There's nothing 'inner' about MY 'inner demons'. I finally had control of all but the one who seemed to think throwing me into the Prince of Persia, Warrior Within world would be fun. My life's been full of pain, if only HE knew how good he has it...

Actual Summery: They're called 'inner demons', but there's nothing 'inner' about them. After making my life a living hell, I finally have control of them, all but the one who seems to think throwing me into the Prince of Persia, Warrior Within world would be fun. My life's nothing but a cruel joke, I just wish HE understood that.

I never asked for this, but I can't say it isn't a nice change. With a weapon like the daggertail at my side, I'm practically unstoppable! It just sucks that, though I have the power to travel through time, my sand tanks are replenished by my LIFE. How is this fair!? And how the heck am I suppose to stay alive like this!?

Especially when they would like nothing better than to see me at the bottom of a spike-pit getting some major limb piercings.

-Note: When they talk in that 'weird language' they are simply saying the phrase backwards, that means if there's a comma or any other sort of sentence break, that's what's said backwards. For example: "That's a real shame, who did you say you were?" Would be written as, "Emash laer a s'taht, erew uoy yas uoy did ohw?" Notice how the first part of the sentence and the second part are in the same places and have not been flipped.

-On the other hand, if you just don't want to bother and feel like letting it all turn into jibberish, you can do so. I probably won't put any serious plot devices in backwards language unless I just decide to be cruel like that. MUAHAHA!!!

-MUCHO IMPORTANTE NOTE!!! This fic was inspired by Prince of Persia: Gamer Within, by Sanne-chan. A hilarious fic that, if you like this one, is a MUST READ. YAY SANNE-CHAN!!!


Walk in the rain, boy
Hurry my pale boy - run!

Talk to the screen, boy
Splinter the green, boy - run!

And while we're waiting to feel the sunlight
And while he's running so far from home
And while we welcome the same old morning
Our dreamer walks alone

Bury your spleen, boy
Feed the machine, boy - run!

Slave to the grind, boy
Ashgrey in mind, boy - run!

And while waiting to feel the sunlight
And while he's running so far from home
And while we welcome the same old mourning
Our hero walks alone

Kill the sun,
Kill the moon,
Kill the stars!
Kill the sun,
Kill the moon,
And your stars!

Kill me, entertain me,
Get the hell out of your stars!
Kill me, entertain me,
Get the hell out of your scars!

("Breach" by Flowing Tears)


"All you have to do is die."

"Shut up."

"Just like that, it could be over. All the pain, all of it gone. It would be that simple, I could help you, I could make it painless."

"I'm sure you could. Shut up."

"I know what you're doing, you're just trying to shrug me off. How many times do you think that's going to work darling?"

"Yeah, didn't I tell you to shut up?"

"You're still having nightmares aren't you? You could stop them, I could stop them."

"You started them, so I know you could stop them. But I'm not killing myself, nor am I letting you do it for me."

"You sound so sure of yourself, that's cute. There are so many things that could be better with your life, it's not as though its been very good to you, why not end—"

"Okay, that's it." I grabbed her tongue right out of her mouth and yanked it so that it stretched no less than a yard down. This demon, being 8 feet tall, had been stooping, and so grabbing her tongue wasn't that hard. "I'm letting you stretch your legs a bit, I am not giving you a window, none of you, got it? If you have enough time to yap, then you can just go do the dishes." I said, letting her tongue slap herself as it zipped back into her mouth. She opened her mouth, but I snapped, and it disappeared. She looked murderous, but there was nothing she could do to me.

Not anymore.

"Well, go on. I'm not above sticking you in the closet for the remainder of this little 'outing'." I told her. She then sulked away, a gray giant of a woman, with impossibly long smoke-like hair and hollow eyes, she use to terrify me when I was younger. But I know better now. She's my own inner demon, she can only hurt me if I let her.

It's other people that I worry about.

"Can I—?"

"No." I answered, knowing exactly what this one would want to do.

"What's the point of letting us out if you don't give us any freedom?" She asked.

This one looked like an overgrown doll sewn up with blue cloth, perfectly circular black holes for eyes, her mouth is sewn in a perpetual smile and she has blond curls coming out of her scalp. The other one's name was Monigan, this one was Aggle.

"You have the freedom to walk around. That enough?" I asked, handing her a broom from the closet. "You can sweep if you want something to do."

"I just want to make you beautiful." She insisted, taking the broom.

"You do that every Halloween." I said sarcastically.

"I do make you beautiful." She insisted, and she began sweeping up the kitchen, "It's not my fault that the rest of the world doesn't see it as such."

Transparent gray specters with hair covering each face gathered around me. There were 9 of them, and they had no real individuality, so they were simply the Sisters. "We want blood!" They wailed, their nails digging into my skin, "We want blood!"

"No!" I answered flatly, waving them all away. "Go dust and straighten up the living room. All of you!" I ordered.

Kroich, Tak, Sullilan, and Gamor sulked in the darkness, clearly not wanting to be given something to do. Not that this would do them much good. They were the only ones I couldn't think of something for outside of housework, all the others were off busy with one thing or another. A few of them were hunting for pearls in the Atlantic ocean, some of the less intelligent ones were giving fish baths, and probably having trouble keeping the water they'd poured in the tub, and a few were in volcanoes or beneath the earth looking for precious materials. I had quite the horde already because of them, not that I really wanted it much.

I lived alone, though no one was to know that. So far as anyone knew, I was 19 and still lived with my parents. After all, they still paid my bills, they still sent me money for things like groceries and other things, and they would show up at the parent-teacher conferences and, in all appearances, I was still their daughter.

But they lived in another house. I'd been having to take care of myself for a long time now…check that, take care of myself, and them.

I couldn't count the times when I'd tried to do what Monigan wanted and kill myself, but a stronger, darker demon, who has no form and who I've named Sacrosanct, would never let me. Sacrosanct has no form of her own, she refuses to leave my mind, and she is too powerful for me to be able to force out. All the others I've become stronger than, and so I have power over them. But Sacrosanct is different from them all. She seems to be the ultimate, and yet she is typically the most quiet, the only one who ever lets me have any peace.

I can't control her like I can the others, and I don't like it. I already have a hard time functioning in a day-to-day life, the only reason I can anymore is because I've got the others under control.

But every time I think I've finally destroyed one of them for good, another pops up to take its place.

Sacrosanct is the darkest, but it's she that has convinced me not to give in to the others. She assures me that suicide is not the answer, it is the easy way out, and she asks me if I really think they'll leave me alone just because I'm dead?

So, how do I cope with so many Inner Demons to keep track of? That's easy; TV, books, manga, internet, and video games.

And Prince of Persia is one of the best games yet. One of them, mind, Legend of Zelda shall always be number 1, but Prince of Persia is very high up there. The only thing that rather disturbs me is the fact that Sacrosanct has the hots for the Dark Prince in The Two Thrones, in fact, a lot of my Inner Demons whose gender leans towards female seem to have the hots for him. Monigan, Gorra, Kukarkin, Wemlast, and Fosc are just a few. Aggle doesn't like him though, go figure.

Kind of makes me glad that many of my Inner Demons have no gender, and at least some of them are definitely more male than female. Kroich is a very prime example.

"I'm not doing housework." He declared.

"Then grab a shovel, you can weed the yard." I told him. He glared at me and made to look like he was crossing his arms over his chest, but that's rather difficult to do when you have shoulders, hands, and nothing in between. "Go on." I ordered. He had no choice but to obey. "You go get the pool cleaned out." I told Sullilan, who's mournful expression attempted to dissuade me, but I stood firm in my resolution, and I stared him/her (no gender) and its bloodshot eyes down. It went with a moan, leaving Tak and Gamor. "Vacume the upstairs." I told Tak, "Laundry." I told Gamor.

"And what are you going to do?" Tak asked scathingly, looming darkly over me.

"Play video games." I answered almost defiantly, and I sat myself down in front of the television screen to do just that.

They muttered mutinously, but there was nothing they could do. Gone where the days when they could frighten me into doing everything they wanted, when I had no control and they ran rampant in the streets. News of disaster flashing across the television, and very few people could actually see them. Then, when they wanted a break from that, they'd come back to me.

I'd sworn to myself that I wouldn't kill myself, and I wouldn't let myself be killed. Maybe it's just out of spite, maybe it's only because of Sacrosanct, maybe I've simply come to hate Monigan so much that I wouldn't do what she said if it was just to stick a Q-tip in my ear, I don't know, but for some reason, even though I had nothing to really live for, afraid of getting any sort of job, afraid of going to campus for collage rather than taking online courses, afraid of making friends only to have one of my inner demons 'toy' with them, I still lived.

I wanted out of this life. I watched the startup screen on my playstation, and all I could really think about was how much I wanted out, how much I wanted something else. Another life, it didn't have to be normal or anything, I just wanted to be somewhere else. I wanted to have friends, I wanted to be able to have a decent conversation with someone who wasn't on the other side of my computer screen, who didn't pop out of my head. I'd learned to live without, learned not to care very much about anything, but I wanted…I wanted so much it burned inside me like a cancer, spreading throughout my body, making my eyes water. I forced back the tears, I wouldn't cry, I didn't cry anymore, I couldn't, it only made them stronger.

I wished, I wanted, I needed. How much more could I take of this life? Get me out. I begged to any god that would listen, GET ME OUT!!!

"If that is your desire, then take it." Said the voice of Sacrosanct inside of my mind. I wanted to retort that I wasn't talking to her, but something very strange was happening.

The world around me began to shimmer and blur, it started to crumble, only the tv screen stayed the same, rock music still blaring, silver lettering asking me if I wanted to start a new game. It became bigger, until it seemed to completely engulf me.

"Take your different life." Sacrosanct told me, and I felt her cold clammy hands push me forward.

"What—Wait, no! No!!!" Fear consumed me, what was she doing!?

I suddenly decided that I would prefer to keep my life the way it was rather than trust her to give me a new one.

Unfortunately, it was a bit too late.

You cannot escape your fate.

The world went black, I felt as though I were falling through nothingness. And then Monigan was there, she had an evil smile on her face. She held a dagger up high, and drove it into my chest. The same dagger was used by Aggle, by Fosc, Tak, Gamor, Kroich, Gorra, Kukarkin, Wemlast, all over my body.

But it didn't hurt.

No, it burned, but it wasn't the kind of burning sensation that could strictly be considered pain. No, my skin tingled and became numb, like I'd just been doused in a bucket of menthol. A feeling that started from my chest, and spread throughout my body with every beat of my heart. Then a new sensation started there, like the burning, only different. As though something strong and thick were covering my skin, like an armor of some sort.

I saw images of The Two Thrones, where the prince's arm was engulfed in the Daggertail. I cried out in pain, feeling as though that were my arm. The pain was immense, enough that when Monigan drove a sword all the way up my left arm, that pain wasn't so noticeable, though one would think it would hurt a lot more seeing as how the blade was inside my skin.

And then it began to fade away, fade into blackness, until I realized my eyes were closed. When I opened them, I screamed.

It was only then that I could.


"Let us out!!!"

"I'm being suffocated."

"Erah fo tuo em teg!"

"You can't keep us locked away!!!"

"I have to pee…"

"Shut up! No you don't!"

"He's just claustrophobic."

"We've all got our own f(beep)ing rooms, tell him to find his own and STAY THERE!!!"

"That's an idea."

"But I really have to pee…" "Htlif fo gab ouy pu thus!!!"

I forced the door shut with a slamming sound loud enough that I knew they'd get the picture. Creating a manor full of rooms for each of them in my mind had been the best thing I'd ever done, all the ones I could control, all but Sacrosanct, could be shut up in that manor, and I could easily keep the door shut to block them out.

The problem was that the door's lock was weakened when I slept, and the more powerful ones, like Monigan, were able to push through.

I let them out on occasion because it kept them from becoming too restless in there, and when they became restless they would often gang up in order to get through the door, making it harder and harder to keep it closed. The problem was, when I let them out, they never wanted to go back in, and so it took some time for them to settle down.

I doubted they would settle down for a while, however, what with the excitement of finding myself in 'another life', thanks to Sacrosanct.

Blearily, I opened my eyes up finally, and struggled to my feet.

I immediately recognized where I was, sort of. I was in the sand chamber of the Island of Time, a sand chamber. I wasn't sure which one, and I was in the 'present day'.

The problem was, I also recognized what I'd suddenly been turned into.

I wasn't a sand monster, per-say, though I probably would have preferred that. No, my skin was black and tough, yet flexible. There were beautiful gold markings all over it, and my hair, which had been red and only just long enough to make a decent braid, was now a long golden chain coming out of my ponytail. Well, it wasn't really a chain, but it looked like there was a spike at the end, and I found myself actually able to move it at will, like an extra retractable-extendable limb had suddenly been attached to my head.

It didn't take but a moment for me to realize I also had the daggertail, not only that, but there was a sword in my arm, which I could push out of my skin and turn into what was mostly like an overgrown switchblade. I was wearing very little, a simple tub-top with a set of black spandex pants, and a decorative loincloth with boots that came up all the way to my thighs. At least it was more than some of the monsters wore.

"Here is your new life." Sacrosanct told me with a laugh, "Look at all the weapons I gave you, could you ask for more?"

"What did you do to me!?" I cried, grabbing at the golden locks that were my red bangs. My eyes widened, and my hands went over my mouth. That was not my voice, that was hers!!! Yes, perhaps there was a noticeable difference, like mine had been taken and given the same eerie, echoing sound that hers had. I'd gotten use to that voice being inside my head, but not coming out of my own mouth!

"Exactly what you asked me to. I gave you a new life, and a new body. Let's see how well you're able to adapt to it." She answered mockingly, and with a laugh, she fell silent.

"You b(beep)!!!" A familiar voice yelled, and I spun around to see Shahdee running after me.

"Out of the way!" She ordered, shoving me aside.

"HEY!!!" I exclaimed, feeling anger rise, I sent the daggertail after her, but she was gone before I was able to strike. "Oh yeah b(beep)?!" I yelled, running on into the sand portal myself and practically ignoring the prince.

I didn't know why I had decided to go after Shahdee myself, until I remembered that the prince had decided to trust Kaileena because Shahdee attempted to kill her. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" after all, and since I definitely looked like an enemy, I wanted to rake up as many 'friend' points as I could. I did not want the prince at my throat. I may have a bunch of cool weaponry at my disposal, but that did not mean I knew how to use them all. Or any of them for that matter, I had mostly a swing-and-hope-it-hits sort of strategy at the moment.

The sands surrounded me, engulfing me and lifting me up into the air. A weightlessness, accompanied by a rushing and the feeling of wind roaring around me without sound, it was a trip like no other. I watched as the ruins became whole once more, as the dim gray of the stone was revitalized into smooth yellow-gold. Golden sands all around me, entering my skin, taking me back in time.

Something bright entered the eye-shaped marking on my chest, and a single circle appeared in the iris. Somehow, I couldn't say how, but I knew it was a sand tank. How I had gotten a sand tank without any sort of item like that amulet or the dagger, I had no idea, but I wasn't going to knock it. I was going to need all the help I could get if I wanted to return to my own world.

"Oh but you don't, do you?" Sacrosanct asked as the sands let me down in the past time and I began running down the hall, following the prince's footsteps from the game and heading after the main room. "You spent most of your time getting lost in video games anyway, why not live in one? It's far more interesting than that dull, boring life was anyway."

I don't care. I thought, I want to go back to my own world.

"Why?" She asked.

I didn't answer. I didn't want to think.


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A: Dude, you have to ask!? Because the Dark Prince is freak'n awesome!!! And because Kaida needed some way of getting around and defending herself. If there's one thing I hate, it's a damsel that always needs a prince on a white horse (or, in this case, with a goatee and smoke'n hot bod) to come and save her. NOW IT'S THE OTHER WAY AROUND, IN YO FACE!!! BO YA!!! Okay, maybe not so much. Also, I never thought much of the smoke hair the Dark Prince had, and decided that a golden ponytail that she can use as a rope-like appendage or even a weapon (with the end blade) would be much cooler.

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A: My head.

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