I see that a few others have been posting their Hey Arnold drabbles in this way, so I thought I might as well do it too, since I've written a fair few on livejournal this past year. Please note that most of these take place when the characters are at least teenagers, and in some cases, adults. Most of these are between 100 and 500 words, and none of them are connected unless stated otherwise. The majority are Arnold/Helga, but other pairings (including slash and femslash) are very possible.

Disclaimer: Hey Arnold belongs to Craig Bartlett, not me. I make no money from these.

(Originally posted: 05/15/06)

Title: Page-turning
Rating: G
Words: 100
Characters: Helga

When Arnold left, Helga turned to reading.

She read all kinds of stories, hours on end. Mysteries, romances, adventure novels... they all had their appeal. Each one unraveled a new, unique sequence of events, some filling her with optimism, others snatching it away. She found herself reading during lunch, during math, at the park, and of course, at home.

And when Bob's booming voice ripped her away from the words on the page one night, as it had countless times before, Helga decided that this time was different.

She packed her bag and decided to go on her own adventure.