Embraceable You

"Axel…" Hands were everywhere, roaming over his body in ways Roxas never thought were possible. His small hands were meshed into a mess of red hair, urging him on. "Axe…" Lips. On his neck, on his lips anywhere else that the owner seemed proper. The lips distracted him. They pleased him. So Roxas pulled the redhead closer to his body, offering it to him. More…more… He couldn't find words for anything beyond his own desires. He couldn't think beyond those urges.

There was an unfamiliar tightness in his throat as Roxas let out a strangled moan, overwhelmed by the feelings inside him. Hands were lower on his body now. Those hands. Those warm pale hands skimming over more sensitive areas. He could feel all things and see nothing. He knew the hair tangled around his fingers was red. He knew the eyes scanning his form were green. He knew the man on top of him was Axel. He didn't need to see.

A blonde head rolled back and another cry escaped; a gentle name let out from young pink lips. The lips moved lower, where the hands were before. "Lower…lower…" It wasn't Roxas's mind that spoke. It was some primal urge inside him, leading those lips where they went. He'd never felt like this before. He'd never felt this need to be closer, nor this pressure building up all over his body. The sensation was pouring from his body through the pores in his skin until finally; at long last, there was release. There was a cry of a man's name and a climax that had the blonde's back arched off the bed.


Roxas blinked and finally opened his eyes. Riku was staring at him. "Uh…" He couldn't think of anything to say. He could feel the effects of his dream dripping onto his thigh. "W-what…is it?"

Riku laughed. "You had a bad dream." With a smirk he added, "A very very bad dream."

The blonde's face became a dark shade of red. He looked over at Sora, glad that the brunette was a heavy sleeper. "Y-you won't…say anything?" He turned back to the silver haired boy with pleading blue eyes.

"No. It never happened." Riku laughed again and turned to the book in his lap.

" I-I'm gonna…go to the bathroom…" With that said, Roxas slid his feet out from the blankets and let them hit the cold tiled floor.

"You do that." Riku chuckled as the blonde stumbled into the restroom with a few extra clothes.

Roxas set up his bath and lied in the tub with his head rolled back against the wall. He didn't know what had happened. He'd never had a dream like that, nor had he woken up that way before. He wasn't used to the feeling that washed over him. He thought back on everything that happened in his dream and was surprised when that tense feeling washed over him again.

He let out a deep breath, the movement allowing his chest to sink under the warm water a little more. For some reason, Roxas had a feeling that things were only going to get worse, and more embarrassing from that point on.

"So how's Mom?" It was the monthly visitation day, and this time Cloud was able to visit. Their trips were becoming sparser lately; at first it was every month, then every other month. By that time it was whenever they were able to afford it and only one person at a time.

"Mom's doing fine. She's worried about you. She'll be glad to know how well you're doing." Roxas nodded and Cloud continued. "So what's life like here?"

"Kind of like living at a boarding school with extra special healthcare. I have a lot of friends here and it's actually bearable. The food sucks."

Cloud laughed. "I'm glad it's not hell to you anymore." With that statement he ruffled the younger blonde's hair. "I bet you're still ready to go home though, huh?"

"Kind of." When Cloud gave him a look, he continued. "I am ready to get better, and to be with you guys again, but I don't want to leave when I've made such good friends, you know?"

Cloud nodded. "I know what you mean." The older blonde propped his feet on the bed, leaning back in the chair he was sitting in. "Have you met any girls while you've been down here?"

The little brother laughed nervously and scratched the back of his head. I don't think I should tell him just yet… "Nah..no not really."

"Not really?" Cloud laughed. "It's a yes or a no, Rox."

Roxas coughed. "No. No girls. Not in that sense." He laughed nervously and straightened out the sheets over his lap. "Just a few friends. Nothing much."

"Ah it's for the best I guess. I mean when you come home you don't want a girl waiting for you here." Roxas hadn't thought about that. "Of course you're going to be seventeen in a few months too. So it wouldn't be that long until you were an adult and able to come down here to get her."

He hadn't thought about that, either. He'd been in the hospital for almost a year and yet it only seemed like a few weeks. On top of that, he wasn't quite sure he wanted to go home yet. He liked it where he was. Despite the bad food, weird friends, and uncomfortable sleeping arrangements, the Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute of Rehabilitation had grown on him.


"Huh?" The hand on his leg nudged him to attention from his thoughts. "What is it?"

Cloud looked nervous for a second. "I asked how your studies were going."

"Oh sorry. They're going great. I have a really good teacher." Who I happen to have a crush on. "And he's really nice." And handsome and caring. "He keeps me pretty up to date with where we are in school. Olette sends me a few things from class that she does just so we can compare where we are."

"So you're keeping in contact with your other friends?"

Roxas nodded in response. "I didn't plan on forgetting about them."

"Well yeah. That's good. So you heard about—"

"Hayner and Olette's engagement? Yeah. Olette called and told me. Made everyone up here think it was a major emergency and woke me up at almost midnight to tell me. " It felt weird talking about his friends as if they were adults already. It wasn't unheard of for a seventeen and sixteen year old to be engaged through high school, but it was still weird for him. "What about you, meet any girls in college?"

"Nah." Cloud shrugged. "You know me. I have my close-knit circle of friends that I don't normally reach outside of. Leon, Cid, Aerith, Tifa, and Yuffie and that's probably about it."

"Yeah. Mom died a little when you and Tifa didn't hit it off as well as you'd thought. She had your wedding planned out already."

Cloud laughed then sighed. "Yeah I don't really see myself married in the future."

"Why's that?" Roxas gave his brother an odd look. "Who's to say a girl won't walk into your life and change that?"

"Well I think I'm—" His statement was interrupted when the two blondes looked up and saw the lights flickering above them. "That normally happen?"

"Ah…no…" Roxas stared for a moment longer before the lights went out completely. "Cloud?" He tried not to sound nervous.

"I'm still here." The older boy patted the bed for reassurance.

A few frantic orders were given down the hall. Roxas couldn't understand most of them but he knew the voice had to be Dr. Vexen's. The order that run loudest was "Get them out of the lung!" A few lights flew by his room and the blonde eyed the oil lamps almost enviously from his darkened room.

It seemed like days went by in darkness. Sora was brought back in with an oil lamp guiding the nurse who was wheeling him. Riku walked in behind them with help from crutches. Cloud stayed next to him. "What's going on?"

"It's a storm." Sora didn't seem alarmed at all by what was going on. "It's normal this time of year. There will probably be a few tornadoes too."


"You're safe in here." Riku glanced over at him. "My parents live nearby so they went home, your brother will probably have a hard time trying to find a bus willing to leave town right now though."

"So what am I going to do?" It was Cloud speaking this time. "I can't just stay here can I?"

"It's not like they're going to kick you out on the streets." Sora laughed. "They'll probably let you sleep in a spare bed in the faculty rooms."

"And the bus company will most likely postpone your trip. Or refund your money if you call them."

During the ruckus, no one seemed to noticed as a petite blonde curled up in his bed. He stared up at the dead lights, willing them to turn back on. He'd never been afraid of the dark before, but storms were a different subject. He'd hated them since he was little. They were always so loud and gloomy, and he was a very quiet person. Thunder didn't suit him.

"I'm gonna go see what's going on." Cloud patted Roxas's leg as he stood up. "You okay?"

Roxas nodded shakily then watched his brother leave the room.

"You're not scared are you Rox?"

The blonde glanced over at Riku. "I don't like storms." He said, simply. "I just don't like loud things."

"Ah." Riku nodded, understanding completely. "It's not that bad. These things happen all the time during March. The worst that's ever happened is a tree fell down next door. It's fine."

Another nod from the blonde before Roxas continued. "Thanks. It'll be over soon right?"

"Probably not." Sora piped in. "Sometimes storms will be scattered for a few days." Roxas cringed at that. "But it helps me sleep. The rain and the thunder."

"Same here."

Roxas shuddered. "Not me."

"Roxy's scared of storms?" A bright red head danced into the room. He sat down in Cloud's chair and patted Roxas's shoulder. "It's alright. Axel's here now!"

Roxas couldn't help but chuckle at the tutor's antics. "Thanks? I guess…"

Axel laughed as well, smiling brightly. "Your brother is putting his stuff in a room. He said he's going to take a nap before he comes back in here." Roxas nodded. "You look just like him except—"


"I was going to say more compact but that works."

Riku laughed at that as Roxas gave a slight glare. He hated when people pointed out his stature. Sora had to continue with the joke, though. "Yeah! Roxas is travel sized!"

"I'd put him in my back pocket if I could." Axel laughed at his own joke.

"Oh shut up."

Sora was right. The storm lasted for days. Three days to be exact. Cloud's bus ride was postponed until the following Friday so even after the rain slowed down, he stayed with Roxas.

"Mom still freaking out?"

Cloud took his seat once again after most likely the third call that day from his mother. "Yeah."

Roxas laughed and relaxed in bed. He was getting used to the rain. Not the thunder and the lightening, of course, but the rain. Sora was right, it was calming. The only thing that the day lacked was the equally calming scent of the rain. The humidity was certainly hitting him well enough.

"Poof….poof." The too-familiar redhead patted Roxas's hair as he came in. "Poooooof."

"I get it, my hair is poofy."

"It's funny! Your hair is normally primped and perfect and today it's all a fuzzy wad! Why isn't your brother's like that?"

"Because he uses too much hair gel. You could probably kill yourself on one of his spikes."

Cloud smirked and chuckled a bit in response. Then he dropped the expression and felt of his hair, as if actually wondering it for himself.

With a laugh, Axel fell into a chair. "Your brother's hilarious Rox. What's his name?"

"Axel!" Sora was laughing hysterically by then. "He's been here for almost a week and you don't know his name?!"

Riku laughed a bit as well as Roxas responded. "His name is Cloud, dipstick."

"Cloud as in…what's pouring water on us?"

The mentioned man replied with a grumble. "Yes. Like a cloud. Cloud."

Axel was rolling with laughter. "Cloud! Was your mom totally out of it when you were named?!"

Roxas coughed. "Actually…"

"She passed out after she gave birth to me. They tried to wake her up to ask a name and she said 'Pretty Cloud.' It stuck."

The situation only became more hilarious because of the seriousness of the conversation on Cloud's part.

"Oh goodness, I think that's the best laugh I've had in a while." Axel was clutching his sides. "What a name. I tell ya."

"And being named after a car part is any better?"

"Actually Axel's not my real name. I just don't really like Alex too much and Alexander is too fancy. So I flip flopped the letters around and went by Axel starting in middle school."

"Why didn't you go by Xander?"

"Shut up Roxas."

The boys on either side of Roxas's bed were laughing still. Riku covered his mouth as he laughed, as if he were ashamed of his smile. Sora laughed openly and loudly, then coughed as he calmed down. Roxas had a grin plastered on his face. He truly couldn't imagine leaving that place. Even though he'd been there less than a year, it was almost as much of a home to him as…well as home was. All the way across the country, but still so familiar to him.

That night when he fell asleep he listened to the rain. Almost like a nocturne to him, perfectly meshing with the easy breathing of his roommates. "Roxas."

The blonde didn't open his eyes to the familiar voice, but he welcomed the owner with a smile. A flash lit up the room as lightening struck outside and Roxas could vaguely catch the light even through his eyelids. He cringed, knowing the sound to come after.

A hand touched his shoulder just as the first crack sounded. "I'm here, Roxas." He could hear the warm voice, feel his hand, but refused to open his eyes. "I'm here…" the warm voice was closer to his ear now. Hot breath. The hand slid down his side, resting on the blonde's hip. "Roxas."

Roxas moved back against the warm body as it joined him in the small bed. He reached behind him and tangled his hand in that familiar hair. The warm hand went around to Roxas's stomach and rested there. The heat filled him. The fire moved in his veins quickly. He felt it building up behind his eyelids.

"Don't cry." That's what that feeling was. The warmth moving down his cheeks, stinging his eyes then cooling on his face. "Are you okay? Please don't cry."

"I don't want to go." His mouth was moving before he thought. The words were forming on their own, just as his body moved. He faced the man in bed with him and opened his eyes. "Don't let me go."

"Never Roxas." Warm lips. On his forehead, then nose, cheek, chin, lips. "I'll never let you go." Down his neck, tracing what seemed to be a familiar path.

"Axel…" the lips moved back up. Hot tongue, right behind his ear. A nibble that sent a shudder down his spine. No, it was deeper than that. Deeper than in his veins. The feeling went into an existence within him that he didn't have a name for. All of the blood in his body moved south. The lips moved back to his again and the hand moved farther down.

"Roxas…" Another kiss, another nip on his lip. Another warm chill sent straight to his core.

"More…" the words seemed so familiar on his lips. The feeling of this man wrapped around him in such away seemed so right. "Axel more…"

"Why Roxas...?"

Blue eyes opened, locking with green. "Axel…"


Roxas didn't have an answer. He kissed the man again but was not kissed back. "Axel please…" He whispered the plea, everything inside him begging louder than his voice could allow. "Axel…"

"Why Roxas? Tell me why…please." He watched those lips move and could only crave that they be back against his skin. "I need to know."

A gasp let out as the warm hand met him. "A-axel…"

"Tell me please." Those lips were so close. He could feel them. He could almost taste them. He wanted to taste them. "Roxas…"

No words came to mind besides his name. Only pleas for more and cries for the man's touch. An answer seemed to be inexistent.

"Why do you want more?" He moved his hands as slow as the words left his mouth. "Why do you want to stay?" Finally those lips touched him again. They moved in small kisses up his jaw to his ear. He whispered against Roxas's ear. "Why do you want me?"

Smaller hands moved up the man's back, clinging to bare skin. "Axel I…." His throat seemed so narrow now.

"What is it?" Those lips closed around his ear lobe and sucked lightly.

"I…I…" His voice was lost in the sensation.


"I love you."

Roxas blinked and looked around the room. A dream. It was all a dream again. And that dream once again left him in need of a bath. The blonde sighed and buried his face in his hands. The situation was getting too confusing for him. Love…he'd really dreamed he said that. He never thought that word about anyone before besides his own family.

Love. Love… I love Axel. It sounded strange even in his head. I love Axel… but it could grow on him…what was he thinking? Love?!


The blonde looked up at his brother in the doorway. "Yeah?"

"I need to talk to you about something." Cloud sat down next to him. Only then did he realize that Sora and Riku were both gone to therapy and psych session for the week. "Something important."

"Yeah..?" He didn't like how this was sounding already.

"Well…I…" Cloud had a thoughtful look on his face, which didn't happen often. "Last night when you were asleep…who were you talking to?"

Note: Okay not entirely happy with how this chapter turned out, but not thoroughly disgusted with it either. I'm still working on how I can get all chapters to write themself. I know parts of this one did and didn't. I hate having to force things out but sometimes it gets really hard!! Okay so I'll try to update sooner but it gets haarrrdd. Especially when my old average was about 1500 words per chapter and now I've got it up to 3500 words per chapter. Now it takes a long time in order to get everything to mesh right. Sorry again for the long wait!

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