Summary: He was a prodigy, so was she. He was rich, she was too. He was handsome, she was beautiful. He had fan girls, she had fan boys. He had no family and…neither did she? They would have been the perfect couple if not for the fact that she was sent to kill him, by his worse enemy.


Inner Selves

Chapter 5: Interruptions

Sakura groaned as she realized who she was going to fight. Of all the people it had to be this annoying man.

'We should beat him to a bloody pulp.'

'I know we should but we can't. That would attract to much attention. I mean, come on, wouldn't it be suspicious if I landed him in the hospital in one punch?'

'Maybe just a little bit.' Her inner self answered and she inwardly chuckled.

'Yeah, just a bit.'

"Ok, so it's youthful Sakura vs. youthful Yuki, who is in the advanced section of the class. If you beat him Sakura, you will be in advanced. If you lose, well we'll see. Get ready." Gai told them, as he eagerly awaited the fight.

"Well here goes nothing." Sakura muttered as she walked towards the mat where they would fight. Yuki was already standing there, giving her a smirk. She sighed, trying to keep her rising anger in check.

"Sakura, you shouldn't fight him." Ino told her with worry. TenTen and Hinata nodded in agreement.

"It's ok, guys, I'll be fine." She reassured them and they nodded hesitantly.

"Yeah and if she's not, we'll kill Yuki." Naruto said to them. They smiled and once more.

"Ready, Pinky?" Yuki said to her and she took a deep breath.

'Yeah, ready to kick your ass, ugly.'


'Idiots gonna learn not to mess with us.'

"Ok, ready my youthful students? Good, now…be…"

"Stop!" A voice said from the gym entrance. Everyone turned to see…Kabuto.

'What's he doing here?' Sakura asked herself and her inner self shrugged.

"Kabuto-sama?" Gai said in confusion.

"She will not fight." He told Gai sternly.

"What?! Why?"

"She doesn't need to prove herself. She is to be placed in the advanced section of the class. She has… well, earned it. Understood?"

"Yes, Kabuto-sama." Gai said with a bow.

"Hey! You! Yeah, you Kabuto-whatever. You can't just come in here, acting all high and mighty just because you're the temporary principal. I was going to fight her before you butted in and you know what, I still am." Yuki told him with anger.

The next minute Yuki found himself on the ground with a foot on his neck.

"I think it is clear who the winner is." Kabuto said when he saw Sakura kick Yuki's feet out from under him and put her foot to his neck.

"That's not fair." Yuki said, almost breathless.

"Anything is fair in a fight. You were not on guard, it is your fault." Kabuto told him and he smirked.

'Anything, huh?' He thought before he took both his hands and twisted Sakura's ankle. He than pushed her back, away from him. She winced in pain as she stumbled back a bit.

'Damn, that hurt.' She thought to herself as she felt her ankle throb in pain. She saw Yuki jump up.

"You will not fight her." Kabuto said to Yuki.

"Try and stop me, teach." Yuki said before he rushed Sakura.

"It's our funeral." Kabuto muttered. The whole gang heard it however. They looked at Kabuto with confusion before looking back at Yuki and Sakura.

Sakura sidestepped out of Yuki's way and as he passed her, delivered a kick to his back, sending him flying forward, onto the ground. He got up and wiped the blood dripping from his nose which had smashed right into the ground when he fell.

"Your gonna pay for that, bitch." Yuki said as he once again rushed Sakura.

This time, however, he went slower. Sakura sighed and sidestepped once again, dodging his charge but not his arm which he had extended, knowing she would sidestep again. His arm hit her side, a bit as she moved out of the way. Now she was officially pissed off. She ran at him as he turned around and punched him twice in the gut. When, on impulse, he bent over, she kneed him in the face, so he fell to the ground. She put her foot on his neck once again and when he tried to grab her ankle, she stomped on his hand.

"Good job, Sakura." Kabuto said with a small smirk. Sakura nodded to him.

"Yes, very good job. It looks like you would have been in the advanced section anyway." Gai said to her.

"Let him up Sakura."

She did as she was told and let Yuki up, stepping back, away from him. He slowly stood but when he was fully up he went at Sakura, who had been expecting it. He went to punch her only to have a hand catch his fist in mid air.

"You are very bad at listening aren't you?" Kabuto asked him with a sigh. Yuki looked at him in shock. That was impossible. He was all the way on the other side of the room yet he ran here and caught his fist in mere seconds.

"Your coming with me. We need to talk. You can continue your class now Gai. I'm sorry for the interruption." Kabuto said as he left, dragging Yuki, who was still in shock, with him.

"Well, now that that's over, let's begin our sparring. Advanced people may go outside while the other students can stay in her with me." Gai said as Sakura walked back to the gang.

"Come on." Ino said as she walked towards the door leading to outside.

"Your in advanced?" Sakura asked her with surprise.

"Yes as a matter of a fact I am. I'm not as weak as people think."

'Could have fooled us.' Sakura's inner self muttered.

The rest of the gang followed behind them. When they reached outside there was a grass field with two benches and a swing set to the right and a basketball court to the left. Ino walked towards the left and sat down on a bench once they reached it. Sakura leaned on one of the swing sets poles while TenTen and Hinata sat down on the same bench as Ino. Naruto and Neji sat on the other one while Sasuke also leaned on a swing pole.

"So Sakura you've fought before?" Ino asked her and she nodded.

"Yeah, I have."

"Really? How many times?" TenTen asked her this time.

"I don't know, I never counted. A few probably." Sakura answered.

'That's an understatement. We've been fighting since we were kids.'

"Why?" She turned towards Hinata with a raised eyebrow.

'Why? What kind of question is that?' Her inner self asked as if Hinata had asked why the sky was blue instead of the question she did.

"Why what?"

"Why did you fight?"

'Apparently it's not a bad question, cause I have no answer.' Sakura told her inner self as she searched for an answer for the question, only to fine none.

"Ummm…I don't really remember why. It was a long time ago." Sakura said to her, not knowing what else to say.


"So how good are you?" Neji asked her.

"I don't know. Really good?"

"We should see." He said to her.


"Fight." he answered.



"I can't."


"I might hurt you." Sakura said innocently with a smile. They all chuckled at her.

"Let's go."

"Ok." Sakura said as she stood up.

"Wait! Before I forget I wanted to ask you how you knew Kabuto-no baka." Naruto said to her. Sakura took a deep breath, willing herself not to kill Naruto for insulting Kabuto. All eye turned to her at the question. Sasuke looked the most interested, however.

"Umm…well my guardian, when my brothers and I was younger knew him. He was over like everyday so…yeah he's a good friend." Sakura told them.

"Oh." Everyone but Neji and Sasuke said. Sasuke looked at her with narrowed eyes.

"So you see him often?" Shikamaru asked.

"Well kinda. He's busy with…the school I guess so we don't see him as often as we usually do."

"How many times do you usually see him?" TenTen asked.

"Well about five times a week."

"WHAT?!" Ino yelled.

"What?" Sakura asked in confusion.

"Five times a week? Jeez, what does he live at your house?"

"Not yet." Sakura muttered, mostly to herself. Sasuke heard her though.

"What?" He asked.

"Nothing." She replied.


"So Sakura let's go." Neji told her and she followed him to the middle of the grass field.

"Get ready, I won't go easy on you." Neji told her and she smiled.

"I hope not."

'I'll still beat you, even though I'm not going to use my full strength.' She thought to herself.

'Yeah, kick his ass. Show them we ain't no push over.' Inner Sakura said with her fist raised in the air.

"Ready, Haruno?" Neji asked and she nodded. Just as Neji was about to charge, Sakura's cell phone went off.

"Damn it." Neji cursed in annoyance.

"Sorry." Sakura said sheepishly as she took out her phone which was placed on her eight hip. She carried it everywhere. She never knew when she would get a call for a mission.

"Hello?" She asked as she flipped open the phone.

"Sakura." A familiar voice said from the other line.

"Itici." Sakura said to him.

"Itici?" The man on the other line asked with no emotion.

"Yeah, Itici, I'm just hanging out with my new friends." Sakura said to him, empathizing new and friends.

"Oh, right. Sasuke's there."


"So how's my foolish little brother doing?"

"He's good, I think."


"So what do you want Itici? Your not exactly suppose to be calling me during school. I could get in trouble you know."

"You can but you won't. If they do none thing they'll find themselves and their family dead." Itici told her.

"Yeah…so what do you want?"




"Tonight? But you said we had no…"

"I know but I changed it, is that ok with you?" Itici asked with annoyance.

"Yeah, sorry. So when and where?"

"Four o'clock at your house."

"My house? Why mine?"

"So I can see it."

"Idiot." Sakura muttered.

"What was that?"

"Nothing Itici."

"Hn. Be prepared."

"For what?"

"Just be prepared." Itici said before hanging up.

"Jerk." She mumbled as she shut her phone and put it back in her case.

"Who's Itici?" Naruto asked her.

"My boss." Sakura said while glancing at Sasuke who was staring at her intently.

"So you ready to fight?" Neji asked her.

"Hmm? Oh, yeah. But before we do," Sakura turned to face Sasuke, "Will you stop staring at me? It's getting annoying." Sasuke looked at her stunned before brushing it off and looking away.

"Thank you. And also guys, I can't hang out after school. I'll tell you why after I fight Neji. We delayed this fight too long. Now we can begin." Sakura said to Neji as she got in a fighting stance.

She and Neji circled each other a few times before she got annoyed and went to punch him the face. He ducked and went for her stomach, only to have it blocked by her arm. She countered and smashed her knee into his face. He was thrown back to the ground but quickly jumped back up, dripping blood from his lip where her knee had hit.

He smirked and charged at her. She was ready to sidestep but she was caught off guard when he stopped and sent his fist towards her face. She had no time to dodge, so she turned her face and got hit right in the cheek.

She stumbled back a few steps before turning her head back to look at him. She went to kick him but he caught her foot in midair. It was her turn to smirk as she used her other leg to kick him right in the head.

"Ouch." Naruto said as he saw that.

"That is going to leave a bump." Hinata said as she watched the fight.

"Damn she's good. No one usually lasts this long with Neji." TenTen said and they all nodded in agreement.

Neji was forced to let go of Sakura's leg in order to use his hands to keep him from hitting the ground. He flipped over and landing back on his feet, a hand to his throbbing head.

"Your pretty good." He complimented.

"You too." She said to him.

Neji nodded and circled around her. He lunged at her when she averted her eyes from him. He punched her in the stomach and she winced in pain, backing up a few steps. She launched herself back at him, smashing her fist into his stomach and kneeing him in the face when he bent over to block it, on impulse. He fell on the ground and she placed her foot to his throat.

"I win." She said to him and he nodded, one hand on his nose, trying to stop blood from running down. She had hit him right in the nose. He was pretty sure it was broken now.

She held out a hand and he took it with his clean hand.

"Let me see." Sakura said shooing away his hand. She examined it for a moment.

"It's broken. Sorry about that. Let me fix it." Sakura said and he looked at her with a raised eyebrow. She smiled and put her hand on his nose.

'What the hell are you doing?'

'Fixing his nose? What else?'

'Don't do that. It would make us look suspicious.'

'Oh, yeah. But I can't stop now, I said I'd fix it.'

'Tell him not to tell anybody.'


"Don't tell anyone." Sakura told him as a pink glow emitted from her hand. She was lucky that his back was facing the gang so they couldn't see what she was doing. He felt his nose stop throbbing and bleeding. It instantly felt better.


"Shhh…Don't tell anyone. It's a secret, k?" Sakura said and he nodded, a little confused.

"What did you do?"

"Fixed your nose."


"Don't worry about it. Just don't say anything." Sakura said and he once again nodded.

"Good fight."

"Thanks." Sakura said as she walked back towards the gang with Neji following her.

"You guys ok?" Hinata asked as they returned.

"Yeah, I was just checking to see if I had broken anything in Neji's face. He's ok though. Right Neji?"

"Yeah, although my head is throbbing." Neji said as he sat back on the bench with his hand to his head.

"Sorry." Sakura said sheepishly and Neji nodded to her.

"So Sakura, your pretty good."

"Pretty good?" Sakura said with a blank face and the girls all laughed.

"Your awesome. Usually people don't last a minute with Neji, except Naruto and Sasuke." TenTen told her and she looked at him.




"So Sakura, why can't you hang out after school?" Naruto asked her.

"Oh, my boss called a meeting."

"Why couldn't he tell you before?" Ino asked and Sakura shrugged.

"I don't know. He always does that."

"Well, I guess we'll just go tomorrow than, k?" TenTen asked and she nodded.

"Yeah if he doesn't send me to do something else." Sakura told them.

"He won't cause if he does we'll hunt him down and kill him." Ino told her and she laughed.

"Yeah." Just as she said that the bell rang.

"Time for fencing. Fun." Ino said while whirling her index finger in a circular motion.

"You don't like fencing?" Sakura asked.

"What makes you think that?" Ino asked with sarcasm and Sakura smiled.

"So whose our teacher?"

"Who else?"

"Gai." Ino nodded and Sakura sighed. This was going to be fun.

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