"What are you suppose to do with her for twenty four hours?!" Sam exclaimed.

"Uh, Sam? You're not suppose to panic; I am." Danny stated, seeing his friend pacing in his room.

"Yeah, Sam you're suppose to comfort him" Tucker added with smirk.

Sam and Danny blushed. "Quit it, Tucker, this isn't the time to be joking around!" Sam reprimanded.

She sighed before looking at Danny. "Don't worry Danny, I'm sure we'll think of something." she assured.

"Point proven" Tucker remarked under his breath, before directing his attention to Danny. "I think we should just wait it out, dude. It's the safest choice"

"I know, Tuck, although I wouldn't call it the safest choice, more like my only choice." Danny replied gloomily.

Everyone turned their attention to Paulina, whom by now had exhausted herself with her towel fight and was lying on her back with her tongue hanging out. Tucker laughed. "You know, out of all the problems we've run into, this has to be the funniest." he remarked.

Danny and Sam couldn't help but laugh in agreement. "I suppose you're right, Tuck; she did bite Dash." Danny stated with a smirk.

"You think that's funny? check this out" Tucker stated, receiving a curious look from his friends. "Cujo's a dog and Paulina's a girl, right? Well since Cujo is overshadowing her, we should now call her-

"Tucker! Don't say things like that!" Sam cut off in disbelief.

The techno geek gave her a quizzical look. "I was just going to say we should call her Cuja; you know, cause she's a girl. Cujo, Cuja" he joked, ignoring the fact, he was the only one laughing.

"Oh" Sam replied quietly

Danny raised an eyebrow at his goth friend. "What did you think he was going to say?"

"N-Nothing" she replied right away, playing nervously with her skirt.

Danny dismissed her bizarre behavior with a shrug. He looked at the clock with a pondering frown. "Its five till eight; I remember heading over to Sam's house to meet you guys around four."

"You said you would be there at five to start movie night, but you were late…as usual." Tucker added, smiling at his last words.

Danny glared. "Hey! It's not my fault I get attacked by ghosts every time I make plans!"

"Do you know what time it was when Valerie shot you with that weapon?" Sam asked, bringing back the conversation to their current problem.

Danny passed a hand through his black hair. "I'm not really sure but it couldn't have been pass five. I chased Cujo around for awhile before running into Paulina and Valerie at the Nasty Burger. I'm sure it was between four and five."

"That makes sense; you got to my house around 5:30, right Tucker?"

The techo geek nodded in agreement. "Yeah, Sam would know; she kept staring at the clock every five seconds." he said off handedly. Sam glared. "Uh, cause she was worried!" he quickly added to avoid the wrath of his friend.

"Great, that means I'm stuck with Paulina until tomorrow afternoon." Danny groaned.

Tucker looked at the clock. "What are you going to do with her for the night?"

Danny's eyes widen. He hadn't thought of that. "Oh man, you're right! There's no way my parents are going to let me have a girl sleep over!"

Sam frowned. She hadn't thought of that either. "Her parents are probably worried about her too." She added.

Danny suddenly smiled and looked at Sam. "Hey Sam, you're a girl…"

Sam gave him a dry look. "Oh, so you noticed."

Danny cringed. "I-I meant, Paulina could spend the night at your house."

Sam's eyes grew large in horror. "What?! No way!"

"Oh, come on, Sam! She can't stay with me or Tucker! You're the only option left!" Danny exclaimed.

"No, Danny! I am not having miss pom-pom spend the night! Just the idea is traumatizing!" she replied

"Then what am I suppose to do with her?" the half-ghost whined.

"Well, you could…" Sam fell quiet. It really was there only choice. She sighed. "fine"

Danny smirked. "Look on the bright side. You will make your mom very happy."

Sam cringed in response. "Here" Tucker said, giving her his phone.

"Huh? what's this for?" The girl asked, confused.


Sam gasped, before covering the phone with a hand. "Tucker, why did you call her house?!" she whispered.

"You have to tell Paulina's parents she's spending the night. I put it on speaker; I think it's her dad."

Sam glared. "How did you even get her number?"

Tucker smiled proudly. "Well…

"Never mind; I don't want to know" she cut off quickly.


"Oh, h-hi… this is Sam Manson. I uh wanted to know if it's alright if Paulina spends the night today" she asked with much effort.

Danny and Tucker shared a smirk and chuckled quietly at their friend's misfortune. "Who would have guessed Paulina and Sam would actually have a sleep over." The half-ghost whispered to his male friend.

"I suppose…Let me talk to her." Paulina's father requested

The trio's eyes widen. "T-Talk?" Sam stuttered.

"Yes, put her on." Paulina's dad ordered.

Sam looked urgently at her friends. "Well?" She hissed, covering the phone. "What do I do?"

"I don't know!" Danny whispered back, just as nervous.

Tucker snatched the phone from Sam and put it in front of Paulina. The overshadowed girl's head tilted curiously. "Tucker, what the heck are you doing?" Danny asked.

"Uh…letting him talk to Paulina?" he said with a meek smile.


"Arf!" Paulina responded at the sound.

"Paulina? Is that you?"

"Arf! Arf!"

"Honey, I can not understand a word you're saying. What time will you be coming back tomorrow?"

"Grr…" Paulina replied, putting the phone in her mouth and nibbling on it.

"Don't get upset; it was only a question, honey"

"Arf! Arf! Arf!"

"Alright! I'm sorry; have fun, okay? See you tomorrow."

With a click, the line went dead. Sam, Tucker, and Danny stared at Paulina, who continued to chew on the cell phone. Then they looked at each other and finally exploded into laughter. "What was that?" Danny exclaimed while laughing.

"I don't know, dude, but that was hilarious!" Tucker replied.

"I can't believe he didn't notice anything." Sam added, slowly regaining control of her amusement.


The blue eyed boy gasped and ran to his door. "H-Hi mom" he said, opening the door enough to stick out his head.

"Honey, are you hungry? I made sandwiches for you and your friends." Maddie informed, while internally questioning her son's nervousness.

"Thanks, mom, but-

"Yeah! I want some!" Tucker exclaimed, running to the door.

"Okay." Maddie replied with a smile. "All of you come down."

"We got a lot of work, mom" Danny replied, after glaring at Tucker.

"It's Friday, Danny. You have plenty of time this weekend. Go eat something and then you can come back up." Maddie retorted.

Danny nodded in defeat. "Sam, can you tell Paulina we're heading downstairs?" He asked, giving his goth friend a meaningful look.

"Sure, Danny." She replied. "Come on, Paulina, let's go eat." She said, secretly pulling out a treat to get the girl to sit up.

"Hurry down, Danny." His mom asked, turning to leave. She paused and her eyebrows knitted in confusion at seeing Sam and Tucker wrap an arm around Danny's new friend and raise her up.

She looked down at her son who had caught her quizzical look. Danny stared up at her with an innocent expression. She smiled at him before finally leaving.

"Phew." Danny said in relief. "Tucker! For once, could you ignore your stomach!" he stated, clearly peeved.

"Hey! I'm hungry, besides I can't lie to your mom." He defended.

Danny gave him a dry look, before walking out of his room. "Come on, the coast is clear."

They quickly followed and to their relief, they made it to the kitchen without any trouble. That is, until Danny found Vlad at the table as well, dreamily watching Maddie pull out glasses from the cupboard. It quickly vanished when he noticed the young half-ghost. "Finished all ready?" Vlad questioned with a smirk.

"No, we came to get something to eat, but now that I'm here, I lost my appetite; in fact I feel like puking." He replied in fake calmness.

Vlad frowned. "Here that, Maddie? Your son isn't feeling well." He said, mocking worry.

Danny cringed, knowing full well what would come from those words. "Danny, is that true?" his mom asked, quickly making her way to her son. "You do feel a little warm." she said, touching his forehead.


Maddie's attention turned to Danny's friend at hearing a growl. "Danny…did your friend just growl at me?" she asked slowly, her eyes fixed on the glaring Paulina.

"I'm pretty sure she did, Maddie." Vlad stated, some of his hidden amusement leaking out.

"No, she didn't." Danny assured, looking angrily at the older half-ghost. "She had something in her throat and I'm fine, mom." He said, moving away from her.

Maddie looked at Paulina and then at her son. "Alright, Danny." She replied in an unsure tone. She finally dismissed it after reasoning with herself that humans don't growl.

Danny sat right next to Vlad and glared at him. "What the heck are you doing, Plasmius?" he hissed, while his friends sat down and Maddie got their plates.

"Getting you in trouble, my boy. Isn't it obvious?" he replied, with a sweet smile.

"You're an arrogant jerk. You better be gone by the time I get my powers back or I'm going to kick your butt all the way back to Wisconsin." He threatened.

"Here, Sam. I made you a veggie sandwich." Maddie informed, placing the plate in front of the girl.

"Thanks, Mrs. Fenton." She replied.

"That would be the day." Vlad stated with a chuckle, once Maddie left. "Oh and I believe your little friend requires some assistance."

"What are-" Danny gasped at seeing Paulina's face buried in her plate. "Cujo!" the teen exclaimed, trying to stop the dog from its actions, before his mom noticed.

Maddie raised an eyebrow as she placed Paulina's drink on the table. The girl's face was covered with food. "She really likes your food." Danny explained nervously, shoving a napkin at Paulina's face and quickly wiping it.

"Well, there's more sandwiches in the fridge." She replied cautiously. "Come on, Vlad. Let's leave the kids to themselves; I'm sure Jack is done fixing those ecto chargers by now."

"Yes, of course. I'll be there as soon as I finish my coffee, my dear." Vlad replied.

Maddie frowned at his response, but decided not to argue and left the kitchen.

"Would you stop that?!" Danny exclaimed, stopping the girl from licking the drink she had just spilled on herself and the table. The young half-ghost grabbed his own drink and held it in front of Cujo for him to "drink"

"You truly live an amusing life, Daniel." Vlad teased, before taking a sip of his coffee

Danny glared, but then his expression quickly turned mischievous. "Sure do and since you're here, why don't you join the fun!"

Before Vlad could question his words, Danny grabbed his own sandwich and threw it at Vlad's face. "Go get it, Cujo!"

The billionaire's eyes widen as the overshadowed girl jumped on the table and lunged at him.

"AH!" he screamed, falling back in his chair with Paulina on top of him.

Danny smiled evilly as Vlad struggled to get the girl off. "Daniel! Get-ah!" the man shouted in horror as the girl attempted to lick the food off his face.

"Danny, you're parents!" Sam exclaimed, knowing the commotion would get their attention.

"Yeah, distract them, would you? I'm not missing this for the world." He replied, his humor filled eyes fixed the distressed man. "Having fun, fruit loop?" Danny teased darkly.

Vlad's eyes turned red but before he could do anything, Danny grabbed a near by glass of soda and dumped it on the man's face. The man let out a noise that sounded something in between gasping and choking.

Danny laughed heartedly at his actions. "You're lucky, Vlad. Cujo normally tries to eat everyone he sees. Maybe you should get a dog instead of a cat."

"Are you mad?!" Vlad screeched. "If your mother sees this…

"VLAD!" Maddie exclaimed.

Danny jumped at his mom's shout. He quickly grabbed Paulina and tried to pull her off his arch-enemy.

"Maddie!" Vlad said in alarm, trying to crawl from under the girl. "I-It's not what it looks like!"

"Yeah, mom, uncle Vlad was just playing with us." Danny explained, lifting Paulina to her feet. "Nothing wrong with a mid forty year old bachelor playing with four fourteen year old kids, right?" he added off-handedly.

Maddie glared at the bright red billionaire as he shakily got to his feet. "Daniel's just joshing you, Maddie. We simply fell." He replied, trying to keep the anger out of his voice.

Vlad looked at the girl and cringed at the hungry smile on her face. "It's late. I'm going to turn in for the night." He informed, causing Danny to growl at realizing his arch-enemy was spending the night.

"Yes, good idea." Maddie replied, her glare still present. "You might want to consider a shower before doing so."

Vlad's face flushed red once more as Maddie walked pass him and began to clean the mess they had made. "You are going to regret this." Vlad growled at the young hybrid.

"You should go home, Plasmius. Paulina is spending the night and if you stay you're going to have to share the guest room with her." Danny bluffed with a smug smile.

"Not if I have anything to say about it" He hissed back, before stomping of the kitchen.

Danny smirked at his friends who held something in between an amused and nervous expression.

"Relax, guys, what could he possibly-"

"GHOST!" Jack screamed, his thundering footsteps clearly coming closer.

"Don't move a muscle, spook!" Jack exclaimed, aiming the Jack-a-nine-tails at Paulina.

Danny's eyes darted over to the kitchen entrance, where Vlad had just entered. He gave the teen a smug smile, before waving in the same manner and calmly exiting the kitchen once more. "Dad! No!" the teen exclaimed, forcing away his shock.

"Jack, you're scaring Danny's friend." Maddie reprimanded.

"She's a ghost, Maddie! Vladdie told me and even if he hadn't, I know when there's a ghost in my house!" he assured, glaring at Paulina. Said girl, cocked her head curiously, clearly wondering what the device in the man's hands was.

"I think you guys better go." Danny urged, pushing Paulina behind him, as his mom reminded his father what happened the last time he said someone was a ghost.

"Already?" Sam whined, knowing she had to take the girl home with her.

"Sam!" Danny whispered harshly.

Sam grumbled and grabbed Paulina. "We gotta go, Mrs. And Mr. Fenton." She stated.

"Alright, kids. Be careful, okay?" Maddie asked.

"No, kids! Don't go with her; it's a trap!" Jack exclaimed

"Dad, Paulina's not a ghost! She's just a friend from school!" Danny assured nervously.

"Come on, Jack. Just let her go." Maddie said, grabbing the ghost weapon from her husband.

The four teen's walked out and headed towards the door. "I'll get there as early as I can, okay?" Danny told Sam.

Sam groaned, but nodded. "See ya, dude." Tucker waved.

Danny let out a groan of his own, after closing the door. "Danny! Can you help me with the kitchen?" Maddie called.

"Great." He mumbled as he made his way back to the kitchen.


Said girl cringed at hearing her parents' angry voices as she walked into her house. "Hi mom, dad." She mumbled, letting go of Paulina. The girl dropped to the floor and sat there. Luckily, the ghost within her had come to tolerate Sam, so as long as she kept Cujo happy she could avoid his darker side.

"Do you mind explaining what happen to-" his father trailed off as his eyes lowered to the Hispanic girl on the floor.

Sam smirked at his parents' baffled look. She had no intention of explaining Paulina's bizarre behavior.

"Samikins, who's this?" her mom inquired, tilting her head in confusion.

"Paulina, she's spending the night." Sam responded, not hiding the contempt in her voice.

What happened next was not what Sam had expected. "Oh, Samikins! I'm so proud of you!" her mom squealed, grabbing her in a hug.

"Mom, I can't breath!" Sam protested as her eye twitched from the contact.

"Jeremy, tell the maid to make tea! Our daughter finally got a decent friend!" his wife exclaimed. She let go of Sam and before she could protest, her mom helped Paulina to her feet. "Poor thing, you are just exhausted, aren't you? Well, we'll fix that. By the way, I just love your clothes! Maybe you can give my daughter some pointers!" she stated dragging "Paulina" to the kitchen.

Sam lifted the treat bag at seeing Cujo was about to bite her mom. To Sam's relief it did the trick and the dog calmed down enough to allow itself to be directed.

"Sammy has several pink dresses that you'll love. I'll get some done for you, so you two can have matching outfits. Oh! That would be so adorable!"

Sam covered her mouth and gagged at her mom's words. "That is the most disturbing mental picture I have ever gotten." she mumbled.

"I'm proud of you, Samantha; you are finally on your way to becoming a sophisticated young lady." Her dad beamed, placing hand on her shoulder. "Stick with this one, and I can assure you, you will go far. If there is something I am good at, its judging good character and this young lady has an excellent character."

"You should help out at dog shows then." She said under her breath. "I hate to burst your bubble, but this is only a one time thing." She informed, before walking after her mom.

"You say that now, but once you see I'm right; you will agree that you should have more friends like her." He countered, following his daughter.

Sam sighed. "Someone put me out of my misery."

Sam had managed to pry away Paulina from her parents before the ghost within her acted up. She wouldn't have bothered covering up the girl's odd behavior if it wasn't for the risk of getting the girl kicked out and with no where else to keep the overshadowed girl that wouldn't be good. The goth girl would have loved to mortify her parents and show them what kind of "friend" she had actually brought home. Sam smiled. "I'll mortify them tomorrow." She decided.

Her attention went to Paulina who was currently chewing on her dirty clothing. "If you eat your clothes, I'm not letting you wear some of mine." she informed off-handedly, clearly ignoring the fact that the girl couldn't understand her.

Sam sighed and lied back on her bed. She wasn't very tired, in fact she felt bored…if Danny and Tucker were present, they would be holding a look of dread on their faces at the fact that Sam was bored.

Sam suddenly sat up and stared wickedly at the overshadowed girl. She quickly stood up and headed to a near by drawer. She had placed the things she had ordered earlier in here. She pulled out a ball and another bag of treats, before strolling to her closet and searching for something else.

An evil smile spread on her lips as she found her camera. "Never a bad idea to have some dirt on a swallow little witch…who knows; might come in handy someday." She reasoned with herself as she headed over to Paulina.

"Hey Paulina, wannna play?" she asked innocently. Sam was quite aware that it was Cujo who she was speaking with, but it was more amusing to pretend it really was Paulina…and more satisfying.

Sam pulled out a treat, immediately getting Cujo's attention. "Sit" she commanded and the dog obeyed. "Sit up"

Sam chuckled as she took a picture of Paulina "begging" "Good girl" she quipped, tossing the treat at her.

"Down; roll over." With a click Sam had another picture.

She quickly went through other basic commands and took pictures of those as well. Once she had enough pictures, she amused herself by playing fetch with the girl. Feeling quite content with her activities, she decided it was time for bed.

She stared at Paulina in thought. There was no way she was sleeping in the same room as her. Sam grabbed the ball. "Come" she asked, walking to her door. After making sure her parents and grandma was asleep, she allowed Cujo to walk out.

He followed her on all fours down the stairs. Sam had determined the girl couldn't stay in one of the guest rooms since there was a chance her parents might hear her bark or something. She needed to put her in a place where she wouldn't be heard and she knew just the place.

Sam opened a glass door that led to the house's porch. She tossed the ball and Cujo ran after it. As long as her parents remained upstairs, they would not hear anything the "girl" did all night.

Sam closed the door and headed back to her room. Her conscience was telling her she could have put Paulina in a better place for the night, but she won her internal debate by arguing she could have placed her in a worst place…like the back yard…yep, she was being very nice. "But not nice enough to let Danny find out; I'll just bring her back to my room before he gets here." She told herself with a smirk.

Danny yawned and turned to his side to look at his clock. "eight" he mumbled, before lying on his back and closing his eyes. "I gotta get to Sam's" he said sleepily.

"Yes, you might want to check up on that little friend of yours."

Danny's eyes snapped open, his eyes widening at seeing Plasmius standing beside his bed. "Ah-mfmm!" the teen exclaimed, his scream turning into a muffled noise from Vlad placing a hand over his mouth.

"Always with the drama" Vlad said dryly.

Danny quickly turned intangible and fell through his bed. The teen stood, stepped away from his bed and regained tangibility. "Okay, I think this just placed you on a new level of creepy." Danny stated, his hand lighting with ecto-energy.

"Calm yourself, my boy. I am not looking for a one sided fight." His enemy informed teasingly. Danny growled in response. "I merely came to say good-bye… I'm heading back to my castle." He informed, with a calm smile.

Danny called off his energy and gave the man curious yet wary look. "You except me to believe you snuck into my room just to say good-bye?"

"Yes." He replied, his smile widening.

Danny stared at him a moment longer before surveying his surroundings suspiciously. At not finding anything out of the usual, the teen turned his attention to his enemy once more and crossed his arms. "Bye." He said coldly, giving Vlad an expectant look.

The billionaire chuckled in return. "Ta, Daniel… good to see it took less time then I believed.

Before Danny could ask what he meant, Plasmius vanished in wisp of smoke.

Danny quickly went to his mirror to check himself for anything unusual. His face looked normal. He still had white hair and his jump-

The teen's eyes widen. "I'm in ghost form…but I was asleep and that thing wasn't suppose to wear off until later today." He stated nervously.

The teen quickly attempted to change back. He was expecting for something to happen at his attempt, but nothing did. He turned back to his human form without a problem. Danny checked himself again, this time he went as far as opening his mouth and sticking out his tongue. His mind screamed something was wrong, but everything looked normal and he felt fine; if anything he felt more energized.

It was then that it struck him. "Oh man, if my powers are back that means…" Danny didn't even finish his train of thought. He quickly morphed and flew out of his room to Sam's house.

The teen arrived in record time and flew into his friend's bedroom. He didn't know whether to be relieved or worried that Sam was peacefully sleeping in her bed still. He expected to at least hear the sound of things breaking…but everything was quiet.

"Sam" the half-ghost called, gently shaking her. She mumbled in protest and tried to shoo him away. "Sam, wake up." He said, nudging her some more.

Sam's eyes finally opened as she turned on her back. Danny was about to laugh at his groggy looking friend, but when her eyes widen in alarm and she reached for her clock, it quickly lost its humor. "Whoa! Sam!" he exclaimed, grabbing her arm before she could hit him in the head with the clock in her grasp.

"Danny!" she exclaimed, now fully awake. "What's wrong with you? Do you know how creepy it is to wake up to two glowing green eyes staring down at you?" she asked annoyed.

"No, I have no clue, but I do know what it feels like to wake up to the glowing red eyes' of your arch enemy staring down at you." He replied drolly.

Sam stood at his words. "What happened? Are you alright? …wait, you're a ghost." She pointed out in surprise.

"Heh, it took you less time then me to catch that." He replied with a meek smile.

"I don't get it; I thought Vlad said it would take twenty four hours to wear off." Sam replied confused.

Danny shrugged. "I guess his device didn't work right or something. What's got me worried is that I woke up like this." He said with a pondering frown.

"And?" Sam asked, raising an eyebrow.

"I've never been able to stay in ghost form while unconscious. I really think Vlad's device wasn't just meant to short circuit ghost powers." He informed with a worried look.

"Do you feel …strange?" Sam inquired, studying him critically.

Danny pondered the question, before shaking his head. "I feel fine."

Sam bit her lip. "Look, it's probably nothing to worry about, but just to be safe we'll call Tucker later and give your ghost powers a check up."

Danny nodded. "Hey, Sam? Where's Paulina?" he asked, recalling the reason he had come over in such a hurry.

Alarm appeared on Sam's expression as she concluded what Danny already had. "I left her on the back porch!" she exclaimed, running out of her room.

"What? Why is she there?!" Danny called out, changing forms and racing after her.

Sam heard his question, but wisely chose to make him believe she didn't. "I think Cujo is still overshadowing her, otherwise we would have heard.


Sam stopped and allowed herself a small smirk. "That" she said, unable to hide her amusement as her half-ghost friend caught up with her.

Danny looked severely worried as he ran towards the scream, his goth friend calmly following behind. Danny was about to open the porch door when Paulina came stumbling out of it. "HELP! I"VE BEEN KIDNAPPED!" she screamed, clearly on the verge of tears.

"Who'd want to kidnap you?" Sam asked, crossing her arms.

Paulina came out of her panic at recognizing the voice. She stared at Sam and then at Danny. "Oh no, it's worse then I thought. I've been abducted by losers!" she screeched, her comment causing Sam to roll her eyes.

"N-No, you're here because…" Danny rubbed his neck, not knowing what to say.

"Danny found you unconscious at the Nasty Burger and brought you here." Sam informed carelessly.

"Do you think I'm going to believe that? You probably knocked me out yourself to perform some freaky spell on me!" she accused, glaring at Sam.

Sam gave her a dark grin. "Oh, you caught me. The spell is going to make you break out for a whole month."

Paulina's face showed complete horror. "WHAT?!" she screamed, grabbing her face.

Sam was about to laugh when she realized Danny wasn't there anymore. "I think it's better if she thinks this was all a dream." Danny said, once he had overshadowed the cheerleader.

"Hey, I thought her conclusions were pretty believable." She replied with a smirk.

Danny rolled Paulina's eyes. "You know, I was going to ask you how things went last night, but I don't think I want to know anymore."

"Things went fine." She replied with an innocent smile.

"Right." He replied, clearly not believing her. "I better get her home, before she realizes this wasn't a dream. Luckily, nothing happened that I won't be able to fix with a little bit of overshadowing." He said with a smirk, recalling what occurred with Dash.

Sam shook her head in amusement. "I'll see you later." She said. He nodded, before turning invisible and flying of out his friend's house.

Sam sighed in relief and headed back to her room "I wonder where Cujo went" she voiced. Her answer came in the form of crashing sounds. She groaned in frustration. There was no way she could handle Cujo now. She followed the noises to her kitchen. "I'm surprised my mom hasn't woken up from all the noise." She said, entering her kitchen.

"Mom?" she voiced confusedly at seeing her mom's head inside the fridge. Her mom quickly turned her attention to Sam.


Sam's eyes widen in disbelief. "There's no way." He whispered, staring at her mom chewing on a pack of hotdogs. The second yap that came out of her mom's throat convinced the goth girl that Cujo was indeed inside her mom.

Cujo turned his attention back to the fridge and continued his "breakfast"

Sam quickly moved towards the kitchen phone and hurriedly dialed Danny's cell. To her relief he had it with him. "Hello?"

"Danny!" she said, before her attention went back to her mother who by now had her pink night gown stained with various foods.

"What's wrong, Sam?" he asked, hearing her alarmed voice.

"Arf! Arf!" Cujo said happily, rolling on the spilled milk on the ground. Sam blinked at seeing her mother on the floor.

"Hello? Sam?"

A mischievous grin slowly spread on the teenage girl's face. "SAM!" Danny shouted.

"Oh, what?" she asked, turning her attention back to the phone.

"Huh? Sam you called me."

"Oh… I wanted to tell you…" she trailed off.

"Tell me what?"

She smiled. "I wanted to tell you that we can meet at your house around noon, if that's good with you." She said crossing her arms and calmly observing Cujo play.

"Yeah, that's fine. I already dropped Paulina off, so I'll be at home the whole day." He informed.

"Okay, see you later then."

"Alright, bye."

She hung up the phone and chuckled. "Don't worry, mom, I'll get Danny to get Cujo out…just not right now." He added with a bright smile. "Don't you go anywhere, I'll be right back." She stated, jogging out of her kitchen. "Now, what did I do with my camera?" she questioned herself mischievously as she headed to her room.

So sorry for the wait; I hope you guys liked it. I'll be updating MLB this Saturday (if nothing happens to keep me from doing so), so be on the look out for it. Many thanks to all who followed this silly story. As you can see it can clearly continue, but I doubt I will write anymore on this one. I need to focus on my large stories, but if you really want to know what the plot would have been, I'll tell you. We all know Vlad doesn't come over to Danny's just for the fun of it...heh-heh. Thanks again!