Deserted Sonnet

Deserted Sonnet

To El Aurens which is best

The desert lies, and woe if you trust
Mirages born within its mighty spell,
For many more have withered since it fell
Upon the time, the future met the past.

The desert lies in burning wildly heart
Of fairy land where Paradise was lost.
Beware, mortal, what you wish the most,
Or dream fulfilled will tear you apart!

The desert lies - who ever reached the shores?
Between this ancient sky and ancient sand
The end is the beginning is the end
Of life eternal love eternal loss...

The desert lies, the only thing is true:
You fall in love, it falls in love with you.


A/N: no, I do not put a disclaimer on my heart. And this little poem has become more real than I ever meant it to be... But the laureate wreath goes to David Lean's masterpiece - just in case ;-)