DISCLAIMERS: I don't own Transformers. They just came over from Hasbro to visit and be general pains-in-the-aft. All the humans in the story are mine.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story was written for a challenge on the Padded Cell. We were to use one of the listed lines in a short fic. The one I used just grabbed me and pummeled me with plot bunnies until I wrote it. Based in my AU but could really fit in the regular G1verse as well.


Sunstreaker sat and watched Ratchet work. He had a horrible scratch down his left leg and Ratchet refused to fix it until he was done repairing whatever gizmo currently lay on the table. He had nothing better to do and wasn't going out anywhere in this state, so he patiently sat, watching the medic quietly grumble and curse over the device. It seemed that Ratchet couldn't fix anything without cursing at it.

As he was sitting there, he started picking up some static at the higher end of his audio reception. It was annoying and he rubbed at them to try to clear it. When that didn't help, he looked up at Ratchet to ask him to check them while he was fixing the scratch. Ratchet had stopped working and had a sour, annoyed look on his face.

"You hear it too?" Sunstreaker inquired.

"Yeah. Fragging annoying. Wonder what it is?"

Sunstreaker shrugged. He had no idea.

"It seems to be getting louder too." Ratchet was moving to the door of the repair bay, planning on investigating the source of the annoyance. Sunstreaker stood to assist him.

Once the door was open, a little golden streak bolted into the room.


This was obviously the source of the static. It was worse now that it was at full volume. Both mechs slapped their hands over their primary audio inputs. The little streak ran circles around them both and lapped the room almost twice before Bluestreak and Hound caught up and tried to scoop it…her up. After a failed attempt by Bluestreak, Hound managed to head her off and picked her up, kicking and shrieking at the top of her lungs.

Sunstreaker watched with disgust as Hound and Bluestreak tried to calm and quiet the tiny blonde girl. They were supposed to be babysitting her.

Ratchet looked at her critically. She was babbling rapidly and incoherently. Her movements were jittery and her eyes were glazed. Something about her symptoms… It came to him.

"Okay, who's the genius who gave the human caffeine?" She looked like Gwen did after too much coffee.

Hound was giving Bluestreak an annoyed look. He was struggling to hold the little girl without hurting her.

All optics turned towards Bluestreak.

"But she wanted a treat…" He protested weakly.

"Blue, you DON'T give a three year old human chocolate covered coffee beans." Hound was uncharacteristically, but understandably, irate.

Ratchet and Sunstreaker exchanged a glance.

Sunstreaker held up his hands, "No way I'm explaining this to Gwen and Brad."

Ratchet looked ruefully back at the screaming banshee/little girl. "Me either."

Bluestreak didn't notice their exchange. "But she liked them…"