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You could say I'm ordinary. You could look at me and think I was a wallflower a nobody, but if you take a deeper look, maybe squint your eyes a little you'll see something totally different. I don't live in reality. Some say it's impossible reality means things that are true and exist, but in my head everything exists. You can talk to me and I might be fighting some deadly force and saving the world. Sure I never thought these things were actually true, but when your into a thought you forget. I just never though that these "storylines" if you will would almost cause my demise. So here's the story as accurate as I can make it of the day I got lost in my mind stuck in an unreal reality.

Bell laid in her bed staring at the ceiling blankly. Her black hair was spread across the pillow in gentle curls. Last time she checked it was 5:55, only five minutes left till she'd have to wake up. Until then however she was in a totally different world, Bell had found her own way to make interesting. She simply had to picture something and she was practically there. Even at school her attention slipped and she drifted into her own reality.

Before she knew it her mom was gently knocking on the door, signaling for her to wake up. Bell lifted herself up onto her elbows meanwhile shaking her head and blinking rapidly erasing the images from her mind.

"I'm up" she yelled annoyed. She sighed deeply and through her heavy comforter off herself. She walked to the bathroom in complete darkness. In her room she knew where everything was even if there were piles of junk practically reaching the ceiling. She absent mindedly stepped one of the heaps and entered her cluttered bathroom. Bell moved her hand across the wall and flipped the switch turning on the lights. She let a hiss escape from her lips as the light filled her sensitive eyes. After letting her eyes adjust she started her morning routine.

As she finished getting ready she gave herself one final look in the streaked mirror. She black, slightly curled hair that went a few inches below her shoulders. Her face was round and slightly tanned from when she used to tan at the beach, now that she stopped the habit her skin was slowly starting to pale. Though tan was what everyone was in Florida the paleness gave her a certain look, bringing out her full cherry lips. Lastly her eyes that were lined with black eyeliner and a smokey eye shadow. They were very dark, her pupils were large, and what little color that did show was dark; it was a mix of green, blue and grey. Though some might consider pretty just annoyed her greatly. Though it did come in handy when she tried to scare people with a very fierce glare. She frowned slightly at her appearance, but continued to the door. She walked out of her room and past her beloved computer. She patted her keyboard lightly as if it were a pet and walked into the kitchen. She took a seat at the counter and started to eat her already laid out cereal. Halfway through the bowl her mom came in holding a handful of papers. Bell rolled her eyes predicting what was coming.

"Morning honey" her mom cried happily. Bell visibly cringed at the cheerful tone. When her mother received no response she sighed and continued on. "I was thinking"

"Uh oh," Bell mumbled. "This can't be good."

"Anyway," her mother continued signaling Bell to shut up. " I think you should join a club." She ended her statement with a smile showing she thought it was the best idea in the world.

"Mom" Bell said. "We've been through this, I don't want to join a club."

"I know sweetheart." she sighed. "You just seem so lonely. Your always on that computer doing got knows what." Her mother said this distastefully well glaring in the direction of Bells precious computer,

"You know mom" she said quickly. "Maybe I will look into that club thing." Bell knew that if the conversation stayed on the computer much longer no good could come out of it. Her mom always threatened to take her computer for random things.

"Thanks Bells" she said in that sickly sweet tone of hers. "I mean your 17 it's time you found a hobby."

"Yeah, yeah of course" Bell agreed. Meanwhile in her head she was leaping from her chair and attacking her mom.

" Thanks again" her mom called while walking towards the door. " I have to go, don't drive to school too late, love you!"

"Love you too mom" Bell called from her seat. "Finally" Bell said to herself. Honestly Bell wasn't planning on looking into clubs, in fact she wasn't going to school at all. She got up and grabbed her keys, after all she couldn't leave her car in the drive, the neighbors would rat her out.

She finished pulling her car in and ran to the back of the house. She walked over to the pool and starred at the glittering water. In her mind she say a vast never ending ocean with a gorgeous building free sky. Without thinking she jumped in.

When she opened her eyes she was surprised to find darkness. "Hello" she yelled to the empty space, this was not good. Nothing answered her but, the echo of her own voice. All of a sudden she heard a faint whisper. It wasn't coming from around her though ,but inside her head.

"Everyday" the hoarse whisper began. "Everyday you try to escape the boring aspects of life. I think we should find out how you escape when you stories become reality and you old life becomes nothing ,but a dream."

"I'd rather not" she whispered fearfully. " I'd rather know what's going on. This isn't right, this isn't what I'm thinking. This can't be r..."

"No" the voice interrupted. "I assure you this is reality" and with a chuckle the voice faded away.

Wait a minute, she thought. If I'm here, that must mean I'm asleep, and if I'm I asleep. Then it hit her. "I'm drowning in the pool" she gasped. She closed her eyes and did the only thing she knew to wake herself up. She screamed.

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