Author: Ice-Dragon

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Reason: Well Ice-Dragon doesn't have an account and he ain't planning on getting one either… so I 'stole' the story from him, and uploaded it for him.

I had his permission to steal it of course!

Okay I didn't steal it at all since he writes it and I just upload it… but give me a break here, I can have some fun can't I???

Summary: Hitsugaya is sick but he won't see it and Hyorinmaru, Ukitake, Matsumoto and Shunsui will soon learn that getting him to go see Unohana before he collapses is a lot easier said then done! Will they succeed? Read and find out…


And for the record Ice-Dragon is standing right behind me screaming:


You'll get it if you read the story.

The first chapters are really short... they might get longer later on.


He could barley hear what they talked about around him.

The voices of his fellow Captains where muffled, he shook his head 'I got to concentrate! There is nothing wrong with me…'

'Then why do you say there is?' The dragon asked inside his head 'you know when people say 'there's nothing wrong with me' there usually is!'

'What do you know!? I said there's nothing wrong and even if it was.., there's work to be done, I can't afford to be sick that would…'

'Listen to yourself Toshirou! You, the youngest Captain in Seireitei ever, Listen to you body boy!'

Hitsugaya realized the dragons' voice was not as strong as usual even though it was screaming.

He shook his head again, his vision had blurred.

He realized immediately that he shouldn't have done that as nausea hit him full force. The pain in his head did not make it any better.

He felt his stomach take a turn and wanted to throw up but 'no' he couldn't do that in front of all the Captains and Commander Yamamoto they would never let him live it down if he did '… stupid adults!'


To be continued