About five in the morning, everyone went back to their respective houses, though now the Uchiha compound had many other people in it. Itachi, Kin, Mai, Suzu, Naruto, Sasuke, Gaara and Kisame.

Everyone woke up at midday, more or less, and after having breakfast, Gaara and Kisame felt that the Uchiha-Uzumaki family needed sometime, they went out. Besides, Gaara had a date with Neji, and Kisame wanted to know the village better.

When they left, Kin called everyone to the living room, and when they sat, she brought a really big wooden box, and when she opened it, she began to take out many things; photos, journals, books, scrolls, jewelery, even clothes and a forehead protector. When they saw the photos, everyone was surprised. It was the Yondaime with Emiko. There were many photos of them together, walking, laughing, and then there were photos of the triplets, when they were babies and one of Emiko pregnant with the Yondaime next her and the triplets around them. It was easy to recognize who was who, though they looked really alike. Suzu was the one grinning just like Naruto and the Yondaime, Mai was being hugged by her mother and blushing slightly, and Kin was on her father arms, with that serious and yet cheerful smile of hers.

The whole family was surprised to see all this, and Mai asked:

"Where did you get this from? I never saw any of this photos in our house, never. And, besides, the fire burnt everything, right?"

"Do you remember that mom held me longer than you two, when she saved us?" Kin asked and the other two nodded, and she continued:

"She told me to come back to our house, and to search under the cherry tree of the garden. But I forget about it until now, so before I went to Suna, I went back there and searched. This is what I found. As you can see, there are several journals, specially from my father. I read the last one, and let me read you something that is really important. Please don´t freak out, anyone."

She took out one of the journals and opened quickly. She finally found the page and began to read:

"July 13,

I can´t believe this!! This is ine of the best things that ever happened to me! Not only my beloved Emiko and precious triplets are here, but there´s another one coming. Yeah, I know I wrote this some months ago, since Emiko has been pregnant for 6 months, I still can´t believe this is really happening. It´s been four years since I met my wife, and two since our lives were blessed with the birth of the triplets.

Suzu is the one that takes after me more in personality, or so says her mother, Jiraiya-sensei and Kakashi. She always doing something, and startling everyone. I think she´ll be a great ninja, though she will have to practice a lot in not telling the enemy were she is, haha. The little demon of the family.

Mai is my little angel, so shy always and helping. She loves her mother the most, and doesn´t likes to be far from here at all, though she also admires greatly Kin and Suzu, and I believe she´ll become a shinobi just because her sisters do so. Maybe she´ll need someone to teach her to take her own decisions, but it doesn´t really matter right now, because we love her just the way she is.

And, my first blessing, Kin. I still don´t know why she has such a big chakra amount, almost like a bijuu, and it pains me to see her suffer the forbidden jutsu every morning to control it. Her cries break my heart every morning. I´m working on a new jutsu that shouldn´t be painful or anything like that. She´s... I can´t say she´s an angel like Mai, but she´s not a little demon like Suzu. She´s just Kin, and there are no real words to describe her. Even at this young age, she already controls her chakra and she is more mature than her sisters. She´ll be a great ninja, and I believe she´s the one that has more probabilities of becoming Hokage, but we won´t see until she grows up. I just wish her to be happy, because even when I know a father shouldn´t have any preferences over his children, she´s my favorite.

Anyway, today Emiko went to the doctor as I took care of the triplets, and guess what? Remember that we hadn´t been able to know the gender? Well, at last the baby let the doctor and Emiko look, and guess what? We thought it was going to be boy, but no. She´s another baby girl!!! I can´t wait to hold her in my arms and to see her grow and to watch her first steps, her first word, everything! I just can´t wait. And, as soon as I can get rid of my enemies, Emiko, them and I will be able to live together openly, the council likes it or not. I´m tired of them always trying to ruin our happiness.

I still can´t believe I´ll have another girl in my arms in about three months!! Life can´t be any better.


Kin stopped reading, and everyone was shocked, completely. Sasuke was as white as the walls and said:

"Let me get this straight. The second pregnancy of your mother... was supposed to be a girl? But that girl... is MY fiancé? Naruto is supposed to be a girl?!!"

"Yes, he was, but with the Kyubbi being sealed inside him, the things changed, oni-sama." Kin explained, trying to keep the Uchiha calm. Naruto said:

"Kyubbi is a male, so I guess that in revenge or just because he´s a sadistic bastard, gave me external male appearance. But he didn´t change me inside, so I´m both a girl and a boy."

Itachi, who was more than surprised, said:

"Wait a second. This means YOU can get pregnant?"

When the two siblings nodded, Sasuke fainted. Suzu went to his side and tried to wake him up, but he wouldn´t, though he was breathing. Mai asked Naruto:

"You did use protection, didn´t you? Tell me you did."

"Unfortunately, I didn´t find out until yesterday, when Kin told me about the diary and I asked Kyubbi. So, as we thought there was no risk, we didn´t." Naruto said. When Mai heard that, she covered her mouth with her hands, and Suzu said:

"Oh, my god! Are you pregnant?"

Naruto sighed sadly, and Sasuke woke up. Kin went to her brother´s side and took his hand, giving him courage. He sighed again, and said, looking at Sasuke:

"Yes, I´m pregnant. With twins."

Nobody said anything for a while. Kin felt her brother´s sadness, but before she could say anything to stop him, he looked at Sasuke with eyes full of tears and said:

"I´m sorry, Sasuke, I´m really, really sorry. It´s my fault. I guess you want this back."

He took out his engagement ring and put it on the table and ran away, crying. Kin said:

"Oh, gods. I´ll fetch him before he does something we will regret."

She ran after her brother, and the other people in the house still couldn´t move or speak. Sasuke felt the world was spinning around him. He was thinking:

"Naruto is pregnant... he´s pregnant... he´s pregnant... with my child. My child... I´M GOING TO BE A FATHER!! HOW´S THIS POSSIBLE??!"

Itachi, was the first one to react to the fact that Kin and Naruto weren´t there, and getting up, he slapped his brother in the cheek, and said:

"Are you going to let the love of your life, who I might add, is pregnant with my nephews, ran away?! If you haven´t noticed, he left his engagement ring, so go and find him before he does something really stupid!!!!! Wake up, you idiot! He´s more than hurt because you didn´t say anything! Don´t you want those children? If you don´t, I´ll kill you, damn it! Go after Naruto and apologize!!!!"

Sasuke was still trying to comprehend what was going on and Itachi continued:

"I thought you promised to protect him!!! Don´t hurt him any more!!! Don´t be such an asshole!!! I know it´s really surprising to find out that he´s pregnant, but fuck, announcing that your fiance is pregnant should be a happy moment and not a sad one! Aren´t you happy?!!! You are going to be a fucking father, so go after your fiancé and fix this immediately!! If not, I swear by the gods that I´m going to take out your heart with a spoon!"

He pulled Sasuke and pushed him out of the door. He closed it, but then opened it and threw his brother the engagement ring that Naruto had left. Sasuke caught it, and he finally reacted. He looked around in search of his beloved dobe and began to ran away in the way he thought it was more probable he would go, while thinking:


He would have continued ranting inside his head if it hadn´t been for TWO deep and angered voices shouting near him:


He turned around to find a very enraged Gaara, with his sand ready to obey any command from the Kazekage. Next to him, Neji, who for the first time in all the time Sasuke had known him, looked really furious, with the Byakugan activated and ready to kill him by punching his internal organs. Sasuke remembered the promise of Gaara "... if you ever, ever hurt him again, I promise you that I won´t rest until I kill you with my own hands. Got it?". He said:

"Wait a second! Where is he? Where did Naruto go? After I speak to him and try to fix this you can kill me, but before that tell me where he is."

"He went to the Hokage´s mountain, followed by Kin." Neji explained, though he was furious. Sasuke nodded and ran away, leaving all the villagers astonished.

Sasuke was having a big dejavú, searching for Naruto like a madman; just like that time when he heard Itachi was behind his dobe. Finally, he heard some sobs and a calming voice:

"... shhh... don´t worry, oni-chan. Everything will be right, I promise."

"is... just... that it... it hurts so much... to remember his shocked face. He must be completely disgusted.." the voice of Naruto answered, between sobs. Kin´s voice said:

"Now, now, my little brother... I think he just needs some time. I mean, what would you feel if you were in his position?"

"I would never be disgusted of you, Naruto." Sasuke said, stepping into scene. Kin was hugging Naruto, who looked at him surprised. Kin smiled slightly and getting up, she said:

"I´ll go now."

She left, and Sasuke sat in front of Naruto, and said:

"I´m a real asshole, am I not? I said I would protect you, but I just keep on hurting you. Gaara was right. I can´t protect you from myself. I´m sorry, Naruto."

"Sasuke..." Naruto said, hearing his lover´s words, that were full of regret and sadness. The usually stoic boy was opening to him, and said:

"I´m truly sorry, for everything. For leaving with Orochimaru, for saying I didn´t care for you, for almost killing you, I´m sorry for everything I´ve done that hurt you. And, I´m so sorry for not saying anything when you told us you were pregnant. I guess the news really shocked me, but... the last thing I would ever think is that you disgust me. Not now, not ever. Because I love you, and you are the most precious thing I have in my life. You are everything for me."

Naruto was so surprised now he was the one that couldn´t speak. Sasuke held him tightly against his chest and whispered in his ear:

"So, please, don´t cry. I´m not worth it. There´s nothing that hurts me more than to see you sad, and more if it´s because of me. I can understand if you hate me now, because of all the awful stuff I did to you, but don´t cry."

"I could never hate you, Sasuke. I love you so much... and yet I can´t understand how can you love me. You are perfect in every possible way, and I´m so... so unworthy. I´m not even a real man..."

"I couldn´t care less about it, Naruto. I love you the way you are, with or without Kyubbi, you being a girl or a boy, it doesn´t really matter. Because I love your personality, not just the way you look. And, besides, you have given me the most precious thing anyone can ever give. You are pregnant, with my children, and I couldn´t be more happy for that. You have given me everything in exchange for so little... I´m so grateful... and I don´t want to leave you, ever."

"I won´t."

"Then, will you wear this, again?" Sasuke asked, as he pulled away and showed Naruto the ring. Naruto´s beautiful smile shined as he took it and put it on his finger. Sasuke smiled too, and pulled his beloved for a kiss. Naruto felt like nothing could go wrong, not anymore.


2 months after, Itachi and Sasuke´s wedding was taking place. Everyone was happy and nervous, but everything went just fine. Gaara and Neji announced their engagement that day, and about two weeks later, so did Kisame and Mai. Fourth months later, Sai and Suzu began to date, to the surprise of everyone, because in the beginning, they hadn´t gotten along, but how true is that saying "Between hate and love, there´s only one step". By that time, the prideful soon-to-be Hokage had a more or less big stomach (considering they were twins), and all his family was wondering about the babies gender, so they could know which color should be in the bedroom, the clothes, etc, etc. It was also around that time that Kin got pregnant too. And, curiosly, she was having twins too.

Finally in the seventh month the babies let them know that Naruto´s babies were two girls, and everyone was excited.


Two months later, in Konoha hospital:


"Brat, push and stop screaming like that." Tsunade said, as she was delivering the babies.

Naruto, was in her feminine form, looked completely tired and worn out. After some more hours, two baby cries were heard in the room, were Shizune, Tsunade and Naruto were. They hadn´t allowed anyone else in, since Tsunade wanted everything to be calm, and without hysterical Uchihas around. (coughSasukecough)

The babies were two healthy girls, completely identical, with big blue clear eyes, black hair and and pale skin. Apparently, they had taken after Sasuke, save the eyes. After washing them and cutting the cordon, Shizune wrapped them in soft pink clothes and gave them to his tired father, that dispelled the jutsu and became his handsome self.

Tsunade smiled and said:

"Congratulations, brat. Two beautiful daughters."

"Thanks, oba-chan. I´m tired as hell... how is that women endure this?" Naruto said. Tsunade and Shizune laughed at his comment, and Tsunade asked:

"Who do you want me to let in? The entire village seems to be outside the door."

"Let that teme come in, so I can give him a piece of my mind, my sisters and their boyfriends." Naruto answered. Tsunade nodded, and she let in the seventh people that rushed towards Naruto. Kin and Sasuke were the first ones to get near him and Kin said:

"Oni-chan, Oni-sama, they are beautiful!! Congratulations!!"

Naruto smiled, and let his oldest sister to take one of the twins in her arms. Itachi came closer to her and smiled at the baby, who opened her eyes softly. He said:

"They got your eyes, oni-sama."

"They are really beautiful!" Mai said, and everyone was squealing over the babies. Sasuke smirked and said to Naruto:


"Teme, I swear I won´t let you to..." Naruto said, really annoyed. As much as he loved his daughters, going through the whole ordeal was a real pain. Sasuke cut him by saying:

"Shut up."

Naruto glared at him for a moment, but immediately his eyes closed in pure bliss, since Sasuke was kissing him passionately. Then he began to kiss Naruto´s jawline and when he reached his ear, Naruto melted and whispered with a husky voice:


Sasuke stopped and smirking again he asked:

"You were saying?"

"Bastard." Naruto said, half glaring at him, half smiling. Kin, looked at them, and smiling, she said:

"I just love the way you act when you are together."

About seven years later, four young nice looking kids were about to enter the Ninja Academy, along with several others, of course. There were two handsome boys with hair red as fire and eyes black as the night, the two of them with a ponytail. They were Uchiha Hiroki and Uchiha Raiden, sons of Uchiha Itachi and Uzumaki Kin. Next to them, two beautiful girls, with dark hair an intense blue eyes like sapphires. They were Uchiha Hikaru and Uchiha Kimiko, daughters of Uchiha Sasuke and Uzumaki Naruto.

The only difference between Hiroki and Raiden, was that Raiden had the same marks as his father between their nose and eyes, and Hiroki had the whisker marks of his mother. The difference between Hikaru and Kimiko, was that Kimiko had the whisker marks and Kimiko didn´t. The four of them, were nice kids, and got along pretty well.

They had another three cousins. Mai and Kisame had a daughter and a son, and both of them took after their mother in looks, to the relief of the family, though their son, Arata, did had the marks in his cheeks like his father. They were 5 and 4 years respectably, Arata being the youngest and his sister Kaori the oldest.

And Sai and Suzu, had only one son, that had the red hair of his mother, but besides that, he was an exact replica of his father. He was called Ichiro and was the youngest of the family, being 3 years-old.

Everyone was really happy, and they lived like that for the rest of their lives.

The End.

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