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Thirty minutes later he arrived in his office, which did say something because usually it would only take him ten minutes to get there if he didn't use Shunpo.

Matsumoto were sitting on the couch cleaning one of her sake bottles, she looked up as he entered "Good morning Taichou!" She cheered

Hitsugaya winced at her loud tone 'Damn, her tone isn't exactly helping against my headache.'

"Even though…" she said, the young captain looked at her "It's not really morning since it's past noon…"

"Whatever!" Hitsugaya answered. He had no wish to talk to his lazy ass vice-captain right now.

"Are you really okay Taichou?" He could feel the female shinigami stare at him.

"And why would I be anything else but fine!?" He counter asked her coldly.

"Because your face is flushed! And not in an embarrassed way." She stood up as if she would come over to him.

He backed away "I'm going to the training grounds…" Hitsugaya said and fled the room before she too could start saying that he must be sick… which he was not…

"…Taichou…?" Matsumoto looked after he captain as he disappeared from the office.


Hitsugaya were trying to talk to Hyorinmaru to get their teamwork to become better but it wasn't working, at least not the way he wanted it to, the dragon just kept on pestering him about going to Unohana…and they were right now having yet another argument.

"For crying out loud! Just go and see her, how hard is that supposed to be!?" Hyorinmaru roared.

"I don't need to see her… if I did then I would go!" Hitsugaya responded angered.

"Do what I tell you!!" The dragon was quickly becoming enraged with the child.

"You can't tell me what to do!"

"Yes I can, I'm older then you… have no one ever taught you to respect your elders!?" Hyorinmaru said, more of a statement then a question.

"Adults are… STUPID!!"

"Oh I ought too…" Hyorinmarus voice where warning Hitsugaya to continue the subject further but that boy ignored it…

"Adults are stupid, pointless old people who think they can do whatever they want just because they are older then you, and treats you like you're some little kid that doesn't understand a thing… because of that they ignore everything you say, just pats you on the head saying 'You are to young to understand this…' That is stupid! I'm a prodigy I understand perfectly, I'm sure I understand better then most of them!!"

"Right now you're a bratty kid..!"

"Just shut up and leave me alone you overgrown old rat!" Hitsugaya screamed out loud.

"Excuse me..? Could you repeat that Hitsugaya-Taichou?" a familiar voice asked.

Hitsugaya choked, Hyorinmaru laughed "serves you right."

The white haired boy looked up "G…Goo… Good Afternoon, Yamamoto-Soutaichou" he greeted the old shinigami.

The old man stared down at him with scolding eyes "I would like you to repeat what you just said to me…"

Hitsugaya scrambled to his feet "It wasn't directed towards you Soutaichou, I was talking to Hyorinmaru, I apologise if it came out sounding like I was referring to you Sir."

"Okay!" the older shinigami said but he didn't sound entirely sure he believed that explanation "Now since I ran in to you here I can tell you that Ukitake-Taichou is looking for you, he asked me to tell you this if I saw you."

"I'll go ask what he wants…" Hitsugaya ran of, happy to get away from 'old man Yama' as most of the others called him when he wasn't there, but then his vision blurred and he lost his footing falling helplessly to the ground.

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