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"I see. Where are they now?" Hiashi asked with his stone face never faulting.

Tsunade stared at him without so much as a glance to the man sitting next to Hiashi. Katsuro, Yori's father, sat there with more emotion than Hiashi. His mixed emotions differentiated between an angry disappointment and concern. Tsunade sighed. "Neji is escorting Yori to the hokage tower for his trial. As far as Hinata goes, Sasuke left with her awhile ago. As to their whereabouts now, I wouldn't know."

Hiashi nodded solemnly. "I apologize, Hokage-sama. If I had known…"

Tsunade quirked a brow. "What would you have done, Hiashi?"

The Hyuga Head remained silent for a few minutes as if he were thinking. "I believe I would've put a stop to it. Despite what you may think, Hinata is still my daughter and I am still her father." Hiashi recognized the obvious doubt written in the hokage's eyes. "But I was not aware that any of that was occurring."

"Nor I!" Katsuro bellowed. "You can understand how I have my own doubts about all of this—"

"Are you calling me a liar, Hideyoshi-sama?" Tsunade narrowed her eyes cautiously.

Katsuro went into a momentary panic while waving his arms in front of his face. "Of course not, Hokage-sama. I was simply saying that I didn't think…what he did was his intention in the beginning." He paused to collect himself. "I asked him many times why he was so fervent on wanting to marry this young Hyuga girl. As heir to our village's most noble clan, my son could've had his pick of any woman."

"I am curious to that as well." Hiashi added and faced Katsuro. "Why did your son choose my daughter?"

"When I asked him, he merely replied that he's had his eye on her. She intrigued him somehow, and as his father, I sincerely believe that he loved her."

Surprisingly, Hiashi snorted but said nothing.

Tsunade folded her arms under her chest and leaned back a little. "Usually when one loves another, one does not beat bruises into said other."

Katsuro lowered his gaze to the ground in shame. "I understand that now. I can only apologize for being such an ignorant father."

Tsunade eyed Hiashi. "You're not the only one who should be apologizing for that."

Hiashi noticed and tightened his face in his own shame.

"I should've known…" Katsuro muttered. "I mistook his real intentions as just him being enamored with this girl. I never would've guessed he became so…obsessive about claiming her."

"You were not the only one fooled." Hiashi sighed deeply. "Now that I think back on it, I should've noticed the signs of her pain. I just excused it as her being heartbroken."

Tsunade cracked a small sad smile. "Hinata-chan…can be quite skilled when it comes to masking her pain. If it meant that others would be worried for her, she would make sure they'd never see." The fifth was able to catch a glimpse of surprise in Hiashi's face. She smiled a little wider. "She's quite strong."

Hiashi lowered his eyes and closed them briefly soon after. Inwardly, he felt like he was a failure as a father, but he wasn't about to voice that to anyone.

"So…" Katsuro interrupted with his fingers stroking his chin. "That time…a month ago…that young lady wasn't lying. My son really…he really tried to rape her."

Tsunade nodded gravely. "I believe so. Yori was—"she halted when Katsuro slammed his fist down on the floor below his knees.

"If I had been just a little more aware…" he trailed off shaking his head. "I was too focused on my son becoming heir that I didn't realize how…corrupted he became over the years." He gritted his teeth. "He's nothing but a spoiled child who got his toy taken away."

This statement seemed to irk Hiashi an ounce. "My daughter is not a toy."

"No," Tsunade interrupted with a serious tone. "But she was to him. I have thought about this greatly. I, too, wondered why he picked Hinata-chan of all the women, and I came to a logical conclusion. Judging by what you said, Katsuro, I believe he simply wanted what he couldn't have." She watched as they both looked at her with confusion. "He saw that she was with the Uchiha, and therefore saw that she was out of his reach. Male human nature…" she shook her head. "They always want the one thing they can't have. In this case for the young Hideyoshi, it was Hinata-chan."

The two nodded in solemn agreement.

"What happens to my son?" Katsuro asked with a twinge of worry for his heir.

"He will be tried and punished for his actions. Arranged marriages within clans are not my territory, but abuse is well within my authority. Once he is tried, we will settle the divorce papers between them."

Hiashi widened his eyes slightly. "Hokage-sama…what about the possibility of a war between our villages?"

Tsunade opened her mouth to answer, but Katsuro beat her to it. "There will be no war. War is a nasty thing, and I do not wish that upon our homes all because of my son's selfishness. If anything, he is the only one to be punished for his actions. My only issue is that I will lose my heir."

Tsunade nodded. "I apologize for that. Surely, there's something that can be done about that?"

Katsuro nodded looking more tired than before. "Of course. I am lucky to have born so many sons. They are excellent candidates."

"Good." Tsunade sighed. "Now…if you'll excuse me, there's a trial I need to attend to." She stood up with the men following suit. "I will update you with the conclusion as soon as it is settled."

The stretcher Yori laid on dropped to the ground beneath him forcing a grunt of pain to escape his lips. A few chuckles were heard after that. "Whoops…" Naruto laughed picking up his corner of the stretcher, while the other three men situated their holds again. Naruto turned to face the three men, with Neji holding the other end that Naruto was on and Kiba and Shino at the opposite side. The blonde scratched the back of his head. "Man, I guess we all have butterfingers tonight."

Neji, Kiba, and Shino smirked knowingly.

"First Neji drops his side, then Kiba and Shino, and now I did."

Kiba raised an eyebrow. "Actually, you idiot, this is your second time dropping your side."

"Oh…" Naruto laughed more as they began walking in the front of the group.

Neji's smirk widened when he looked back at the broken mess called Yori. "I suppose you just lose track when you're having fun."

"Wow…" Naruto stared at Neji in surprise. "Neji and 'fun' in the same sentence…talk about weird." He flinched at Neji's glare. "Just joking…heh…"

Ino, Sakura, and Tenten hung in the back with the whole bunch of guys surrounding the stretcher. "Sasuke sure did a number on him." Tenten observed with a smile.

"Well, Sasuke-kun is quite an angry guy." Ino explained with her hands on her hips.

Sakura laughed. "But when it concerns Hina-chan, he just goes berserk."

Ino raised a thin eyebrow. "You make it sound like it's a bad thing."

"As long as Hina-chan is there, it's not a bad thing." Sakura said with a relieved smile.

All the girls sighed simultaneously; it had been a long night. Ino seemed to be the first one to speak again. "Man, we just get done with one wedding and now we have another one to plan pretty soon."

"Actually," Sakura held up a finger in contradiction. "I was talking to Naruto while we were staking out at the compound, and we both agreed that we'll postpone the wedding."

"Postpone it?" Tenten and Ino asked at the same time.

"Yep! With all that's happened so far, we just thought it'd be better to hold it off awhile."

Ino nodded in agreement. "Understandable. But how long is a while?"

Sakura laughed nervously. "Well…instead of it being at the end of this month, it's going to be the end of the month before Lee-kun's wedding."

Ino whistled. "Jeez…talk about back-to-back weddings."

"Yeah, but at least we'll have two months to plan this time."

"Whatever, billboard-brow."

"Shut it, Ino-pig."

Tenten sighed tiredly. It really had been one hell of a day.

Sasuke opened the door to his house ushering Hinata in before him. After she was led inside, he turned around to shut the door and turn the lights on. Hinata held the quilt around her tightly as she let her eyes linger on the living room. Oh, how she loved this place; she felt instantly at ease.

Sasuke placed an arm around her waist, and began leading her toward his room. "Let's get you some clothes."

Hinata looked over at him in confusion. "But all my clothes…were moved back over to the compound."

Sasuke smirked while watching her out of the corner of his eye. "Not all." He simply replied opening the door to his room. He let her walk in first, and then walked over to his dresser and pulled out a pair of her clothes. He handed it to her with his smirk widening.

Hinata furrowed her brows as she looked at the familiar clothing. "You kept them?"

"Well…" he scratched the back of his neck. "I wasn't going to let them take everything." He glanced back to her wondering what her reaction was, and all he got was a timid smile. He was about to smile back if he hadn't noticed that her quilt was falling off her shoulders leaving them almost completely bare, beside her bra straps. Turning away from the sight, he pushed the thoughts in his mind away. Stop thinking about that! She's probably really tired anyway…Once in awhile is good enough…yeah… "Uh…" he muttered noticing that his eyes landed on her in her state of undress. Even though mostly the quilt covered her body, it didn't leave much for the imagination.

"Sasuke…Are you all right?" she questioned worriedly seeing a pink tint to his cheeks.

"Fine." He replied quickly with that stoic voice of his. As calm as he looked, his quick beating heart would've given him away. "I'll let you get changed." He murmured and began walking towards his bedroom door. He was nearly out when he felt a hand grab his wrist. When he turned around, he met eyes with a smiling Hinata.

"Um…I-I think I'll…take a shower first…" A blush adorned her cheeks.

Sasuke stared blankly for a moment before he smirked softly. He turned around and absently held her hand in his. "Maybe I should join you." He wanted to chuckle at seeing her blush intensify. "I am covered in blood, after all. It'd be nice to get cleaned up." If she refuses and says she's tired, then I'll back off. Damn it, she probably thinks I'm some kind of sex-craved lunatic.

"O-Okay…" she whispered bringing him out of his reverie. He gazed down at her in slight shock while she tried to control her blush. "I-I mean…you should get all of the blood off of you." Her attempt at reasoning was pretty much futile since Sasuke was smirking knowingly.

"Shall we then?" Sasuke asked with his eyes never leaving her happy face.

She nodded slowly, and removed the quilt from around her body and placing it on the bed alongside her clothes. Now, she just stood before him meekly with only her undergarments on. Sasuke had great difficulty in restraining himself. It didn't help when Hinata began lifting his shirt up while her gentle fingers grazed over his chest and abdomen. Sasuke helped her remove his shirt, and soon after walked with her into the bathroom. After the door closed behind them, their cleansing…and quite long shower began.

Yori hissed at feeling the needle enter into his arm. Just as quickly, Tsunade removed it and backed away. "There. That should lessen the pain so you're more compliant." She handed the needle off to Shizune, who stood just to the side of her. Yori sat on a chair looking quite limp. He couldn't move anything, so tying him down would've been pointless and a waste of rope. Surrounding him were the hokage and her assistant, a few ANBU, Neji's team, and of course the rookie nine, except for Shikamaru. Each of their faces seemed to mirror each other. They were all scowling at the man with their fists clenched. Naruto slammed his fist into the palm of his other hand. "So, can I beat him now?"

"Of course not, you idiot!" Sakura smacked him upside the head.

"But, Sakura-chan!" he whined and then faced the hokage. "Come on, Granny Tsunade, just one hit? Please? Please?"

"No, Naruto, shut up." Tsunade rubbed her temples and faced the beat up man before her. "Plus, after what Sasuke did, I doubt he could take another hit without dying."

"That's a good thing!" Naruto argued.

"We haven't even started the trial. We need him alive!" With another sigh of frustration, Tsunade faced away from the blonde ninja. "And judging by the looks of it, I'd say the escorting went a little rough."

The group turned away from her suspicious gaze making them all the guiltier, even though they really didn't care.

Naruto's eyes scanned the group for a second. "Hey, wait a minute. Granny-Tsunade, Sasuke is a witness, so why isn't he here?"

"Because," Neji answered instead. "If he were here, the Hideyoshi would just be a blood stain on the carpet."

Instead of retorting, Naruto just grumbled under his breath.

"Anyway, let's get this over and done with. First things first," Tsunade approached the Hideyoshi and revealed a scroll. She opened it allowing him to see the contents.

His eyes skimmed over the writing making his eyes narrow further. "A divorce contract?"

"That's right. Neji, hold this up for me, will you?" Neji nodded and took the opened scroll into his hand. Tsunade bent near Yori with her kunai in hand. "You need to sign this."

"And why would I want to?" he replied icily.

Naruto stepped forward, "I'll tell you why you'd want to." He pulled back his fists only for him to be restrained by his fiancée and Kiba.

"Cut it out, idiot!" Kiba reprimanded. "Try being more like us for once and use some self-restraint."

"Yeah, Naruto, or we're kicking you out of here."

"Aw, Sakura-chan…" he pouted and finally took notice that everyone else was pretty tense as well. He figured that if Neji weren't holding up the scroll, he probably would've pounded the Hideyoshi like Naruto wanted to.

Tsunade continued as if Naruto never interrupted. "It doesn't matter what you want, it's what you have to do. Believe me, your punishment for abuse is already going to be enough, and if you don't sign the contract…I assure you, it will be a lot worse."

Yori clenched his jaw and faced away from the group. "Fine. Just do it already."

Tsunade smiled and pricked his finger with the end of the kunai. Ignoring his pains of protest when she stretched his arm, she planted his bloodied finger onto the point of signature. The only print missing was Hinata's, but it's not like that would be difficult to get.

When Tsunade finished, she rolled the scroll back up and placed it on her desk. She approached Yori once again, except this time she was dead serious. "Now," she started. "Yori Hideyoshi, you're being charged on account of abuse toward a Konoha shinobi—"

"And a friend!" Naruto interrupted only to be silenced by an angry Sakura.

"One more outburst, Naruto, and you're out!" Tsunade warned threateningly, which managed to shut the boy up. "Jeez…" she eyed the Hideyoshi again. "There were several witnesses for your offense, and all that they witnessed is now written in reports. You were caught in the act, and therefore…" she smiled a toothy grin. "You have no evidence that you didn't do it. All we have to do now is assign your punishment."

Naruto opened his mouth to shout in joy, but halted when he remembered what he was warned about. Instead, he just laughed nervously.

Inwardly, the rest of the group wanted to rejoice in that manner. Instead, they let their smirks give it away.

The fifth walked around until she was standing to the side of Yori. "As for your punishment on account of domestic violence, you will be sentenced to spend 45 years in prison."

"Forty-five years!" Yori yelled in clear disagreement. "I'll be almost 70 by the time I get out! There's no way you can send me there for that long!"

"Oh?" Tsunade planted on a confident smile. "You chose to commit the crime within my territory and get caught. Now, you have to deal with whatever punishment I choose for you. You'll be going to the prison for missing ninjas by the way. And you should be appreciative that I'm not going to give you the death sentence."

"I should be appreciative?!" Yori yelled with his eyes widened at every word she spoke. "Going to that prison will be like suicide!"

The group smirked in inner joy, and Tsunade merely placed a finger to her chin in thought. "Oh will it? I guess it's just a matter of opinion. There hasn't been an inmate killing there in over a month."

Yori paled with his jaw dropping open.

Tsunade patted his head mockingly. "I'm sure you'll last for a little bit longer than that."

Yori glared, but his fear shown through more clearly.

"Okay, I'm glad I made this a pretty short trial." Tsunade glanced to the ANBU and nodded. "Take him to his new home, boys."

The ANBU nodded as their silent reply and began carrying the Hideyoshi away out of the room. Once they were gone, they could hear Yori's yells from the hallways. He definitely didn't seem pleased about his punishment at all.

Tsunade sighed and sat down in her chair. "Okay, now where is my sake?"

The next morning…

The sun had been up for a few hours, but that didn't seem to faze the sleeping couple. Underneath the bed blankets were Hinata and Sasuke sleeping in each other's arms. Hinata was sleeping on top of Sasuke with his arms wrapped around her tightly, despite his relaxed state. Their breathing matched, and their peaceful expressions were shown to the world without a care. That is, until, a loud knocking sounded at the front door. Both their heads shot up at once allowing their bodies to awaken. "What the hell…?" Sasuke groaned groggily.

Hinata sat up wrapping the sheets around her naked body. "Someone's at the door."

Sasuke leaned up on his elbows and rubbed the sleep away from his eyes. "I bet I can guess who the hell it is."

Hinata glanced at him waiting for his reply.

"Only that idiot would pound at the door like that."

Hinata giggled and attempted to get up only for Sasuke's hands to hold her in place. "Sasuke?"

He lied back onto his pillow and closed his eyes. "He can come back later."

"Sasuke, you're going to just…leave him at the front door?" she scrunched her face into disappointment.

Sasuke shrugged. "I've done it before, so he'll get the hint."

Hinata was about to giggle again, but the sound of the locks clicking open stopped her. The door was being unlocked! She shot her worried face to Sasuke only to see him open his eyes in surprise.

"Damn it! I forgot that idiot knew where I hid the spare key."

From outside the room, they could hear Naruto enter the house. "Sasuke! Hinata-chan! Where are you guys?"

Quickly, the two sprang from the bed and searched frantically for some clothes to put on.

"Don't tell me you guys are still sleeping? Sasuke, I'm coming to wake your ass up!" Naruto shouted, and they could hear his footsteps coming closer to the closed bedroom door.

Hinata just finished putting on her panties and was now working on putting her bra on. Sasuke finished with his boxers and now just finished with his pajama pants. He glanced over to the bedroom door seeing that it was unlocked. Shit! He cursed to himself and practically ran over to the door. Just as his hand touched the handle, the door flew open revealing the typical happy-go-lucky Naruto Uzumaki. "Hey it's time to wake up you bast—" Naruto stopped once he took notice of the scene in front of him.

Sasuke stood closest to him with his pants on, but Hinata was only in her bra and underwear. The three just stood and stared for what seemed like hours.

Naruto's eyes widened considerably. "H-Hinata-chan…"

Hinata's face surpassed a cherry red while she screamed and covered herself quickly. Sasuke growled and pushed Naruto out of the bedroom and back into the living room. He shut the door behind him and gave Naruto one of his deadliest glares possible.

Naruto seemed like he was still in shock. "Oh man! I can't believe I just interrupted you guys doing the nasty! Oh jeez!"

"The only thing you interrupted was our sleep." Sasuke muttered lowly with a venomous tone. "What the hell are you doing here barging into my house?"

"W-Well…" Naruto laughed and rubbed the back of his head nervously. "I didn't expect to find you guys like…that, so—"

"That's why you don't go breaking into people's houses! Do you have any idea how much you've embarrassed her?"

"Oh, come on, Sasuke, you know I didn't mean it!"

"You are such a loser!" Sasuke's hands balled into fists, and pummeling Naruto right now sounded like a good idea. So much so, that he didn't hear the bedroom door open and Hinata enter.

"Um, Sasuke? Naruto-kun?" she spoke timidly with her blush still on her cheeks.

They turned to her, and Naruto was the first to speak. "Uh, sorry, Hinata-chan. I didn't mean to just come in like that…I didn't know you guys were…you know…"

Hinata lowered her face to the ground in an attempt to hide her blush. "I know, Naruto-kun…It-It's okay…"

"It's not okay with me." Sasuke continued glaring at his teammate and best friend. "I'll say it again, what the hell are you doing here?"

Naruto stared blankly before his face brightened. "Oh!" He reached into his pocket pulling out a scroll. "Granny Tsunade wanted me to drop this by and have Hinata-chan sign it."

"And it is…?" Sasuke snatched the scroll from his hand and opened it. "The divorce contract."

"Yep! Got the bastard shipped off to prison last night. He's already signed it, so we only need Hinata-chan's signature."

"Oh…" she murmured and stepped forward to look at it over Sasuke's shoulder. Sasuke placed it down on the arm of the couch and let Hinata near it. She bit down on her thumb and placed her blood fingerprint onto her chosen spot. With that, she rolled it back up and handed it to Naruto. "Here you go." She smiled warmly.

"Thanks Hinata-chan!" he took it from her and placed it back into his pocket. "Well, I guess I'm off."

"Finally…" Sasuke muttered just below a breath, but they could all hear it anyway.

"Hey! You're lucky I took the time to come here!" Naruto retorted and opened the front door.

"Only because you were ordered to…" Sasuke mumbled.

"Thank you, Naruto-kun." Hinata waved. "Be safe."

Naruto gave her a thumb up. "No problem! Sakura-chan wanted to stop by later on so she could go dress shopping with you, by the way."

"Okay." Hinata nodded and watched as he almost left.

Naruto stopped before closing the door behind him and peeked his head around to look at Sasuke. "Oh, Sasuke…" he smiled slyly. "Way to go with Hinata-chan!"

"Naruto, you idiot!" Sasuke yelled, but the door already closed and they could tell Naruto was running away.

Ignoring her intense blush, Hinata giggled.

Sasuke turned to face her and felt his anger ebb away. Now, he just smirked mischievously. "Oh, you think that's funny?"

She giggled some more while nodding.

Sasuke stalked toward her with a playful predator's walk.

Noticing this, Hinata stopped laughing. "Sasuke?"

In a second, he had her pinned against the wall with her hands above her head. Before she had time to say anything else, he claimed her lips. Immediately, the kiss turned passionate with Sasuke releasing her hands so he could pull her closer to him. In turn, she wrapped her arms around his neck.

All too suddenly, she broke from the kiss and stared at him worriedly. "You don't think Naruto-kun will…tell Neji-kun about…about what he saw…do you?"

After a short moment of silence, Sasuke snorted. "The idiot's not that stupid." I don't think.

She seemed relieved to hear that. "Good. He gets angry so easily."

"Well, he'll have to get used to it. Besides," he lifted up her left hand and placed his family's ring on her finger. Her other wedding ring was discarded the previous night. "We are getting married."

Hinata nodded with a smile. "Yes."

"And…" he gave her a quick kiss. "We still have to pick a date."

Hinata wrapped her arms around his torso and embraced him lovingly. "As long as it's with you, I don't care."

Sasuke chuckled lightly. "You don't care? Most women obsess over this kind of stuff."

Hinata just smiled. "Not me."

"Obviously. But then again…" he held her tighter. "You are a strange woman."

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