Danny unbuttoned Dash's shirt slowly, fingers grazing the soft sun kissed flesh beneath the smooth cotton fabric as it was revealed. The skin on his neck felt smooth and warm beneath his lips as he placed a kiss to the throbbing pulse. Quickly he shoved the shirt and bothersome jacket off Dash's shoulders and onto the floor where they belonged. He was just a slight bit irritated with Dash's nearly spotless bedroom and felt a twinge of satisfaction for the minuscule mess he made.

The sensation of bare skin against his palm lit a fire in his gut and he trailed his tongue down Dash's collarbone then back up his chin to his ear. Dash Baxter was sleek and muscular, a pillar of strength to the student body and every sports fan in Amity Park, but tonight he lay on the bed completely helpless and wanting.

His lips sought to claim Dash's mouth again, kissing, teasing, probing, all the while fumbling with the belt buckle, his jeans were a little tighter around the hips then should be comfortable and the broken gasp that escaped the trembling body beneath him as he slowly undid the zipper gave a burst of strength to the smile challenging the corners of his mouth all night.

Slowly he traveled down as he eased the denim barrier from his prize, placing soft, searing kisses against his flat stomach before finally turning his attention to what needed his attention most.

He paused, raised slightly above narrow hips just staring, brow furrowed in confusion.

"Dash," Danny locked eyes with his breathless lover, "are you on steroids?"


A/C: I'm so sorry, really I am, but...I just couldn't help it. Its a blooper. I wanted to write some nice sexual intercourse because my fics seam to lack a lot of it, but these damn characters have a mind of their own.

I want to go kill myself now.

Or at least smother my face in my pillow and laugh until I can't breathe.

Yeah, let's go with the last one, gives me a chance to continue writing.