Last Time

The name on his grave says General.

It says Lord, and Savior. Everything and nothing. Everything he was, and nothing he wanted to be.

She stands at his tomb – the physical one, the one that stands as a lone reminder on the mortal plane. She is silent, her hair whips in the winds, and the silver tendrils threaten to drown out her small armor shrouded form. In her cold eyes one tear threatens to fall.

Yet, it doesn't.

Inu no Taisho.

Lord, and father. Lord, and mate.

Always a lord before the other.

The tear finally falls, it freezes on her porcelain skin and illuminates the twin magenta stripes that adorn her high cheeks.


Love and childhood friend. Everything she never wanted. Everything she needed.


Yet, he is not hers anymore, and for the last time she cries for him.