Where Naruto found the strength to do it, Sasuke would never really know. He knew he had the everlasting help of the Nine-Tailed Fox, but even so, Naruto managed to bring him back to Konoha. Of course, the condition in which he brought him wasn't exactly the most enjoyable experience Sasuke ever had. Naruto had literally beaten his own ideals into the Uchiha survivor. And without further ado, here he was, lying down on a bed in Konoha Hospital with only the thoughts and memories of the past few days occupying his mind.

The moonlight descended into the room through the window illuminating the basic features of the room, but casting haunting shadows where the light couldn't reach. Even into the depth of night, he couldn't sleep. He kept replaying the past few years in his mind over and over again. At the age of 13, he went to Orochimaru to gain strength. For the next two and half years, he was trained in some of the most deadly arts known to man. At 15, he had a bittersweet reunion with his old teammates. From then on, battles ensued.

Realizing his time was ending until Orochimaru was to take over his body and his older brother still out there alive and kicking, Sasuke did what he had planned to do from the beginning. Gaining all the knowledge he had required from the Sannin, he fought him with the clear intention to kill. The fight did not go easily, and Sasuke was near death. By a sheer stroke of luck, a miracle in other words, he was assisted by his best friend, who had finally found the hideout, in the defeat and murder of Orochimaru. Gaining a newfound hope, Naruto pleaded with Sasuke to come back to his home only to be rejected and reminded where his priorities lied. Priority number one being the death of a certain brother of his.

Four years passed before Naruto found Sasuke once again. In the end, Naruto did what anyone would expect him to. He fought Sasuke again, and this time, he thoroughly "convinced" him to come back home. Meaning, of course, he beat him to a pulp, knocked him out, and dragged him back to Konoha. So here he was the ending product of a determined Naruto. His muscles ached, and every part of his body was sore and seemed unbelievably heavy. Upon first arrival he was bandaged from head to foot and lay unconscious for about a week. After awaking the first time, he met with three faces he remembered as Team 7, Kakashi, Naruto, and Sakura. Afterwards, he was in and out of consciousness and only seemed to vaguely notice certain things. Each time he woke, one of his teammates was there along with an ANBU hiding in the corner. He figured out that Sakura, being the medical-nin she was, was acting as his caretaker until he left the hospital. Not only did her constant presence annoy him to no end, but it seemed that even after all these years and all that's happened, her crush on him didn't fade.

Sasuke concluded that besides physical growth, the people around him hadn't changed. It felt like time had frozen from when he left and continued on when he came back. He still had his fan club, Sakura and Ino fought over him constantly, Kakashi was still reading those books and tardiness remained ever present, and Naruto acted around him the same way he did when they were secretly considering each other "best friends". Sasuke didn't know whether this fact made him angry or at peace.

Even though the constant thought of leaving Konoha again rang in the back of his head constantly, he found that he really just didn't want to. For once, he just wanted to stay here and live here and act like the whole Orochimaru episode never occurred. He wanted to go back to the way things were when he was just the Avenger, not the Avenger/Traitor. It was hard to believe that he was even welcomed back here. Judging by the looks of the various nurses and doctors, all they did was look at him with disdain and not an ounce of trust. He hadn't seen the rest of the rookie nine yet, but could only assume they weren't exactly jumping out of their seats to go visit. At first glance, one would know that these looks and whispers didn't faze the Avenger, but even he knew that some small part of him really wished these past six years hadn't happened at all. As nostalgic as he was at the moment, he began to feel his eyelids drooping and sleep slowly taking him over. He was aggravated…when was he going to get out of here?

Light peeked into the room signifying the late morning. When the light hit his eyelids, he began to inhale deeply waking himself from his sleep. Blinking a few times to gain focus, he gave his body a good once over taking notice of how his body was healing. The only bandages he noticed were the ones on his arms and abdomen. His legs felt weak but healed all the same. His head was throbbing with a pounding headache, and he decided he was going to be very pissed off today. Sakura better not try his patience today. Speaking of whom, he could faintly sense someone standing outside the doorway. Knowing it to be Sakura, he inwardly groaned in annoyance. Does she have a life! He admitted that she wasn't as annoying as she was years before, in fact she had matured just as the rest of them. Now, instead of her glomping crush for him, it had developed into a more outward love. One in which she didn't mind telling him everyday she took care of his bandages. Nonetheless, Sakura did no more than aggravate him.

As the doorknob began to turn he quickly decided it was better to "sleep" than lay awake listening to her rambling. Taking on the form of someone in deep sleep, he waited for her to enter the room. The door creaked open quietly and shut quietly soon after. Strange. No obnoxiously cheerful greeting? Soft footsteps were heard slowly approaching the bed. Sakura's footsteps are usually more solid and confident. What's with her? When the footsteps stopped and he felt the quiet presence standing to his side, he made sure to keep comfortably still and breath deeply. His breathing suddenly halted when he felt a warm, soft hand laying on his forehead and slowly moving to caress his cheek with very soft knuckles. Those hands…those don't belong Sakura. Who is this? His brows furrowed as he slowly inched his eyes open staring up at the ceiling. He slowly glanced to his side to see who this new person was. It was a woman with long blue-black hair and milky white eyes. She looks familiar…where have I seen her before? She was busy writing down something on a clipboard hanging near the bed. When she quickly took a stern glance back towards him, her eyes widened and her lips parted slightly in surprise. "Sasuke-san. You're awake?" she spoke just above a whisper. She's a bit jumpy. At least she's quiet. He narrowed his eyes studying her features.

She wore the typical nurse outfits he saw around here, but unlike Sakura, he liked how this one filled her's out. She had a nice figure indeed…a true woman's figure. Her soft facial features glowed with innocence, something he hadn't seen in quite awhile. To say the least, she sure wasn't ugly. But she was so familiar to him. Definitely not "friendly" familiar, but not a complete stranger either. If anything, she was probably an acquaintance. "You…" he spoke hoarsely realizing how long it'd been since he'd last spoken. Weeks? Has it been that long? "You're not…Sakura…" was all he could manage to say before feeling his throat get dry. Immediately, she picked up on the hint and poured a glass of water for him handing it to him shakily. Thankful that his bed was in a sitting position, he hastily grabbed the water and began drinking thirstily. "Um…no, you see…Sakura left on a m-mission last night and won't be expected back for an-another few days." She explained avoiding as much stuttering as she could. "I'll be taking over as your caretaker until than…" she whispered watching him finish the glass of water. When it was emptied and his throat felt comfortable again, he turned to her narrowing his eyes in a glare. This made her jump slightly and gaze downwards to her feet.

"Well? Don't just stand there. Do your job and get out." He told her putting as much venom into his voice as he could muster. He smirked seeing her wince. "Yes." She simply answered avoiding his gaze. She reached out for his arm holding it gently in her grasp as she began to unravel the old bandages. For the briefest of moments, Sasuke felt like his arm was melting into her hands. They were so soft and warm and gentle. Before he realized it, he found himself staring intently at her as she worked. Her facial expression remained concentrated on her work, but a small blush pinked her cheeks. When her hands began working on the bandages around his chest and abdomen, he shivered feeling her fingers brush across his skin. Thinking he was cold she quickly told him she was almost done so he could cover himself up again. He didn't reply, but inwardly scolded himself for reacting to something so insignificant.

When she finished, she threw away the bandages and wrote a few more things on the clipboard before glancing at him through her bangs. "Um…is-is there anything you need?"

He glanced at her from the corner of his eye muttering a "hn" before turning away.

She nodded and turned towards the door to leave, "I'll be down the hall if you do…need anything I mean." She said almost in a whisper before walking through the door and closing it quietly behind her. He turned towards the door with a look of indifference. What a strange woman.