The One on the Left
Written for the Alphabet Ficlet Meme
L for Left Requested by rockababy
by Kihin Ranno

Kunzite was a cad. Or he preferred men. Or he was cad who preferred men. That was simply the only explanation.

Venus had done everything in her power to entrap that man, but he just would not do anything about it. She had flirted, flaunted, thrown herself in his general direction, and even run the opposite way, and nothing.

"It is certainly a sad state of affairs when you can be naked in a man's bed and he offers to leave the room while you get dressed," Venus muttered, tying her sash around her waist as she stalked down the corridor.

She had now run out of options. Not that she was going to give up. It just meant that it was time to stop fighting fairly. She was going to break the rules of forcing a man into bed with her, and she wasn't going to feel the least bit guilty about it.

The first on her list was sleeping with one of his best friends. It was no secret that Kunzite had a deep fondness for Endymion (part of what made her suspicious as to his preferences), but that was out of the question. Of course she could have taken him away from Serenity, but even she wasn't that desperate. Not yet anyway.

Zoisite was also not an option because she did not question his preferences. No man was that pretty without being destined to tempt his own sex. Seducing him would be a challenge – not necessarily insurmountable – but she did not have that kind of time. Or that kind of patience.

Especially not when Endymion had two other perfectly handsome guards ripe for the taking.

She could have her pick of Jadeite – a dark soul with bright eyes and a sharp wit – or Nephrite – a loyal but emotional boy who made his admiration for the female sex known at every opportunity. She certainly wouldn't mind going to be with either of them. True, Jadeite was clearly entranced with Mars and it was no secret that Jupiter had something of a crush on Nephrite – why else would she yell at him so much? But it wasn't as if she were trying to marry them. Heavens, that was out of the question. She just needed them for one night to take to bed and make enough noise so that Kunzite knew exactly what was going on and who it was going on with. Then he would fly into a rage, take her against the wall, and she could move on.

She knew precisely where they were. She had left them with Mars and Jupiter in hopes that someone would make a move on someone else. She also knew that Jupiter had probably stormed out within five minutes of her leaving and Mars and Jadeite were committing verbal murder. She would just have to intercept one of them before anything was decided.

Venus arrived at the room, listening to be sure that both men were in there. Once she heard both of their voices, she took hold of both doors and inhaled.

"All right. I will sleep with… the one on the left."

Venus flung the doors open, positioning herself just so with a bright, alluring smile on her face. She looked to the left…

And locked eyes with Mars.

"Venus," Mars said, arching an eyebrow. "Where did you go? You just left without saying anything."

Venus did not answer. She simply looked over to her right to find Jadeite and Nephrite standing side by side. They looked amused, and she became paranoid that they both knew exactly why she was there or perhaps where she had gone.

"Mars, do me a favor," Venus said calmly, the back of her neck turning bright red. "Next time position yourself properly!" She huffed and spun around, slamming both doors behind her. She stalked off, her heels clacking loudly against the marble floor, humiliated and enraged.

"I. Hate. Men."