It was another day in Konoha. The gennin did D and C rank missions, the chunnin were doing C and B missions, the jounin B and A missions, and Tsunade was in her chair in the Hokage tower, doing her work. But, out of the nothing, a scream filled the space, making her jump:


"Naruto... you´re the one that brought Sasuke back, how the hell is that you don´t want to talk to him?" Sakura asked.

"I´m not doing it because I don´t wanna." Naruto answered.

"Give me a good reason and I´ll leave you alone." Sakura said.

"I don´t wanna. That´s all. End of the discussion." Naruto said.

Sakura almost wished that the Naruto that had a crush on her was back, because he would have done anything she asked him to do. But, it had been almost 7 years since they were gennin, and as he grew up, the two of them were more like brother and sister. Naruto had just managed about three months ago to get back the famous last Uchiha, Sasuke, but since then, the two of them hadn´t talked at all.

They were 19 now, and everyone thought that Naruto would always be with Sasuke when he returned, but he had proved them wrong. As soon as he would see the black hair and the proud stance of the Uchiha, he would leave wherever he was, and nobody really knew why, even Sasuke look dumbfounded.

The one that spend more time with Naruto now, was Sai, and when he could come, Gaara. Specially Sai, of course, because he was in Konoha most of time, but when the Kazekage was here, forget about everyone else, and it would be always Gaara and Naruto together.

But everyone, was surprised when he saw the way Naruto acted with Sasuke. Not even a glance between them, not a word. Only Gaara and Sai seemed to knew the reason, and to get it from them, was harder than pulling down the moon.

Anyway, in that moment, Naruto and Sakura were having about the fifth discussion over his attitude, and Sakura decided to use her last card:

"If you don´t speak to him, I´m sure he´ll leave again."

"Fine. I don´t care, if the teme wants to leave again, I´ve no problem with that." Naruto said, serious and annoyed of having this conversation.

Sakura opened her mouth and not finding anything to say, she closed it again. That´s when Tsunade, who had heard the whole conversation, because it was taking place in front of her door, was more than surprised. Less than two months ago it had been:


And now, what was she hearing? This definitely was wrong, and as both of them were the best ANBU, she needed them to get along, because she would be sending them on missions that needed a lot of teamwork and trust between the two ninjas; and a Naruto saying that was not something good.

Besides, she suspected that the point of Sakura was true, Sasuke hadn´t come back because of the village or Sakura or any of them. It had been because of Naruto, and if there was no Naruto for him, why would he stay? And she definitively didn´t want the Uchiha to become a missing nin again. One, because he cared about the boy, two, because she didn´t want the village depressed about the Uchiha disappearing again, and three, because she didn´t want the Sharingan to get into the hands of another village.

So, getting up, she took a paper from her desk, that had a mission to the Spring Country, former Snow Country; and went to the door.

She opened it, and Sakura was still staring at Naruto, who was with his arms crossed, and a bored look in his beautiful face. The boy, no, the man that Tsunade was seeing, was the exact replica of the Yondaime, though Naruto had something else, that made him look really, really handsome, specially when wearing his ANBU uniform. She couldn´t say what it was, but even she would admit it, that he was really attractive. But, either way, she said:

"Naruto, come with me. Sakura, would you please fetch Sasuke for me? It´s important."

"I´m here." A man with dark hair as the wing of a crow, and pale and delicate skin as the moonlight, was standing there.

Of course, he was Sasuke, the only other ANBU in the village that could really compete with Naruto in looks. He was tall, with a proud standing as always. Eyes darker than night, kissable lips, and a voice that could make any woman tremble. The two of them could be called the beauties of Konoha, but if anyone had said to any of them, that person would be dead. Though they were more than different. They were complete opposites. Black hair, golden hair, blue eyes, black eyes, tan skin, pale skin, beautiful smile, no smile, and the list would go on and on.

Right now, the three were wearing, as usual, the black and gray ANBU uniform, so, they followed Tsunade into the office, Sasuke sending a glance at Naruto and the blond not even noticing him. Sakura and Tsunade sighed, but Naruto asked:

"What is it, oba-chan?"

"The two of you, Naruto and Sasuke, have been out of missions for 2 weeks, because of the injuries you came with in the last ones. So, as you two still have to recover, you´ll be doing a C rank mission, in the Spring Country. You´ll have to take care of the princess, the daughter of queen Yukie, princess Fuuri. And not as ANBU, as Jounin, please." Tsunade explained, expecting Naruto screaming about why a C rank mission, but he said, with a smile in his face:

"Really? I´m seeing Yukie-san? That´s great."

"Not only you. Sasuke, as well." Tsunade said, and Naruto´s smile disappeared with that. He only said:

"Fine. When do we go?"

"As soon as possible." Tsunade said, giving him the scroll. Naruto keeped it and disappeared with a pop. Sasuke said:

"Hai, Hokage-sama."

"Sasuke." Tsunade said:

"What?" the man asked.

"Try to get along with Naruto again. Dismissed." Tsunade answered, and Sasuke disappeared. Sakura, understanding that the mission was just a excuse to make the two of them get along again, smiled and said:

"Hope it works."

Tsunade nodded, and started to work again.

An hour later, Naruto was at Konoha´s gates, waiting for Sasuke, though he would rather go alone. Finally, the Uchiha came and said:


Naruto nodded, and started walking. Both of them were wearing their normal clothing, with the chunnin vest. Naruto´s black pants and black and orange shirt. Sasuke his usual black clothing (which was really similar to the clothes of Itachi, when he lived in Konoha) with the Uchiha crest on his back, though it wasn´t visible because of the vest.

Sasuke was wondering why the dobe hadn´t talked to him since they had come back (he with more injuries than Naruto), and the village had welcomed him as if nothing had happened. As he had never attacked Konoha, nor helped Orochimaru or tell him any of the village secrets, he wasn´t a real traitor, so there had been a little judgment and that was it, he was again a shinobi of Konoha and even got promoted to Jounin.

But the dobe hadn´t uttered a word to him, not even a glance. Not the usual "Teme", nothing at all, it just seemed like he no longer existed for Naruto, or if he existed, he only annoyed him.

Sasuke was damn jealous of Sai and Gaara, who could spend all the time they wished with Naruto and he had seen how they would laugh together, and when neither of them had things to do, they would train, or just spend time around the village. Naruto would treat Sai to eat whatever the brunette boy wanted, no matter if it was sushie or a foreign food. And Sai or Gaara, given the case, would do the same, though usually when it was their treat, it was ramen. But they really liked it (never as Naruto, but still liked it). Sometimes Sai and Naruto would even spend the night in the house of one of them.

Though, of course, Sasuke never learned what they did when they were inside the house, so he didn´t know if they were really just friends or something more. If they happened to be something more, that would kill him. He would never be able to get over it, because he was madly and deeply in love with the blond. Besides, he would be mad, because what an Uchiha wants is what an Uchiha gets, no more. But, right now, he wanted to kill himself for leaving with Orochimaru. He was a real asshole for doing it. And then, he was even more stupid for waiting the blond to go an get him. It would have been so easy just to return to Konoha by himself, but no, he had to wait for Naruto to come for him. There were days, specially when he saw his beloved dobe staying the night with Sai, that he wanted to kick himself. If he hadn´t go after Orochimaru, there would have been no Sain in Naruto´s lfe, therefore, no jealousy, no black haired guy by Naruto´s side all the time that wasn´t himself. Naruto would be by HIS side, NOT Sai´s side. But, he wouldn´t just give up like that.

And with Gaara, he was like the Kazekage´s bodyguard; not leaving him a second alone, and Gaara didn´t mind at all. In fact, first thing that he would do when coming to Konoha, was to search the blond and then go to the Hokage´s tower. As Gaara would usually be even more open with Naruto around, Tsunade was always sure to have him in the village when the Kazekage came, and if there was a mission to Suna, Naruto was the first one to be ready to go. It didn´t matter if he had just come from a long and difficult ANBU mission, he was going, Tsunade liked it or not.When Gaara was in Konoha, they did spend all day and night together, as if they were part of the other one. And Sasuke, who never had the best relationship with the redhead, hated him because of that.

So, for him, this mission seemed to be the best chance he would get to fix the things with the Uzumaki, so he wasn´t going to waist it. He wasn´t asking to be Naruto´s boyfriend, yet, but at least to be able to talk to him and be friends like before. And then, he would try to become something more for the dobe.

So, seeing that said blond was some feet in front of him, decided to go to his side and try to talk. That would be easy, he thought.

Wrong. Naruto was faster than him, and every time he would get a little closer, Naruto would go faster, so in the end they were going so fast that it seemed that they would reach the Spring country by the morning of the next day. Sasuke, getting mad, shouted:


To his surprise, Naruto stopped, and he finally was able to be by his side, instead of being behind him. Once he was there, Naruto started running through the trees again, but slower than last time, so Sasuke was able to run by his side rather easily. But the usually loud blond seemed to be mute.

It was a three days journey, but it seemed that Naruto wanted to get there in two. They barely stopped for eating something, and in the night it was only 4 fours of sleep. Sasuke, seeing this, said:

"Dobe, is not an urgent mission, you know? We can take sometime. Knowing you, if you continue like this, you´ll get too tired before being able to take care of the princess."

"I´m not as weak as I was before." Naruto said, coldly. Sasuke, was relieved to hear his voice again, so he continued:

"Humf. I don´t believe you."

"Believe what you want." Naruto answered, with a tone that made Sasuke shut up.

But, at least, he was now answering, which was an advance. So, Sasuke, feeling extremely weird of doing this, started talking, and Naruto would answer, even if it was just for courtesy. But, after a long day, when they were resting, with a little fireplace, Naruto asked:

"What´s wrong with you?"

"Nothing." Sasuke answered, a bit confused by the question.

"Then stop acting unlike Sasuke, all talkative. I´m beginning to wonder if you aren´t a bad spy. And you´re annoying me." Naruto said, turning over his side and decided to sleep.

Sasuke was completely shocked of hearing this. "Was I really that quiet before? And who is he to say that I annoy him?" Sasuke now was mad with Naruto, so he walked towards him, and pulling the blond from the arm, asked, really angry:

"I´m the one that should be asking why are you acting like this. What´s going on with you?"

"Let go." Naruto said, pulling his arm, and his glare was a really annoyed one. But Sasuke didn´t let go and said:


"I´ve nothing to explain to you. Now, let go." Naruto said.

"Why are you acting like this? Why aren´t you speaking to me, not even looking at me when I speak to you?"

"I´ve said, LET GO!" Naruto said, really angry, and he pushed the Uchiha so hard, that he landed in the other side of the little clearing.

Sasuke looked at him astonished. Naruto said:

"Now, let me sleep. You are not in the position to ask me to explain anything to you, got it? Nor of pulling me like that. Good night."

Sasuke didn´t know what to do. He was practically heartbroken with those words coming from Naruto´s lips. He knew that he had been wrong with pulling his partner like that, but Naruto had practically said that he didn´t have the right to speak to him. But, at least he needed to know why, so he wasn´t giving up. After a long time, he was able to fall sleep.

The next morning, as they began traveling, Sasuke was extremely uncomfortable, because he didn´t know how to act with Naruto anymore; and he had a slight aura of sadness, thing that Naruto noticed immediately, and he asked:

"Are you ok? I´m sorry I pushed you, last night."

"Don´t. I´m fine. Sorry for pulling you."


Sasuke could have smiled in that moment, if he hadn´t been the proud Uchiha; at last Naruto was starting a conversation with him, and opening a little bit, so the possibility of being friends again seemed nearer.

But, all day long, Naruto hadn´t smiled to him nor talk as cheerfully as he would normally do. Sasuke was sad seeing that, because what suffering is worst than loving someone that wouldn´t even smile at you?

When they decided to rest, about two hours after the sunset, they were really near the Spring Land, the new name of the Snow Land, where the queen Yukie ruled, thanks to the help of the team 7. Sasuke did the first watch, as as he stared at the stars, he heard the blond cry a bit in his sleep. He quickly went to his side, to see that Naruto was having a nightmare, and whispered:

"Don´t leave... don´t go... don´t, please..."

But in that moment, he woke up, and looking into Sasuke´s eyes, the brunette saw emotions mixed in them for a second, relief, joy, and surprisingly love, before they disappeared quickly under a blank look, and he said:

"Sorry for waking you up."

"What were you dreaming of?" Sasuke asked, concerned.

"Nothing. Just a nightmare." Naruto answered, and drifted back to sleep.

Sasuke guessed it would be better not to press the subject. But there was a questiong nagging him: Who was Naruto dreaming of?

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