Disclaimer: I do not wn any of the characters involved in these stories.

Rating: K
Genre: Drama
Summary: He was a test pilot from Coast City wanting to be a hero. She was an orphan looking for a family. And he he was a CSI agent, qho watched his nephew run into the face of danger. If they were on any other Earth, they'd be superheroes. These are their stories.
Author's Note: When Bruce Timm first made JLU, he got a lot of slack for not using Hal Jordan or Barry Allen. Donna Troy couldn't exist in the DCAU. And considering thr secret of 52, it got me thinking that maybe they did exist. Only lived different lives. This is their story.

Flying High

His wishes he were one of them, flying high, making a difference.

His co-workers say he's crazy. That he only has his head in the clouds.

One asks, "What would you do when if you ran into a villain, like that Sinestro guy?"

"I'd kick his ass, that's what."

The others laugh, but he blows it off. Blame it on his ego, he'd know he'd make a good hero, maybe be the best.

But when Carol calls his name, he knows it's just a fantasy. So Hal Jordan adjusts his father's jacket and does what he does best:

He flies.