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I have seen this world longer than most people. But I never thought it would turn out this way.

Though the war has ended, he was the final casualty of this God-forsaken war. He was the last person I would've expected to die.

I remember him like yesterday. He wasn't a mutant, but he was not superhuman either. But that man was stronger than any mutant or superhuman hero. This man would fight for everyone's freedom, no matter who or what they are. This man would easily help Charles' dream come true. He would, no doubt, bring peace between humans and mutants.

I remember the first time I met the man. I was a small boy in Poland when Adolf Hitler came to power. He forced all those of Jewish descent to die off slowly in his Holocaust. I lost my parents when they tried to escape the concentration camps, and I lost all hope for freedom. But that's when everything changed in the later years of suffering. My suffering had come to an end, when the Allied forces have sent their two of their best soldiers in to liberate us all. One of them was Logan, and the other one was the greatest hero that I have ever laid my eyes on, Captain America.

I have seen him take down the Nazis guarding the camp. No one was strong enough to defeat him. Anyone who tried to defeat him would only suffer their own defeat. Ever since he helped me, I felt indebted to him. I owe him my life for giving my people and me freedom. It was because of him, that I was able to witness the end of World War II. I was able to witness the defeat of Hitler, Mussolini, and Hirohito.

Several years later, I became a mutant leader, bent on giving freedom to the mutant population, just as Captain America has given freedom to me. Although Captain America and I became enemies, I have not once laid a finger to defend myself against him. Not once have I tried to fight him to realize my dream. During Captain America's crime fighting days, I realized something about him. Although he is a soldier, he is not entirely obedient of the U.S. government. Even though the officials of the U.S. government ordered him to leave the mutant community to suffer, he went against their wishes and instead fought for the mutant community, even going against the Friends of Humanity. Because of his act of bravery, the mutant community saw him as a suitable savior, even though he is not a mutant himself.

I never fought in the Civil War, but I knew what was going on. The superhero community was divided up between two factions. One was supporting the government, while the other was supporting the freedom that they fought to maintain. During the war, I never thought that Captain America would actually surrender to the government that he was opposed for so long. But I realized his reasons. He didn't want to sacrifice any civilian casualties. He was indeed a true hero. He was so great, that humans and mutants protested to the government on Federal Hall, as he was about to receive charges on the war he fought.

But that's when everything changed the world. As I watched CNN, I witnessed a terrible tragedy, more terrible than my time in the Holocaust. Captain America was shot to death on Federal Hall. I heard reports that a man named Crossbones was the man responsible for the death of Captain America. The entire mutant community was devastated, along with myself. I couldn't believe it has come to this. It feels like this world has entered a darker age, where the greatest hero of all has vanished.

Captain America, not a day goes by when I can't help but thank you for your selfless sacrifice on my behalf. It was because of you, that I am still alive today. You helped me live to find my future. Even though we became enemies because of our ideals, I still consider you a true hero. Even though I am a Master of Magnetism, that is nowhere near your greater strength and courage.

It is a great shame that I can never repay my debt to you. Even now, I still owe you my life. The entire mutant community shall miss you, as will I.

May you rest in peace.

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