Summary: He was a prodigy, so was she. He was rich, she was too. He was handsome, she was beautiful. He had fan girls, she had fan boys. He had no family and…neither did she? They would have been the perfect couple if not for the fact that she was sent to kill him, by his worse enemy.


Inner Selves

Chapter 1: The End Is The Beginning

Rain pelted to the ground, soaking the two teens that laid under it, Thunder rang threw out their ears and lighting flashed before them but they pain no mind to either. There only focus was each other. Jade green eyes met black and red ones, as a sword was pressed against the skin under her chin, ready to slice it open at any moment.

The two teens clothes were shredded, torn and soaked, filled with both fresh and dry blood. The green eyed on laid on the ground, the sword on her throat, while the red and black eyed one laid on top of her stomach, holding tightly to the sword with his shaking hands.

"Do it." The woman told the man on top of her. Blood was running down the sides of her mouth to the ground.

'End my misery.'

The man glared at her and pressed the sword harder against her throat, drawing droplets of blood.

"You think I won't?" He asked her and she smiled slightly.

'You won't.'

"I know you will. That's why I said it. Do it, kill me." The woman answered.

'I can't do this anymore.'

"I will do it you know." The man told her, staring into her green eyes, searching them for any signs of emotion. He only saw one, and it wasn't the one he was looking for.

'I can't.'

"I know that's why I said it." She said to him.

'You have to.'

She grabbed his hands with her bloody ones. One was on the hilt while the other was on the blade. She pushed his hands further forward, making the blade dig deeper into her throat. He was startled and angered by the motion and pushed the blade backwards, towards himself.

"Why? Why do you want to die? Why'd you betray me? Why Sakura?" The man shouted at the woman, demanding her to answer.

'Why'd you do it?'

"Because I'm not suppose to love. I live for one purpose, nothing more. I betrayed my purpose so now I must face the consequences." Sakura answered him, making sure not to look him straight in the eye.

'You can't be my purpose.'

his chest constricted painfully as he listened to her reason. Weather it was out of anger or heartbreak he didn't know. She lived for one purpose and she betrayed it? So what? What does it matter? That's no reason to want to die.

"That is no reason to want to die Sakura. Nobody can live for one purpose, they must have others as well." The man said to her and received a chuckle in response.

'I thought I was your purpose.'

"You're the one to talk, you only live to kill the murderer of your family, Sasuke, you told me that yourself." Sakura told him and his head lowered so his bangs covered his eyes.

"No Sakura, I used to live for that purpose alone but not anymore," He said before looking her straight in the eye, "I live for you now, Sakura. I love you."

'Your my purpose.'

He eased the sword on her neck and pulled it back, until it was an inch away. Sakura looked away from him.

"No Sasuke, you don't because I don't. Love means nothing. It does you no good. It only gives you a weakness." Sakura responded to his confession and his heart shattered, the constricting pain coming back into his chest. The hold on his sword slackened and he slumped back, and released the blade of his sword to put his hand on the ground to hold himself up.

'You can't.'

"If you don't love me than what did our being together mean?" He whispered to her, his head down and his eyes looking to the side, at the ground.

'Don't say it.'

"Nothing." She told him in a equal whisper and he shut his eyes tightly. He felt tears running down his face as he heard the truth. He made no attempt to stop them. It would do no good.


"I'm sorry." He heard her whisper before he felt a sharp pain in the back of his head. The last thing he saw before the darkness took him was her jade green eyes filled with tears.

(This is where the story begins.)

Her jade green eyes fluttered open as the annoying sound of beeping reached her ears. Her hand flew to the item and she hit it so hard that it smashed into pieces.

'Damn! That's the tenth one this month. I have to stop doing that.' She thought as she pushed herself out of bed.

'You said that last time too and yet you did it again.' She heard her inner grumble.

'Shut up. It's too early.' She replied.

'Said that before too and it was nine at night.' She heard her inner mumble.

"Just be quiet.' She snapped. She didn't need nor want a headache right now.

'Whatever.' Her inner said before quieting down.

"Sakura, you better be up. And that alarm clock better still be intact." She heard a smooth male voice say from behind her wooden door.

"Umm…define intact." Sakura said to him and she heard him sigh.

"Sakura! That's the tenth one this month and it's only the third week." He yelled at her threw the door.

"I know, I know. I'll be more careful next time."

"You said that last time."

"Shut up."

"You shut up and get ready for school. You have an hour." The man told her and she heard as he walked away.

"Stupid Reiji." Sakura muttered. She sighed before walking into the bathroom. She turned on the water and jumped in as her day began.

Thirty minutes later she was dressed and sitting at the table in her kitchen. She wore tight blue jeans that hugged tightly to her hips and a white belly shirt with a blue jean jacket over it. Her pink cherry blossom belly button ring was now visible. She also had on silver hoop earrings, a silver necklace with a pink cherry blossom pendant on it and a silver based ring with a red cherry blossom on it.

"Finally! If you would have taken any longer you would have walked to school." The man from before told her.

"Walk? How would I walk when we have over a hundred cars? And why would I have to walk when we have another half hour?" Sakura asked with a confused look on her face.

"I would have locked the doors and taken all the keys. And we don't have another half hour we have ten minutes. We have to find the school and go to the principal's office." Reiji replied and she rolled her eyes.

"Oh and yeah, like doing that will keep me out bro. You forget who your talking to." Sakura told her brother and he chuckled. He was six foot, with dark green eyes and black hair with red spikes in the front. He had a lean body like an athlete and his complexion was tan. He looked to be about seventeen years old.

"Yeah, I guess, sis. Eat up after all today's your first day at your new school." Reiji told her.

"Same for you and Jin. Speaking of which where is the grouch?" Sakura asked before sipping some orange juice.

"The grouch is right here." She heard a rough male voice say behind her. She didn't bother to turn around since she knew who it was.

"Hi, Jin." She said to him as he took a seat next to her.

He was six foot three with black and green eyes and black hair with pink spikes in the front. His body was built with muscle and his complexion was tan. He looked to be about eighteen years old.

"So what time are we leaving?" Sakura asked her two brothers.

"Five minutes." Jin said before standing up and leaving the room.

"Ok. He really needs to socialize more." Sakura commented and Reiji nodded in agreement.

"Well, I suppose we should get our stuff ready." Reiji said to her and she nodded. She left to her room, to gather her things. She was downstairs five minutes late with a pink Nike sports bag on her back with the straps on her shoulders. Reiji was also there.

"Where's Jin?" She asked him.

"Outside, He got the cars." He replied.

"Oh." Reiji opened the front door and the two stepped out.

There were three cars parked in front of the house. A black Cadillac Escalade, a black Corvette, and a black Lamborghini Gt.

"I got the Lamb." Sakura called before the others could.

"Vette." Reiji called.

"Whatever." Jin said and climbed in his car as did the other two. They all started their engine and drove down their mile long driveway to their gate. It opened up as they came and they drove towards their new High school.

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