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"Dean…" Sam choked out as he fell forward. His brother rushed to catch him, holding him close. Dean tried to remember what had happened. His brother had been looking up information about Thomas Bones…and now he had a hole in his chest. Why couldn't he remember anything? It was then that he noticed the heart-shaped cuts on Sam's neck. "Oh god…Did I…?"

"Indeed Dean. I must say, you caught on a lot faster than the others. They actually blamed me for their brother's death," Thomas said from behind Dean. He said it as if it were the most absurd thing he'd ever heard. "Can you believe that? I mean the nerve..."

"Go to Hell," Dean breathed, brushing the hair gently out of Sam's eyes. His hands shook badly as he reached to the wound in his brother's chest, putting needed pressure on it. "Sammy…God, Sammy, I'm sorry. But you're going to be alright. I'm gonna patch you up, cause that's what I'm here for right?"

"Dean…I don't think…I can't…" Sam tried, but he wasn't sure what to say. He felt his heart hammering in his chest, trying to keep him alive. He felt the blood soaking his shirt and felt a shaky hand trying to stop it. He reached out and grabbed Dean loosely by the shoulder. He couldn't tell how Dean was taking this, because he couldn't quite see the look on his brother's face. Everything was blurry and shaky. And it was getting darker, more painful.

"Sammy, you're going to be alright. I'm here, I'll always be here to keep you safe," Dean said softly, his body shaking in silent sobs. "So, you're gonna be alright."

Sam couldn't help it; even through all this pain, a small chuckle escaped his lips. "Dude, this is such a classic chick flick moment."

"Haha, yeah…Bitch," Dean said, smiling and shaking his head.


Thomas cleared his throat from behind Dean, completely ruining the moment. Dean took a deep breath and turned to look at him, focusing all his will power so as not to try and kill that son of a –beep- right away. "Get the hell out of here."

"No, I don't think I will. Dean, you still have a job to do," Thomas said, the knife Dean had dropped now in the spirit's hands. He held it out to dean. "So finish it."

"You think you still have control over me?" Dean asked with a harsh laugh. "Yeah, right."

"You doubt me?" Thomas asked, walking closer to the two Winchester boys.

"Brother," Dale said, walking close as well. "Just let what will happen, happen. I do think we've done enough."

Thomas looked from his brother to the Winchesters and shrugged. "Well, Sammy will die anyway. So, I suppose my work here is done."

"Only he gets to calls me Sammy," Sam informed Thomas, nodding his head at Dean. Dean smiled slightly, and held onto Sam tighter, afraid that what Thomas said was true. Sam really had lost a lot of blood.

"You shouldn't talk Sam," Dean ordered, back to tending to his little brother.

"What if I do? You gonna gag me again?" Sam asked with a pained smile. Dean tried smiling to, but he wasn't sure if he actually did. Sam was in pain, Sam had lost too much blood…Sam was dying.

"I might," Dean answered, trying to calm himself down. He couldn't freak out right now, he had to play it cool to keep Sam calm. "You doing okay?"

"Perfect," Sam answered, suddenly bursting into a fit of coughing, blood dripping down from the corner of this mouth. "About as okay as just getting kicked in the balls."

"That great huh?" Dean asked with worry, pushing Sam's bangs out of his eyes again. Even if there hadn't been any blood, he could tell by the look in his brother's eyes that he wasn't okay. "Damn it Sam! Why did you have to push me out of the way? That bullet was meant for me!"

"Because you're my brother," Sam answered weakly, bursting into another coughing fit. Once it had subsided, he looked up at Dean and simply added, "And I love you."

Dean bit his lip and laughed lightly. "See, dude, if you had said this while I was all messed up in the head, this whole thing could have been avoided."

Sam made a sound that was a mix of laughing and coughing and said, "Yeah, guess you're right."

"Hey Sammy?"

"Yeah Dean?"

"I, uh, I love you too…Bitch."

"I know you do," Sam answered with another laugh/cough. "Jerk."

Dean watched as Sam closed his eyes, and waited for them to open again. When they didn't, he slightly shook his little brother. No response.

"Sam? Come on Sammy."

But the younger just lay there in Dean's arms, completely oblivious to the world around him. Dean gently touched Sam's wrist and found a pulse, weak and slow. Could he get Sam to a hospital in time if he left now?

"I can't do this anymore Brother."

Dean gathered up Sam in his arms and stood up, turning around. Damn his little brother was heavy. He was ready to walk out the door but hesitated to hear what Dale was going to say. Maybe he would help Sam.

"What do you mean?" Thomas asked with a frown. "It's what they deserve."

"They don't deserve anything. And I'm done," Dale said, looking at Sam. His eyes were filled with regret at seeing the dying boy. Dean watched as the spirit in what seemed his thirties started turning younger. He got to his teenage years, around sixteen or seventeen maybe. He looked to Thomas with the same sad, puppy-dog eyes Sam always used on Dean. "Stop it Thomas. Don't let him die. Please."

"But…he deserves it," Thomas said, this time sounding unsure.

"No, Tom, he doesn't," Dale insisted. He walked over to his brother and put his arms around him in a hug. "Anyway, I'm leaving. And I don't want to go alone."

Dean blinked at the two boys hugging and looked at the older one. He was around twenty, maybe a little younger. He remembered Sam had said that Thomas had died at nineteen and decided that this was what the brothers must have looked like when Thomas was killed. He wasn't sure when the spirit changed from a 100 year old guy to the teen in front of him, but then again, he decided it really didn't matter. Spirits were weird.

"Dale, I refuse to go until-"

"Until a pair of brothers admit their love for each other? Tom, what do you think that just was?" Dale asked as he let go and backed away from Thomas. "Were you even watching them? You don't get much closer than that!"

"We were closer," Thomas argued. He looked at Dean and the Winchester could feel the hate from his gaze. He had started an argument between the two, but he just wanted to save Sam. Now how was that a reason to be hated?

"We were different. They're not us," Dale said, stomping his foot on the ground. "But they're damn good brothers!"

"Damn good," Dean agreed quickly, praying that Thomas would listen to Dale and help Sam. Thomas looked at him with a frown, but his eyes dropped down to Sam, who was getting considerably pale now and said simply, "You know, his heartbeat just stopped."

"Wha?" Dean said he looked down to Sam. Though suddenly he felt a heavy pressure on his body and found that he couldn't move. He looked back up at Thomas and yelled, "Let me go! I have to take care of Sammy!"

"Shut up, I'm going to spare his life."

Both Dean and Dale looked Thomas with surprise but then Dale face changed to hold a big grin. "Thank Tom. You're the coolest Brother ever, man!"

"Don't I know it," Thomas said with a wink. Both boys laughed and Dean breathed a sigh of relief. Sam was going to be okay. Thomas raised his hand and snapped his fingers. Dean fell to his knees as suddenly he could move again and Sam started coughing. Dean grabbed his brother and noticed with surprise that there was no longer blood on Sam's shirt. Sam looked up at Dean with confusion. "Dean? What happened?"

Dean just grinned his usual grinned. "Maybe you had another nightmare? Wouldn't surprise me, you're such a wuss."

Sam rolled his eyes and pushed Dean away from him. "Whatever dude." He looked over and saw two teenagers where Dale and Thomas just were. "Uh…Dean?"

"Don't worry about it, we're leaving," Dale said, smiling at the confusion on Sam's face. He turned to Thomas. "Right?"

"Right," Thomas said with a nod. He walked up to Dale and took his hand. A sudden light washed over them. Dale turned to the Winchesters and waved good-bye with his free hand. "I know Tom won't say it, so I will. We're sorry for all that's happened Winchesters. I hope you can find it in your hearts to forgive us."

Dean shrugged. "We'll get over it." Dale nodded and then the two Bones brothers were gone. Sam turned to look at Dean. "Man, I'm confused."

"Well, that's why you shouldn't go around almost dying Sammy. You miss everything when you're unconscious," Dean said with a sigh. He looked at Sam and laughed. "Of course, there are other reasons you shouldn't go around almost dying too."

"Yeah," Sam said with a nod and a smile. "Time to burn their remains?"

"You read my mind." Dean walked out into the cold night and breathed in the fresh air. "Well, this was one of our weirder jobs, wasn't it?"

"Dean, I don't think it gets much stranger than that," Sam pointed out as he walked to the Impala.

"Who knows," Dean said as he got into the driver's seat and started up the engine. "Uh, where are we going?"

"Ashbury Cemetery," Sam replied, remembering it from the website. Dean nodded and took off out of the parking lot. He glanced at Sam and, seeing the heart-shaped marks on his brother's neck, said, "Right, well, I say once we burn the bodies, we get the hell out of this town and forget this whole job ever happened."

"I couldn't agree with you more. But Dean?"


"I still love ya big brother," Sam said with a laugh.

"Shut up?"

"Come on Dean, aren't you going to say it back?"


"Haha, Jerk."

The End

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