I don't know why I do stuff like this, but I have an obsession of strange twists.

After all, what twist could possibly be stranger than this one? So lets take a look into an alternate future.

Boy do I wish that it was different, but I just gotta do this, its sort of a message...

A message of warning about what we are starting to become.

Disclaimer: I don't own X-Men Evolution.


I can't believe it, I just can't, everything has gone terribly wrong.

It all started years ago, it was sometime after the Apockalypse incident when the war finally broke out.

It didn't take long, less than a year, but in the end, the humans lost, and Magneto took control of the world. Professor Xavier didn't see it, he died of a Heart Attack sometime during the war, but the X-Men did try and fight, I tried to fight...

When Magneto took over, humans where all carted off to either be geneticaly modified, or killed, most of them died anyway, and now there's none left, the world has been left to the mutants.

The X-Men that managed to make it out are still hiding away somewhere, but we had some casualties, Colossus, Shadowcat, Nightcrawler, Cannonball, and even Iceman didn't make it out alive.

I didn't know why they didn't try and kill me. Maybe it was because Gambit paid them off, maybe it was for some other reason, but I know now.

I should've known, someone should've told me from the beginning, I had a right to know who my father was, I had a right to know that Magneto was my father.

Oh Kurt, I hate to admit it, because I never really treated you like I should have, but you where the only family I ever really had, if only you could see me now, you would be ashamed of what I've done, what I've become.

My name is Rogue, the last truly free person on this god-forsaken planet.

I have been so many things in my life, a Brothehood Girl, an X-Woman, a mutant above all, but I never thought I'd spend any amount of time of my life in this position.

You see, while Magneto does control the world in the shadows, he uses me as a front. And does he ever give me a choice? No, and I don't even know why I don't resist.

God, please help me.














Rogue closes her journal, and looks out over New York City. This was her life now, she could see images posted on the walls of her face as mutants walk in single file lines down the streets and past the Capitol Building.

She hated this, ever since Magneto had revealed that he was her father, and mostly because Pietro or Wanda didn't want the job, she had been placed in puppet control of the entire planet.

"Its what you always wanted, isn't it, Rogue?" A voice from behind her says, she doesn't even have to turn, knowing its Magneto. "To be loved, to be accepted, now the entire world worships and loves you. Don't you see Rogue? This is for the best, this is for all the things that Mystique did to betray you, to manipulate you, now your in control."

"Then why doesn't it feel like it?" Rogue says, and turns, but Magneto is gone.


Scott and Jean are walking through the ruins of an old town in Missouri. Every so often they pass by a poster of Rogue, or a television screaming anti-human propaganda, and exalting the leader of the new Mutant World.

"I still can't believe it, how could Rogue be so careless? We lost five of our teammates to Magneto, and she keeps his plans going!" Scott complains out loud. "She's no worse than that father of her's!"

"Scott, calm down, I'm sure there's a perfectly good explination for all of this, I mean, why would Rogue betray us just like that? It makes no sense and you know it," Jean says, trying to comfort Scott. "How much further is it?"

"5013 Cullen Court, we're here," Scott says, and they find themselves standing in front of an old house, probably at one time a two-story house, but most of it is colapsed, like the rest of the town.

They walk up to the door, and while glancing around carefully, they knock three times.

"Password?" A voice from inside calls.

"Death to Magneto," Scott mutters, and the door opens.

Standing in the doorway is a young woman with long green hair, and wearing a purple uniform. "Cyclops, Jean, its been awhile," she says.

"Polaris? I thought you where..." Jean says.

"An Acolyte? Technicaly I still am, the resistance has many spies in the government, even in Rogue, or should I say Magneto's Secret Police," Lorna, better known as Polaris, says to them, and ushers them in.

"Where you the one who sent us this note?" Scott asks, showing a letter.

Dear Cyclops and Jean,

I have to be brief, I don't know if this message will be intercepted or not, but I can tell you this right now, your lives are in grave danger. There are certain truths that you must learn, reality as we know it is in danger. Come to Columbia Missouri, and you will recieve further instructions.


A Friend.

"No, but the one who did is further inside," Lorna says.

She leads them inside, and down some stairs into a spacious living area. A secret door opens up in the wall, and another woman steps out.

She can't be any older than 17, with pale white hair, she is over six feet tall, and wearing all black, including a trench coat that seems to flow behind her.

She adjusts a pair of sunglasses as she looks at the two former X-Men with piercing blue eyes.

"Scott Summers and Jean Grey, or have you two been married yet? Oh well, not exactly an important point at this point in time," she says in a thick southern accent. "I am Jessica Roland, or just Jess if you would perfer, but you might know me better as Ruin."

Scott and Jean had heard that name before, Ruin was one of the few mutants that where mentioned on the Propaganda Channels, a powerful mutant that led a resistance movement against the government. There where rumors that Ruin had never been identified because he or she wasn't real, nothing more than a use of public fear, but now the two former X-Men realized that they where looking at her.

"What do you want with us, Jess?" Jean demands.

"This was once my home, much like the Institute was once yours. I had a family here, but my parents where all killed, shipped off to the concentration camps, and at the same time they did this to me," Jess says, and raises her hand.

Suddenly, the lights begin to flicker, but the room doesn't go dark either, as a matter of fact, the light and darkness seems to get sucked into the palm of Jess' hand. "The power over chaos, I can bend light and darkness at my will, hence the name Ruin."

"What did you want to tell us?" Scott asks.

"Its about Rogue," Jess says, and Scott and Jean exchange glances.


Speaking of Rogue, at about that moment she is walking into a penthouse a few blocks away from the Capitol building. She brushes a strand of her white bangs out of her face as she sighs.

I can't believe I'm being put through this, no one deserves to have to rule a world like this, I'm just as much of a slave as the rest of the world, she thinks to herself. And Remy should be home soon, I don't know how I'm going to tell him this, its going to change our lives forever, and Magneto isn't going to like it.

She curls up on the couch, opening one of her favorite books from when she was younger, she had just managed to save most of them from Magneto's book burnings. At the same time, she hugs a stuffed purple dragon, the only thing she had left of her old roommate Kitty Pryde, she hated remembering what happened to her friends, she would never forget it.


"ROGUE, PLEASE HELP ME, ROGUE..." Kitty's voice screamed out as Sabertooth tears into her. Rogue, in a sudden feat of strength manages to absorb the feral mutant long enough for him to be unconsious, and carried off.

"Kitty, I'm so sorry, please, don't give up on me!" Rogue says, grabbing Kitty's hand.

"Rogue, I'm like, sorry, please Rogue, don't ever stop fighting, your the last hope we have," Kitty sputters out as she coughs up blood, and her eyes close as she draws her final breath.

"She was too weak, Rogue," a voice from behind Rogue says. The gothic mutant spins around to see the cloaked form of Magneto.

"She was my friend, and you killed her, your a monster Magneto, nothing more, nothing less!" Rogue shouts at the Master of Magnetism.

"Some sacrifices must be made in order to preserve the Mutant Race, my daughter," Magneto says.

Rogue just glares at him.

End Flashback...

"Remy's home, mon chere," Rogue's husband, Remy calls in from the living room.

Rogue still wasn't sure how she was able to touch him now, but that didn't matter, they loved each other, that was what mattered. Maybe it was that Remy was the only joy she had in life anymore.

"Is everything alright Rogue?" Remy asks as he places his hand on her shoulder.

"I'm just having a complicated day," Rouge admits. "I hate this feeling, like I'm being controled, like I have no choice in my life anymore."

"Chere, Remy can tell that there's something else on your mind. Come on, tell Remy," Remy says.

"Remy, I'm pregnant," Rogue says.


"I have consulted with a number of mutants that have precognative abilities, and I've managed to find this out, Rogue is pregnant with twins," Jess says as they walk through a hidden passageway beneath the house. "She will give birth to a boy and a girl, both will have seperate but intwined destinies. The girl will lead the revolution to its victory, but the boy, the boy will stir up trouble in the government, I didn't want to tell you this, but there is a possibility Rogue might not get out of this alive."

Scott and Jean exchange glances, and Scott starts to say something.

"I know what you might feel about Rogue, but I know she's a good person," Jess says, typing a code into a keypad. "I met Rogue once, right after Magneto's experiments activated my X-Gene, she had just been put in charge of the Mutant Nation, she deffinately doesn't like this situation either. I think Magneto is manipulating her," she continues, and a door opens and they walk inside. "And I'm sure your already aware of Rogue's heritage."

The door opens up into a huge cavern, lining the walls are various passages. In rows on the cave floor is a number of tanks and other vehicles.

"We're still trying to track down the rest of the X-Men, not to mention the Morlocks and anyone else who is willing to help us, you two are the only progress we've made," Lorna says. "Magneto's influence stretches far, and having Rogue being his little puppet isn't helping things either."

"We're the only mutants from any of the original teams you've been able to find and recruit?" Scott asks.

"Well, not really, we do have some others here..." Jess says.

"TOAD, HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU TO STOP HASSLING WANDA!" A familiar voice echoes down one of the tunnels.


"WILL YOU ALL JUST SHUT UP!" A third shout is heard.

"LANCE, YOU NEED TO STOP MOPING OVER KITTY, SHE'S DEAD ALREADY, ACCEPT THAT FACT, AND MOVE ON!" A fourth voice is heard, and then the ground starts to shake.

"Oh no, that isn't who I think it is, please tell me it isn't who I think it is..." Jean says.


At that moment, 6 familiar mutants walk out of the tunnel, still shouting at each other, but stop at the sight of the two former X-Men.

Well, most of them walked (Todd hopped, but that's beside the point), the last to exit the tunnel was Wanda on a hoverchair, her legs apparently having been crippled sometime before.

"Hmm, Scott and Jean, still as pathetic and unfashionable as ever," Pietro says circling them using his super speed. "Somethings never change."

"Pietro, still as obnoxious and critical as ever, did you ever stop to think that you should grow up?" Scott shouts at the speedy mutant, and reaches for his glasses.

"Scott, don't do it, its just not worth it anymore," Jean says, placing a hand on Scott's shoulder.

"Yeah Summers, listen to your girlfriend," Todd says with a laugh.

"We'd deserve it," Lance mutters, and everyone looks at him. "After everything we've done, we don't deserve any form of forgiveness from you two..."

"Uhh, Alvers, are you feeling all right?" Scott asks.

"Lance has done some thinking since he came here, and he's kind of mellowed out," Wanda says. "He's still not over Magneto having Sabertooth kill Kitty, actually, come to think of it we all have issues with Magneto now. Toad got thrown into a swamp and left to die..."

"And I helped, not exactly something I'm proud of now," Mystique says. "Now all he's doing is using Rogue's hatred of me to exert control over her."

"Fred, well, lets just say Magneto ticked him off one time too many," Wanda continues. "I'm obvious, not only did I reclaim my memories, but he also paralyzed my legs for crying out loud, probably the same way he killed off your professor."

"Magneto was behind that? But how..." Jean says.

"He found a mutant named Virulancy, he can kill or injure people with psychic waves that create certain, medical effects, such as the Heart Attack that killed Xavier," Lance says.

"And Pietro, well, Pietro is just jealous of Rogue and how the masses worship her like she's some sort of goddess," Wanda says.

"And what's wrong with that? I'm obviously much better looking, not to mention more intelligent..." Pietro starts, and then Wanda throws him against the wall with a hex bolt. "I can take a hint..."

"Since when?" Jean asks trying not to laugh.


"Chere, don't keep yourself down like this," Remy says, holding Rogue's hand in his. "There's something else bothering you, isn't there?"

"I just don't know anymore, Remy," Rogue says. "Irene once told me that my children and my children's children will be destined for great things, I don't know anymore. It, just feels like 1984 has snuck up on me, and I'm playing the part of Big Brother."

"Rogue, its nothing like that and you know it," Remy says. "Someday you will find it in your heart that you have been chosen to do soem good in this world. And our children will help that world survive, I know that you will live to see the end of these dark times."

Rogue pauses, and gives Remy a smile.


Well, that's the end of chapter 1, and boy do I wish I could tell you that things are going to get better from here.

No such luck.

Coming up, its time for the birth of a new generation of mutants as Rogue gives birth to her children.

One will win over Magneto in the end.

The other will rise in his place.

This isn't over yet, oh no, its just beginning, as the war for earth rages on.