The team of seven jumped swiftly and accurately throughout the forest, led by their leader in uniform.

The female captain wore a kitten mask, the lines of the disguise were precariously placed with gentle strokes of a paint brush. The black lines stood out strongly from the white porcelain background, as would the pink hair that would occasionally blow across the mask, but not today.

Today her hair was pinned up behind her head and covered with a black hood to hide her identity. Today they were returning from a successful mission and were in danger of being ambushed, if not by rogue ninjas then by fans of the legendary anbu captain from Leaf, and they couldn't risk that. They needed to get home to report of their findings.

The captain stopped, balancing effortlessly on a twig that was sticking out from a tree and raised her hand as everyone behind her found a solid branch to perch upon.

"We're not alone." the captain whispered into the hidden mike. Her comrades stiffened and raised their hands to their sides. "No, they cause no harm," she spoke roughly, thought evident in her voice, 'Their chakras are familiar' she thought silently as recognition came to her, "Sasuke and Naruto." she whispered, just loud enough for the rest to her, the group shuddered and stood still, not knowing their plan of action…"Move Out Now!" She commanded, and in a flash all seven of them jumped down from the tree and down in front of Naruto and Sasuke.

The two stopped before them and began forming hand signs before the captain raised her hand and then pointed to the top of her mask. Outlining the sign with her finger, that defined that she was a Leaf nin. The two lowered their hands as her comrade with the mask of a crow rushed forward and hugged Naruto tightly…Hinata.

"I-I missed y-you." She spoke quietly with a stutter. Naruto smiled and hugged her back.

"Hinata! I missed you too. Wow! You are an anbu now…I bet you're the captain too!" HE exclaimed.

Hinata inched off her mask and blushed lightly.

"N-no." The mask rested on the side of her head as she looked over to the hooded kunoichi. "m-may I-I." She whispered into her own hidden mike, so no other could hear her.

The girl made a curt nod.

Hinata smiled freely and grabbed Naruto's hand, pointing at each of the other anbu's with her free hand.

She pointed at each mask and said each of their names, "Kiba, Ino, Neji, Shikamaru, and Kakashi." She smiled lightly.

"Wow! You all made it to be-"

"Who's the cat, your leader." Sasuke interrupted, speaking for the first time.

He looked her up and down, committing her mask and figure to memory. He scanned her sleeveless sweatshirt, and how the hood covered her face from light, hiding it in the shadows. The jacket was unzipped, and he memorized the black mesh dress, and how only a white sports bra and a pair of shorts that were bandaged to her body was laid underneath. He looked at the way she used the bandages to hold three kunai and examined her white sandals. His eyes never left the bottomless shadow that was her face, and still the minutes ticked by as he watched her, no answer came.

"So…who is your leader Hinata? Who has surpassed you Kakashi? Who is in charge of you Neji? And who is smarter then you Shikamaru?" His voice seethed as he listed off every talent she must possess to be their leader.

In a blink of an eye the girls hand was clutching Sasuke's neck and his back was against a tree. "If you cant back up the word with your balls I suggest you shut it." The girl lifted her hand from his neck and back a step she took.

Slowly she placed gloves over her hands and cocked her head to the side, gesturing to the gate, "Remember we are on the mission until we enter those gates, lets go!"

Hinata placed her mask over her face again and jumped from tree to tree with the rest of the group, with Sasuke and Naruto following.

Silently Kakashi fell behind until he was jumping beside his former students.

"Sorry about that." He said scratching his head. "She is touchy about us, her teammates, and that's what makes her a great captain."

Sasuke looked over to the man, "Was I right, is she all those things, has she surpassed you?"

"Yes. Even with my Sharingan, but I guess she had an advantage. She trained against the sharing an after all."

"What! But Kakashi-Sensei I though we were your first students who didn't fail." Naruto whined.

"You are. As is she."

"But that means-"

"Yes. Sakura…she is our captain. She gotten a lot stronger since you left. NO one was there to protect her so she learned how to do it herself. She been through a lot Sasuke."


"Don't underestimate her now. If she wanted she could beat most of the Akatsuki, and that may include Itatchi."

Sasuke jumped silently from branch to branch his eyes widened.


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