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As the soft sun streamed through her window sixteen year old Gabriella turned over in bed, her eyes fluttering open to the sound of her alarm. Reaching over to turn off the radio her eyes caught a glimpse of something shiny on her hand, a gorgeous diamond ring. Troy had given it her to completely out of the blue the week before when the pair had been sitting in the hammock in Gabriella's back yard. She had been totally surprised, it wasn't her birthday, a holiday or any anniversary. Troy had told her it was a "just because I love you" ring and slipped it onto her finger, she had yet to take it off.

Smiling as her mind drifted back to that day, the brunette stumbled out of bed to get ready. Pulling various items of clothing from her drawers she pulled off her camisole and shorts and slid into her favorite jeans and a baby blue top. Taking a few minutes to do her make-up and brush her long curly hair she bounded down the stairs, grabbed a waffle, said good-bye to her mother, who, in true motherly fashion wished her a good day, then headed for the bus stop.

Twenty minutes later she was walking into East High, groups of teenagers walking and chatting around her. Fingering the ring on her hand she arrived at her locker with a smile. She twirled around the lock finding the numbers to her combination and pulled open the metal locker door. Next to her stood Carissa Aven, a pretty red head with a locker next to Gabriella's. Carissa eyed Gabriella's hand, "Wow Gabi! That ring is gorgeous!"

Gabriella grinned "It's from Troy"

"Anniversary?" Carissa asked pulling a book from her locker.

"No, no special occasion at all"

Carissa seemed amused at this, there was a glint in her eye as she closed her locker and winked, "So I guess now you get to thank him"

Gabriella stood there shocked, as Carissa walked off.

Did she just say what I thought she said? Is-

Her thoughts were interrupted when Taylor came walking over.

"Hey Gabs. You okay?" she asked when she saw the look on her friend's face

Turning to her best friend Gabriella asked, "Taylor, do you think Troy got me this ring expecting me to, you know, pay him back?"

"What do you mean?"

Gabriella's voice became a whisper, "Well, Carissa made it seem like Troy gave me the ring in exchange for…sex." She spit out the last word, almost not believing it herself.

Taylor's eyes widened, "She said that to you?!"

"No, but she made it obvious what she was implying". In a worried voice she added, "Do you think she's right? Is that what this ring means?"

Taylor smiled at her friend. "Of course not Gabi, you and I both know Troy isn't like that"

"I guess so", but Gabriella wasn't convinced, Carissa seemed to know what she was talking about. But before she could get out another word she felt a pair of familiar hands around her waist.

"Hi Troy" she turned around to see the blue-eyed boy smiling at her. He leaned close and she could feel his hot breath on her cheek.

"Hi gorgeous" he whispered huskily in her ear. He traced a finger down her arm and she felt herself melt at his touch. Closing her big brown eyes she reached up to place her lips on his. His lips were soft and his kiss was strong, she smiled into the kiss then pulled back grinning.

With his hands on her stomach he turned her around, so she her back leaned against his toned chest. She rested her head in his shoulder as he greeted the brown-skinned girl standing beside them.

"You know this may come as a shock to you two, but not everyone enjoys seeing your rendition of the McGosling kiss in the school hallways"

"Oh please Taylor" Gabriella laughed "we both know that if Chad wasn't stuck with Darbus in early morning detention you two would be doing the same thing"

Taylor pretended to be offended and the two girls laughed. They three continued to talk, and over the next ten minutes were joined by Kelsi (who needed inspiration for a new song), Zeke (who got hit over the head when he suggested Kelsi write a song about double chocolate chunk cookies) and Sharpay (who pulled Taylor into a giggling conversation about her latest favorite Hollywood hottie, Bryan Greenberg).

Then somewhere during the topic of who could win a fight, Chad's hair or Darbus's sharp fingernails, Gabriella became very conscious of Troy's strong hands and where they were on her body. They had made their way to her waist and she could feel his thumbs stroking the skin under the waist of her jeans. On any other day she would have loved his warm hands sending tingles up her spine, but today, it just made her wonder if Carissa Aven, the experienced girl that she was, could be right.

The lunch bell rang at 12:55 and swinging her bag over her shoulder Gabriella headed to her locker. She was only a few yards away when she felt an arm pull her into an empty math classroom.

"Troy, what are you-" the shaggy brown hair boy cut her off with his lips and suddenly all she was thinking about was how his hand felt pulling her closer. When he finally pulled away she gave him a quizzical look, "What are we doing in here?"

"I wanted to see you"

"We were about to see each other in the cafeteria, you know, the place where we go everyday so you can steal my salt and vinegar potato chips?"

"I know Montez, but I wanted to see you alone, before you go off into some conversation about molecules or something with Taylor"

Gabriella laughed and her brown eyes twinkled, "A conversation about molecules?"

"Well I don't know what you two talk about, but I do know I wanted to kiss you without hearing about seven different people telling us to get a room"

His blue eyes were smiling as he leaned down again and kissed the petite Latina. It was times like this that showed her why she loved Troy so much, he had the ability to make her feel like no one else in the world could with just one kiss. She began to deepen the kiss but quickly pulled back when her conversation with Carissa came to mind. Is that what this is about? Is he trying to do all this to get me to sleep with him?

"What's wrong Gabi?" Troy looked puzzle at the sudden kiss-stopping from his girlfriend.

"Um nothing, I'm just really hungry. I want to get to lunch" she gave him a smile and proceeded to the door.

"Okay then" he mumbled following after her, his hands shoved into his pockets.

Gabriella kept a small distance from Troy throughout lunch and the rest of the afternoon, she wasn't exactly avoiding him, but she kept all their kisses short and the touching to a minimum.

Troy had become worried and racked his brain trying to figure out what he had done to upset her. So after Algebra class, an English test, sixty slow minutes of Spanish and two hours of basketball practice Troy showered and headed over to a familiar house, the Montez house.

He knocked on the door, even though Miss Montez always told him not to bother, and stood back waiting for Gabriella to answer. She opened the door and the first thing Troy noticed was that something was bothering her. While most people would not be able to tell she was upset Troy was very aware, he knew how to read to her face and her expressions. He could find the hidden meaning behind her words and had not once fallen for her "I'm fine", despite that she was a very good actress.

"You want to talk to me Gabi?"

She sighed, how did he always know when something was wrong?

When her only response was looking at the ground he spoke again, "Gabriella, if something is wrong, and I know something is, then I want to you to talk to me"

"I do want to talk to you Troy"

"Well then let's talk"

"But it's kind of embarrassing" she felt her cheeks turn lightly pink.

"Brie" her head snapped up at the sound of that nick name, no one called her that but Troy and it made her heart beat a little faster every time his smooth voice said it, "you don't have to be embarrassed about anything, not with me"

His voice was calming and sincere, and the look on his face told her that he was desperate to talk to her; he hated feeling like she wasn't comfortable with him.

"Come on in Troy".

He breathed a relieved sigh and stepped into the living room. He followed Gabriella to the couch, sat down and went to pull her into his lap, but instead, felt her pull away and sit beside him.

"Gabi, what's-"

"I have to ask you something Troy"

"Okay, shoot."

"Do you want to have sex?"

"What?!" Troy couldn't believe those words had actually come out of her mouth, was this the right house?

"I mean, are you ready, do you want me to be ready? Is that what this ring means?" She held up her hand and looked at him, her face afraid.

"What? No, Gabi" he took her hand and intertwined her fingers with his own "where did you get that idea?"

"I don't know, Carissa Aven maybe" she mumbled embarrassed.

"Carissa Aven? How would she know what the ring means?"

"Well she has a lot of, you know, experience, and she sort of suggested that you gave me the ring expecting me to thank you by having sex with you" her cheeks flushed to a deeper pink and voice was quiet. "Then I began to notice things that led to believe she could be right"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, where you touch me, when you pulled me into the empty classroom today."

"Oh Gabi, I'm sorry, I'm really sorry, I didn't mean for any of that to freak you out"

"It's not your fault Troy, I should have realized that you don't want to have sex." She sighed, then suddenly looked up, "Wait, do you want to have sex?"

"No, of course not, we're not ready, I'm not ready"

"Good, I'm not ready either."

"And I don't want you to be" she smiled at him and he smiled back, relieved that everything was okay. "So can I hug you now?"

"Yeah" she giggled and let herself fall into his strong arms. He stroked her long dark hair and felt her chest rise and fall against his own.

"I love you Gabriella Mariah"

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