chest for Kilala to hop into her arms. They walk out in silence. Inuyasha brushed himself off, hmph "What's her problem?" The group and a now-conscious Shippo glared daggers and the hanyou. Meanwhile, Kagome and Kilala sat under a tree, deep in the forest. The miko leaned on the tree and gently pet Kilala behind her ears.

Kagome sighed sadly, "Kilala, why does Inuyasha have to be such a jerk?" meow "I wonder what it will take to get him to be a civil person towards me?" meow what Kagome didn't realize is that Kilala wasn't meowing as a response to her, but at the presence of a certain dog youkai in a tree nearby. Kagome sat up and looked into Kilala's big red eyes, "They are going to be so surprised when I get back." She laughed. meow "You're right, let's go back so I can get ready to leave." As Kagome and Kilala walked off, the dog youkai said to himself, "Surprise?"

Back in Normal Time

Kagome climbed out of the Bone Eater's Well and happily ran to the house. As she ran through the house, she quickly said, "Hieverybody, gonnatakeabath. Seeyaatdinner!" Kagome ate her dinner and headed to bed before everyone else was done. She said goodnight and went to bed. "I wonder what they will say when I get back? I wonder what he will say?" Kagome awoke in a cold sweat, she did not scream, but her breathing was raspy. "Four weeks straight, I hope my training will help to stop my nightmares." She looked at her clock, "Five a.m., why can't I have nightmares that wake me up at ten? Oh well, I'll get up now and start training early."

The tired miko got dressed and headed downstairs to make a big breakfast for a big day. "I'll train 'til lunch then I'll go to the mall." Kagome grabbed a piece of paper to plan out her six-day-a-week work schedule. She stretched and washed her plate and headed outside to train.

Enter Daily Training Schedule

6 o'clock – Miko Power Training

7:30 – Archery Practice

9 o'clock – Sword Practice

10:30 – Miko Power Training

12 o'clock – Lunch

12:30 – Sword Practice

2 o'clock – Archery Practice

4 o'clock – Miko Power Training

6 o'clock – Dinner

6:30 – Sword Practice

10 o'clock – Bed Time

Kagome walked out of the 12 o'clock air and into the warmth of the house. "Wow, it's kind of cold for being May. Oh, I'm so hungry." She walked into the kitchen, her mom just humming a quiet tune to herself, "Hi mom!" Kagome's mom looked up from her tea, "Oh, hello dear. How has your training been going?" Kagome settled down heavily at the table. "I'm training really hard. I only have three weeks to train without interruptions." Kagome's mom poured her daughter some tea, she gladly drank. Kagome's mom got up and fixed Kagome some lunch. "Mom, I'm going to go to the store after lunch, okay?"

Her mom smiled, "Of course, dear. Do you need some money?" Kagome was kind of hesitant. "Here," she retrieved from her purse a sizable wade of money and put it in her hand, "Will this be enough?" Kagome slightly gawked at the amount of money in her hand, "Yeah." She set the money down and finished her lunch. The miko walked to the door, "Bye mom, be back in a bit." Kagome's mum just waved. Kagome got back home by 5:30. "Wow, I was gone a long time. At least I got some new clothes." Kagome ate dinner and hopped into the bath. She yawned, "I'll do my whole training schedule tomorrow." She laid down not looking forward to more nightmares.

Skip Ahead Three Weeks

"Bye Mom! Bye Gramps, you too little brother!" They waved as she jumped down the well, "Bye Kagome!" Shippo and Inuyasha happened to be walking by as the Bone Eater's Well glowed. "Hey, Inuyasha! Kagome's back!" Shippo ran to the edge of the well, "She doesn't look like Kagome." Inuyasha drew his sword as Kagome climbed out. Kagome had a black backpack, black Tripp pants and a black shirt on. When she looked at Inuyasha he saw blackened eyes and eye lashes. She rolled her eyes at him and said, "Sit boy." Inuyasha came crashing down and Shippo cried, "It is you Kagome! I missed you! Why do you look like that?"

Kagome patted him on the head, "I felt it was time for me to change. Do you like it?" Shippo stepped back and gave her the once-over. "I like it because I like you!" He jumped into her arms and they hugged each other. Kagome eyes brightened up, "Hey Shippo, I got you some clothes, too. And some ninja food." "Really, really, really?!" "Yeah, let's go the village and try them on." They both walked off, completely ignoring the dog youkai imbedded in the forest floor. "Hmmm…," a silent observer wondered.


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