Okay here's the first part. I think I might make it a three shot…don't know until I see how much writing, this small story will take. This is a request I got From Invader Johnny. I really liked the suggestions you made of the title for this story, especially the second one. I ended up using it, but I decided to condense it into a smaller phrase. I hope you and everyone else enjoys!

Warning: If you don't like character bashing (Paulina to be precise); this isn't the fanfic for you

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Most Unexpected Pet

"Darn it, Cujo! I don't have time for this" Danny yelled, chasing the ghost dog through the streets. To Danny's affliction, the rampaging ten foot dog was heading towards the Nasty Burger and he was going to be late to Sam's house for movie night.

Danny sped up as chaos erupted from the people hanging out at the Nasty Burger. All, except for a certain Hispanic, teenage girl, ran as far away from the two ghosts as possible. Danny tackled Cujo to get him to slow down, only for the dog to mistaken his actions for a playful game of piggy back ride. "Gah!" Danny exclaimed as Cujo happily, jumped and spun, believing he was giving the ghost boy the ride of his life…he actually was, but Danny didn't think it was very fun.

"U-Ho! Ghost Boy!"

Danny's attention darted over to the annoyingly high voice. "Paulina!" he exclaimed. "Wait! Don't come closer! You'll get hurt" he yelled as she strolled over to him, choosing to ignore or too sucked in her fan girl state, to realize she was approaching a gigantic ghost dog that could easily squash her like a bug.

"Silly! I can't be hurt when my hero is here!" she said dreamily, still approaching.

"Ah!" Danny screamed, one of his hands losing grip of Cujo's collar from the dog's constant spinning. "You can when your hero is having a hard time keeping himself alive!" he yelled back.

Finally, Cujo took notice of the girl that was a foot away from him and his play partner, and all playfulness in his expression vanished.

"Cujo" Danny said warily as the ghost growled menacingly at Paulina. It was until now that the cheerleader's mind realized the danger she had placed herself in.

"No!" Danny screamed as the ghost dog lounged at Paulina, who screamed and ran for her life.

"I need the thermos!" he thought, trying to reach for it without losing grip of Cujo. His efforts ceased as a pink beam struck Cujo, causing the dog to slam into a near by light post.

Holding his aching head, Danny got to his feet to look for the culprit of the assault. The answer came in a form of a voice. "You're dead wrong if you think I'm going to let you and your dog, rampage all over this town, ghost!"

"Great, Valerie's here" Danny said annoyed, before gasping as the huntress shot several attacks at him.

Danny flew up to her and glared. "How many times do I have to tell you that isn't my dog!" he told her angrily.

"Oh? So he just so happens to show up wherever you do then." She retorted.

"Uh…Yes?" he responded meekly, realizing she had a point.

"You're going down ghost and this weapon Mr. Masters gave me will make sure it's permanent!" She assured, pulling out a strange gun.


"Paulina!" Danny yelled flying towards her as Cujo chased after her. Valerie's eyes narrowed, before lifting the strange gun in her hand and aiming it at both ghosts. "Let's see what this weapon does." Valerie said darkly, charging it. The tip of the gun began to sparkle with pink energy, before it fired an electric current at both ghosts.

Danny's eyes widen as the ghost dog made a leap for Paulina. With a burst of speed, he tackled the dog and turned it intangible to prevent it from squashing the cheerleader.

It was then that Danny felt an agonizing pain rip through his being; and from the loud yelp he heard beside him, he knew Cujo was experiencing the same pain.

Danny slammed into something hard, before several items fell over his head.

Valerie's eyes widen as she hit her targets, but also her classmate. She knew ghost weapons did not harm humans, but seeing the girl and the ghost boy slam into a dumpster and have several boxes fall over them, she became concern…for Paulina that is.

Valerie landed in the area where she knew the girl was and began removing the boxes. What she found, however, she didn't expect and gasped. "Danny?" she thought.

Danny groaned, before looking up at Valerie with alarmed eyes. "Are you okay?" she asked, trying to keep her fear down; she couldn't give away her identity.

Danny's expression turned into bewilderment; was Valerie concerned for him? It was then he realized. He wasn't in ghost form anymore. "Oh man, did she see me change?" he thought dreadfully. "I-I uh.."

"Here let me help you up." She offered, extending a hand. Danny took it and dazedly got to his feet.

"Thanks" he said, rubbing his neck. "I guess she didn't see anything." He thought with relief, before his eyes widen at remembering everything.

"Paulina!" He exclaimed, whirling around. He bent down and found her just waking up. "Are you okay?" he asked, but he received no response.

Valerie frowned. "I guess he was trying to save Paulina and ended up getting in the middle of the fight…speaking of fight, where is that filthy spook and his pet?" she wondered, searching the surrounding areas with narrowed eyes. "Look, I have to go. You guys are fine, right?" she asked.

Danny looked back towards the still dazed Paulina and nodded. "Yeah" he replied. The ghost hunter nodded, before taking off.

"Paulina?" he called again, becoming a bit worried at her absent expression. He sighed in relief as she finally focused her eyes on him and gave him an open mouth smile.

"Wow, she must be happy to be alive if she's smiling at Me." He thought amused, helping her to her feet. Danny held her arm as she wobbled severely. "Huh? You hit your head hard, didn't you?" It was then he remembered. "Cujo!" Danny looked around for the bi-polar dog. "Did Valerie hurt him?" he thought worriedly. Despite his destructive nature, the ghost dog wasn't what he considered an evil ghost; he was after all the closest he would ever get at having a dog of his own. "Did he go back to the Ghost Zone on his own?" he wondered.


Danny frowned at the high pitched bark and turned towards the source. "What-Ah!" he exclaimed as something pounced on him and tackled him to the ground.

"Ruf! Ruf!"

Danny stared wide eyed at the Hispanic girl that had him pinned down and barked at him excitedly. "Paulina?" he squeaked.


"No way." He said, catching on to what had happened. "CUJO?!" Danny yelled in disbelief.


"Gah! No! Stop!" he exclaimed as "Paulina" attempted to lick his face. The teen turned three shades of red. "Do you realize how wrong this is?! Get out of Paulina Cujo!" Danny shouted, holding onto Paulina's shoulders to keep her from slobbering his face with kisses.

Danny managed to wiggle out from beneath the girl and frantically got to his feet.

Paulina sat on the ground like a dog would and stared at him with a wide grin, her tongue partly out. The girl's eyes flashed red for a moment, before she began to approach Danny in a playful manner.

Danny was sweating like crazy as he backed away from her in the same pace as her approach. "Cujo…no, stay, stop." He pleaded fearfully. It was then he remembered he could pull Cujo out. He looked around to make sure no one was looking before calling forth his ghost powers, only that…they didn't respond. "What?" he tried again. Nothing.

"Oh man, my ghost powers don't work!" he stated, beginning to panic. "Paulina; I mean Cujo; No!" Danny exclaimed as the girl tried to tackle him down again.

He managed to stay on his feet, while "Paulina" barked at him as she sat next to his feet. "Okay, it's no big deal; I'm sure my powers will come back soon so I just need to keep an eye on Paulina until the-Gah! No!" he yelled, jumping back when the cheerleader try to bite his pant leg. "I'll keep an eye on her at Sam's house." He quickly decided as the overshadowed girl nudged his knees affectionately.

Danny forced her to her feet, resting most of her weight on him. "We are going to have to walk there." He told her, strapping one of her arms around his neck so he could support her better.

"Arf! Arf!" she replied, attempting to lick him once more.

Danny held her at bay the best he could, while literally dragging her through the street. Danny shut his eyes momentarily. "This is torture!" he thought. He knew that this was really Cujo, but it was hard to ignore what his eyes saw. And what his eyes saw was the most popular and prettiest girl at his school being extremely affectionate to him; A Teenage Boy.

Half-way to Sam's house, Paulina decided she didn't like the position she was being held in and wiggled away from the teen's hands. Danny sighed in annoyance and bent over towards the cheerleader who was currently of her back and looking at him happily.

"I'm going to have to carry her, the rest of the way…I can handle that." He murmured. He carefully picked her up bridal style, internally relieved that the girl wasn't very heavy or he would have more trouble then he already did.

Being that this time both his hands were occupied, it wasn't as easy to refrain, the overshadowed girl, from showing him affection. "Would you stop!" he squeaked out, keeping his face away from her the best he could. Danny walked faster as "Paulina" got tired of being held and began to wiggle vigorously in his hands. Danny gritted his teeth as the girl snapped playfully at his fingers in order to get the half-ghost to let go; he avoided most of it…but not all. "I just have to get to Sam and Tucker and things will be fine….just get to Sam and Tucker." He repeated like a mantra in his head.


"That must be Danny" Sam said, getting up from the couch.

"It's about time!" Tucker exclaimed, following after Sam.

Sam opened the door with a smile. "Dan-" her mouth gaped open at seeing Danny carrying a very affectionate Paulina in his arms.

Danny all but threw the girl at Tucker. "Keep her away from me!" Danny yelled, pushing past his friends and running towards some unknown direction inside Sam's house.

Sam glared at Paulina. "What are you doing here?" she hissed.

Her answer was nothing the gothic girl expected. "Grr" Her eyes narrowed at Tucker who held her in his arms from Danny dumping her on him.

"Ah!" Tucker screamed, dropping the girl as she bit his hand.

Paulina zipped past them into Sam's house, heading after her "master"

"Sam; she bit me!" Tucker exclaimed, cradling his throbbing hand.

Sam stared at Tucker in stupor for a moment, before racing into her house, Tucker quickly following.

"Danny!" Sam called, trying to find her friend.

"Ruf! Ruf!"

Sam and Tucker headed up a set of stairs towards the barks. "AH! …Guys! Help!" they heard Danny shout.

Danny splashed cold water in his face in an attempt to turn his face back to his normal hue. "Oh man, this is going to hunt me for the rest of my life; I just can't decide if it's in a good way or a bad way." He whined nervously.


"AH!" he screamed, realizing Paulina was right outside the bathroom door. The "girl" "pawed" heavily at the door. Danny stared with panicked eyes as the door shook from the force of the pounding it was enduring. "Guys! Help!" he screamed, not knowing what else to do. He couldn't handle anymore of Cujo's attention!

"Danny!" he heard his friends yell back.

"Sam! Tucker! You guys have to keep her away from me!" Danny said in panic.

"Danny, What's going on?!" Sam asked. By how close her voice sounded, he knew she was just outside the bathroom door.


"Ah!" he heard his friends' yelled.

Sam quickly moved aside as Paulina lounged at her; sadly, Tucker didn't move quickly enough and he ended up pinned by the girl. "Sam! I think Paulina is being overshadowed!" Tucker shouted, trying to keep his growling peer at bay.

"Obviously, Tucker!" Sam shouted back.

"Danny, what's wrong with Paulina?" Sam asked.

"It's Cujo!" he replied from inside the bathroom. "He's inside Paulina!"

"Can't you get her out?!" she shouted back, grabbing Paulina around the waste in order to pry her off Tucker.

"My powers aren't working!"

"What? Why? Ouch!" she exclaimed as Paulina nipped her hand.

"I don't know! I think Valerie used some freaky device Vlad gave her!"

Paulina's eyes flashed red as she barred her teeth at them. "Tucker, I have an idea." Sam said, grabbing a near by decoration and waving it at Paulina.

"Hey, Paulina? Wanna fetch?" Sam asked before smirking at Tucker. "I've always wanted to say that."

"That's great, Sam, but can you celebrate later?!" Tucker shot annoyed.

"Oh, right" She mumbled, before running down the hall. Paulina gave chase as Sam opened the door of a near by room. She tossed the "toy" inside and Paulina went after it.

With a triumphant smile she slammed the door, trapping the Hispanic girl inside the room. "Oh, wait…darn it! I just destroyed my mom's 25 grand porcelain statue." She grumbled as she walked back towards the bathroom.

"Danny, you can come out now." Tucker stated

"A-Are you sure?"

Sam rolled her eyes. "I locked her in a room; you're safe from her…attention." She assured, growling the last word.

Danny opened the door just a slit and peaked out; Sam rolled her eyes once more and pushed the door open the rest of the way, causing Danny to jump in alarm.

"Heh, hey guys, I made it." He said meekly.

"You realized that you dumped a crazy dog that at the moment looks like Paulina and left us alone."

Danny walked out, although his shaking form showed he was still nervous. "Believe me Tucker, I was in more danger then you guys were." He assured

"So, Cujo overshadowed Paulina somehow and a weapon Valerie shot you with is not letting you use your ghost powers." Sam retraced, crossing her arms.

Danny rubbed his neck. "Yeah, pretty much."

"It's no big deal, right? We'll just keep her in that room until they come back." Tucker offered.

"No way" Danny said. "We are going to my parents' house right now and using the Fenton ghost catcher on her to get him out."

Sam smirked. "What's the hurry; she could use a few minutes; hours; days like that"

Danny gave her an annoyed look and Sam glowered. "Fine, but how do you plan on getting her past your parents, oh noble one?" he mocked irritably.

"As long as we can keep her quiet; we should be able to get in without too many questions." Danny replied, although he looked unsure.

"How are you going to get her to your place? …The same way you brought her here?" Tucker asked with a devilish grin.

"It's not funny, Tuck. We have to get Cujo out; what I don't get is why he hasn't come out on his own."

"Yeah, that is weird; I mean, why would, anything want to be that close to Paulina." Sam said, off handedly.

Danny sighed, ignoring his gothic friend. "I hate to say it, but Tucker's right. The only way to get her to my house is to walk her there; problem is, I can't control Cujo!" Danny stated.

"You're gonna have to, Cujo only seems to like you." Sam replied with a raised eyebrow.

"But, he's in Paulina! I can't treat Paulina like a dog!" Danny exclaimed, raised his hands.

"Yeah, I guess you're right." Sam agreed calmly, pulling out her cell phone. "But I can" she added mentally

"Uh…who are you calling?" Danny asked confused.

Sam gave Danny a wicked smile. "An animal shop; she's going need a leash."

Danny crossed his arms and gave Sam a pointed look. "We are not putting a leash on Paulina, Sam."

"Well how else do you expect to keep her off you?" Sam retorted.

"With anything but a leash." Danny said firmly.

Sam sighed annoyed. "Okay, I'll order a child restraint instead."

Danny was about to protest, but Tucker stepped in. "Dude, you got to keep her under control somehow; at least until we get to your house."

"Alright, fine." The half ghost agreed with exasperation, his hands going into his pocket.

Danny's eyes went towards the noises coming from the room Paulina was in while Sam made the phone call. "Something tells me, it's going to be a long night." He thought warily.

Okay, that's the opener; I think it might be a three shot; mainly humor and I will reveal a few things in the next part.