Onmyou Taisenki 2: New Generation


White Hunter

I don't own any of the Onmyou Taisenki, only the characters that I made up.

A battle begins! Byakko no Kogenta

A twelve year old girl with brown hair and gray blue eyes was getting dressed for her first day of Junior high School; she was wearing a high school uniform with a skirt.

She came outside and slide on her shoes and got ready to go.

"I'm leaving" she called as she ran out of the house hotel.

"Kida!" called her father as she almost past the small shrine.

The girl, who was now known as Kida, stops at the little shrine and started to make hand jesters.

'I don't know why I have to do this all the time.' She said in her head.

After she was done she ran off towards her new school. But also her destiny for she will meet UN old friend of her fathers and will learn that life is never easy.

Kida met up with her friend Kate at the school gates.

"Hi Kate" Kida called as she came up to her friends side.

Kate looks at her watch and smiled at what the time is.

"You're only a minute early Kida." Kate said as she looks at her friend. "Not like last time that you were late for class because of some cars passing your way."

Kida blushes a little at what Kate said but smiles at her and the two of them walked into the school gates together.

Kate was the same age as Kida; she had dark blue hair and sea green eyes. Around Kate's neck was a red medallion on a golden chain. Kate said that the medallion was pasted down from her family for generations and was now past on to her.

Kida knew that her ancestors are priests and priestess's, and that her family was just ordinary people.

Kida soon got home and changed into her normal cloths. She was now wearing a long sleeve yellow shirt under a short sleeve blue jacket, long black jeans.

"I'm going out for a bit" Kida called as she ran down the street to where the shrine, her father showed her, is.

Kida soon came up to the shrine that was in the bamboo forest. She loved it there and would always go there to think about her problems and solve them on her own.

"I wonder why dad took me to this place any ways?" Kida said as she looks up to the sky.

"Kida?" a voice came out of nowhere.

Kida looks and saw that her best friend Kate had came to find her.

Kate was wearing a blue skirt and a yellow polo-shirt (WH. the ones they use in gym class.) with white sandals on her bare feet.

"Hey Kate" Kida said as her friend walks up to her. "Welcome to the shrine that my father showed me."

"It's kind of shabby, don't you think?" asked Kate as she saw the shrine.

"Yah" Kida said as she looks up into the sky again. "I was wondering why my dad was showing these hand jesters to me." To make her point clear she showed her hand jesters to Kate.

"I don't know Kida" Kate shrugged her shoulders at her friend. "But maybe you're family might have come from a family of priests?"

Kida looks at her friend with a look 'you-really-think-so' than looks down at the ground thinking.

"Well, well, if it isn't the Originator's daughter."

Kate and Kida, who stood up quickly on the stairs, look to see a man coming up to them.

The man was wearing a black coat and under it was a short sleeve black T-shirt, long brown cargo pants and black army boots.

His brown hair was all spiked up and his blue eyes burned with hatred.

"Who are you?" Asked Kida who stood in front of her friend to protect her. "What do you want?"

"To kill you and you're friend Kid." The man said as he walks up to them closer.

Just before he could come one step closer a fire ball came out of nowhere. The Man jumps back and a boy came out in front of Kida and Kate.

The boy was the same age as Kida had red hair and brown eyes. He was wearing a short black T-shirt with a red stripe on it, short black pants and dark blue runners.

"Tailor, stop this right now please?" the boy said as he holds up a black and red drive.

"Sorry Cody" Tailor said as he pulls out a white and red device.

"Then you leave me with no choice brother." Cody said than turns to Kida and Kate "You two go hide in the shrine."

Kida nodded and took Kate to the shrine, she watched through the windows to see what's happening.

"Shikigami!" the boy, who was known as Cody, yelled. "God descend."

A bright light came from his device and blinded Kida for a moment. Kida slowly opens her eyes and than they widened as she saw a black tiger with white stripes all over its body. It was wearing warrior cloths with spiked shoulder pads. In its hand was a large sword. (WH: if any of you guys ever watched Onmyou Taisenki on youtube, than you properly know what the other shikigami look like on that show.)

"What's going on Kida?" asked Kate as she looks out the window and gasps. "What is that thing?"

Kida backs away from the down with fright. She was afraid of Tiger's and dogs ever since she first laid eyes on them. Kida knew what their teeth and claws can do to people when she saw what happened to a man when he started to hitting a male tiger. The beast had bitten into the man's shoulder and scratched its claws over the man's face. From than on she could never stand the sight of blood and could never get over on what she had just seen.

She bumps into a wooden pillar and she heard something hit the wooden floor. She looks down and saw a white and blue device like the boys and slowly picks it up in her right hand.

'What is this' she wondered as she looks it over.

Outside Cody stood behind his partner and was glaring at his brother.

"Rangetsu listen" he said. "When he calls out his Shikigami I want you not to destroy it."

"Right" the tiger, known as Rangetsu, said as he got his sword ready.

"You know what little brother" Tailor said with a smirk on his face as he pulls out a card. "This is just a waste of time for me."

Tailor threw the card at the shrine and Cody knew what he was planning.

"GET OUT OF THERE YOU TWO!" he shouted at the girls in the shrine.

Kida heard the boy and looks to the window. She and Kate saw the card had attached its-self to the door and bursts into a flame. Kate screamed and ran over to Kida, who was huddled up into a corner. Soon the shrine was up in flames with the girls still inside.

"Rangetsu, we have to help them." Cody said as he ran over to the shrine with his Shikigami right behind him.

"Karachi" Tailor said with a smirk on his face.

A gray wolf that was wearing priest's cloths came out of nowhere and shot its hand forward. Without warning Cody had slammed into a barrier and fell to the ground.

"Cody!" yelled Rangetsu as he helps his partner up.

Kate and Kida were huddled up together as they watched the flames coming closer to them.

"I guess that this is the end of us." Kida said as she looks at her best and only friend in the world.

"Yah" Kate said with a sad smile. "I wish we had more time to be together and live are lives the way we want to."

Kida nodded and closed her eyes, not knowing that her thumb had pushed the screen that was on the drive to her, and waits for the flames to burn her body. 'Good bye mother, father' she said in her head as she holds the device closer to her. 'I love you."

Just than the device in Kida's hand starts to shake. She looks down and without warning she shot out her hand.

"Kida?" asked Kate as she looks at her friend.

Kida closed her eyes as the device moved in her hand. She didn't know what was happening but she started to chant the movements of her hands.

"Shin, Ka, Da, Rin"

Than, as if she were being grabbed by someone, a bright light enveloped her and all she heard was Kate screaming her name and after that no more.

Kida was now standing in a place with shoji flying every where. A strange feeling was going through her body as she looks around.

'Where am I?' she asked her self.

Kida had her back turned for a moment but when she turns around she saw that one of the shoji had stopped behind her.

A shadow appeared behind the shoji and Kida gulps when she saw that the shadow had a tail. She moves back a little so she was a good distends away from the thing.

"So you're the one who has called the great Byakko no Kogenta." The shadow said and turns its head towards her.

Kida flinched as she saw the things eyes, they were a bright red.

"No…I didn't" Kida shuddered as she closed her eyes. "One minute I was in a fire and the next I winded up here."

"We Shikigami never make a mistake on when our Toujinshi calls us with the drive. Just like the one in your hand." The shadow said "And I have a question for you kid."

Kida opens one of her eyes and looks at the shadow, which was know as Kogenta, and asks. "What is it Sir?"

"Do you want to live?" asked Kogenta as he turns his head away from Kida.

"Yes…I do" Kida said as she looks down at the ground. "I want to stay with my family a little longer."

"Than for me to help you, you must make a contract that is of interest to me." Kogenta said.

"I want to help my friends and family and other people who might get hurt." Kida said in a soft voice. "I want to get rid of any demons that will hurt them and make them smile."

Kida didn't now if that was a good answer or a bad one. She looks up and saw the red eyes of the shadow.

"If that's what you want then that will satisfy me," Kogenta said. "Now call out my name, Byakko no Kogenta."

Kida gulps down her fear and with a shaky yet strong voice she calls out the shadows name.

"Byakko no Kogenta, I form a contract with you."

The shadow smirks at her with its fangs.

"I like you're style, alright. I accept your contract," as the shadow said this it turns its back to her and disappears.

Back out side a bright light was shining through the barrier and it blinded Tailor, Karachi, Cody and Rangetsu.

"What's going on here?" yelled Cody as he covers his eyes from the light.

An explosion accrued inside the barrier and a shadowy figure jumped out of the smoke. It landed in front of Cody and the others with the two girls in each of its arms.

Kida slowly opens her eyes and looks at the person who saved her and Kate. When she saw who saved them her eyes grew wide with amazement and wonder.

The one who had saved her and Kate was a white tiger who might have been about 17-18 years old. His hair was spiked upwards with some of his hair on ether side of his face. His eyes were ruby red color.

He wore cloths that almost resemble warrior armor. One of his shoulder pads had a ying-yan sign on it. A thick rope was coiled around the waist line of his red pants. Around the tigers neck was a red medallion. On his hands are leather, fingerless, gauntlets. On his feet were flip flops that show his three toes that had claws at the end, with metal-bands around his ankles. The tiger was also wearing a sleeveless gray armor and last but not least on its tail was a bell.

Kida was a little scared because she knew that this tiger can hurt her, when ever he wanted to. The tiger lets go of Kate and Kida once they had their footing.

"Are you two okay?" the tiger asked in the same voice that Kida heard from the shadowy figure in that weird place before.

"Yeah," Kate said with a nerves nodded as she looks at the tiger.

'Could this be Byakko no Kogenta,' wondered Kida as she looked at the tiger from head to toe.

"How can this be," Tailor said as he saw the white tiger that was glaring at him. "He can't have been activated unless the Originators daughter had gotten her hands on that stupid cats drive."

Tailor looks down at Kida's right hand and saw the white drive and growls.

"Karachi, destroy her now!"

The wolf priest made a few hand jesters than shot a beam of light at Kida.

Kida stood their in fear as she watches the beam of light coming at her. She couldn't move her body or even make a sound from her lips.

"Look out Kida!" yelled Kate as she saw that her friend was about to get hit by the beam of light.

Just than Kida was tackled to the ground with the tiger boy on top of her; the beam of light flew past them and hit a tree that was near by. The tiger got off of Kida and looked at her.

"You okay?" he asked Kida with a worried look on his face.

Kida nodded her head in response to the tiger's words.

"Listen, do you know some hand jesters?"

Kida nodded again and showed the tiger her hand jester.

"Good, now use that jester when swinging the drive around, okay?" the tiger asked as her holds onto Kida's hand to help her up.

"Okay," Kida said as she stood up and got her drive ready.

Tailor smirks at what he was seeing. "You think that you can beat me?" he asked as he moves his two times to the right then up down. "Shin, shin, Ka, Rin"

"Over kill," Karachi yelled as he raised his right hand up towards to sky "God of thunder strike!"

Clouds started to gather over head and out of nowhere three thunder bolts shot down towards Kida, Kate and Cody.

"Barrier," shouted Cody as he takes out three cards and throws two of the cards at Kate and Kida.

The cards activated and put up shields to protect the girls from getting hurt. The three lighting bolts hit Kida's shield and that made her flinch but that didn't make her lose her senses on what to do.

"Shin, Ka, Da, Rin!" she yelled as she swings the drive to activate it.

"Over kill!" shouted the tiger as he rears his two clawed hands back and starts to glow. "Dancing moon crescent fists…!"

The tigers attack says it all as pale yellow crescent moons spun all over the place going towards Karachi. Tailor brings out a card and throws it at the ground which creates a smokescreen and calls back his shikigami but not without Karachi getting one cut from the tigers attack across his right check. Kida looks franticly around with fear as she tried to find Tailor and his wolf. Soon the smock died down and she only saw Kate, Cody, Rangetsu and the white tiger boy with her but no Tailor or wolf.

"Huh? Where did that boy and that wolf-priest go to?" asked Kate as she looks from left to right.

"I'm guessing that my brother ran away again, damn it," Cody said with his head bowed down to the ground.

Kida on the other hand was looking at the drive in her hand, her arms were shaking as she felt an over whelming power going through her body. Suddenly Kida's lags buckled under her and she started to fall down to the ground.

"Kida," yelled Kate as she ran over to her friends to catch her.

But the white tiger beat Kate to it and caught Kida in his muscular arms. Kida fell into the tiger boy's chest and laid her head there with her eyes half closed.

"You're Kogenta aren't you?" she said in a tired voice knowing that she was too weak to push the tiger away if she was wrong.

"Yes I am," the tiger, now known as Kogenta, said as he looks down at Kida's tired body.

"Thank you, Kogenta, for saving me and my friend Kate," Kida said as her eyes closed and she fell fast asleep in the warmth of the tiger shikigami's arms.

Kogenta blushes a little but smiles and strokes his right claw, gauntlet, through Kida's brown. Kate was confused but smiles as she saw how content Kida is in the white tiger's arms. Cody saw what happened and smiled as Rangetsu puts his right hand on Cody's right shoulder. Kida was smiling as she felt Kogenta stroke her heir and felt for the first time safe with the tiger.