To my faithful readers,

I Know that you have been patiently awaiting the continuation of this storyline through it's sequels, but I am afraid that that is on an extended hiatus. I cannot presume to foresee when I will continue with the storyline. I, however, had planned to return to it this past August but as I was rereading what I had wrote in order to re-familiarize myself with the storyline, I grew painful at how poorly written the whole story was. A month ago I have decided that I will be re-writing this entire story and will be renaming it to: A Trick Of Fate. I will keep the original story up for those who had enjoyed it as it was originally written. The scheduled date for the beginning of the rewriting process is March of 2009. I am not certain when it will be finished as it took me almost a year to write this story and that was with only one story really to worry about. This will not be as much as a main priority as it once was since I have other main stories to worry about. There will be many changes to the story but main key plot points will remain.

Best wishes,