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America couldn't believe their eyes and their ears. How could this have happened?

The Civil War has ended. The Super-Human Registration Act has been passed by the government, with the help of their greatest enforcer of the act, Iron Man, also known as Tony Stark. Of course, in wars, the general also has a rival. And this rival was one of the greatest heroes that Iron Man had to face: Captain America. Captain America formed the Anti-Registration Faction, better known as the Secret Avengers.

Captain America wasn't like any other superhero around the world. He was THE superhero. Captain America may not have super strength, flight capabilities, enhanced healing, great senses, invisibility, or any other type of powers, but he was the greatest of all heroes. He could even take on the biggest villains of all time. What made Captain America great was not because he represents America, but he represents the American Dream. He doesn't fight for our government, but for the people who love democracy.

Captain America even fought for the mutant community whenever they were in trouble from the anti-mutant mob or terrorist. The mutant community would praise him for his heroic efforts. Captain America was a true patriot. He was the true Son of America.

Unfortunately, there was a fight that he couldn't win. Despite the odds of him winning the Civil War, Captain America was forced to surrender, once he realized what the war was costing everyone around him. The war was costing the lives of the very same people he swore to protect. That's when he made his name known. He was Captain America, and Steve Rogers.

The war was over. But like the old saying says, "Every good thing comes a price." And that price was the worst Lady Liberty had to pay. Steve Rogers, Captain America, was assassinated on Federal Hall, just when he was about to face his final charges for his involvement in the war. Once the news was out about his passing, America itself was weeping.

We didn't want to admit it, but in the end, we had to accept it. Captain America is dead.

Every man, woman, and child in New York stood on the sidewalks of New York. Some of the men, and most of the women could be heard crying over the fact that Captain America was no more. Every superhero in New York or any other part of the world attended the biggest funeral for an American hero. X-men, Avengers, Champions, Fantastic Four, New Warriors, even the solo superheroes marched in the streets of New York, as a carriage carried the coffin of their beloved ally. Captain America's coffin was branded with the American symbol, for he represented the America that he loved and fought for. No other superhero would match his courage and bravery. Not even the most powerful superhero would match his strength.

This just in, Captain America has passed away. America mourns the death of its greatest ally.

This is Kurt Loder, and it is with deep regret that I must inform the viewers of MTV, that Captain America has passed away. I'm here at Time Square as we bear witness this tragic event. Every superhero from around the world has come here to attend the funeral of Captain America.

This is CNN live reporting. We are here in New York witnessing the most tragic event that America has gone through. Captain America has been assassinated on Federal Hall, while on his way to trial for his involvement in the war. We can only watch and pray for his passing.

My fellow Americans, it is with great regret, that I must inform you of a terrible tragedy that has struck America. Captain America, one of the greatest heroes of our time, has passed away. I ask of all of you to take a moment of silence and pray for our fallen hero. Thank you, and God bless Captain America.

After marching through New York, the carriage had finally stopped at a mausoleum, built by the National Guards. This was to be the final resting place of Captain America.

Four marines helped with the carrying of the coffin, as the American citizens and the Marvel superheroes watch on. Captain America's honorary coffin was seen carried off into his honorary mausoleum, with the statue of Captain America himself built at the top of the mausoleum. As the marines entomb Captain America, the American citizens, the Nation Guards, the men and women of law enforcement, the President, and Marvel superheroes gave their beloved ally a salute. As the rifles from another group of marines fire in the air, as well as the music, America The Beautiful, being played, tears from the Marvel superheroes and the citizens of America fell from their eyes, as they bid a tearful goodbye to the greatest hero and legend of all time.

God Bless America. Long live Captain America!

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