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Everyday I tell myself that my life can't get any weirder, and everyday I get proven otherwise.

It was hard enough to learn that the very enemy I'm supposed to be fighting is my own mother, that was hard enough to accept, but now I have to start an undercover mission?

I don't know the reason behind it, maybe they want to learn more about my enemy, maybe they just need me out of the headquarters for awhile.

Either way, I'm on my way.







"You wanted to see me, Jess," Katelyn, now 10 years old asks as she walks into Jess' office.

In the last 3 years, life continued on in the revolution. On the outside however, the Mutant Nation was cracking down further on the people, becoming more and more totalitarian.

Rogue had continued to control the world, she hadn't ever found a reason to crack down on religion, but recently the Acolytes had started to enforce worship of only the leader, and people started to accept it.

Now Katelyn was seated in Jess' office.

"Katelyn, have a seat," Jess says, motioning to a chair where Katelyn sits. "I want you to do an undercover mission for me. I've heard rumors about a group of student revolutionaries in a school in Chicago. Your mission is to infiltrate their group, and attempt to recruit them into our group, are you up for it?"

"Uhh, how would I manage it? I kinda stick out like a sore thumb," Katelyn asks, twirling her hair on one finger.

"Don't worry about it, it'll be okay," Jess says.


When he turned 8 years old, Caleb was recruited into the Junior Division of the Acolytes, an organization mostly made up of kids sent to spy on their parents and neighbors or to infiltrate youth events that might undermine the government.

It was now that he was brought before his supervisor, a high council member named Selene, how she ever got into the MN's favor while also being a powerful mutant was a mystery.

"Caleb LeBeau, while I would normally give this assignment to a more experienced agent, you are the only one in my department that can work with this assignment," Selene says. "We've cleared this with Lady Rogue, and we are sending you to Chicago, where you will be enrolled at the Shadowcat Memorial Elementary School, where your assignment is to infiltrate a group of student revolutionaries, and guide Acolyte forces into their base on a seek and destroy mission, do you understand Agent Mechmaster?"

Caleb shrugs, he didn't exactly like the codename he got, but he had to live with it. "Fully, Supervisor Selene," he says.

"You'll leave tomorrow," Selene says.


Two days later, in Chicago Illinois, two operations go into action at the same time. As fate should have it, both Katelyn (now in disguise as a girl with black hair and a little darker skin, wearing a black school uniform) and Caleb (similarly in disguise, only with a lighter brown hair, and in the boys uniform) had their classes together at the Shadowcat Memorial Elementary School.

The school's name had been approved for use by Rogue, which was unusual, since mostly the names of schools had to go through the state governments. And had been named in honor of one of the X-Men, who (minus the few who had defected) where all considered criminals against the state.

"Okay class, I'd like you to give a warm welcome to our newest students," a 5th grade teacher named Susan Little says, as Katelyn and Caleb stand at the front of the classroom, barely looking at each other. "Please introduce yourself, tell us where you're from, your mutation, and codename."

"My name is Elizabeth Belladonna, or just Beth, I'm from New Orleans, I can absorb life force, memories, and powers of anyone I touch, and they call me Renegade," Katelyn says, having used a voice modifier to fake a Cajun accent.

"I'm Shawn Livingston, from New York City, I can manipulate metal, just call me Mechmaster," Caleb says.

"Well, take a seat," Ms. Little says, and the twins take a seat on opposite sides of the room from each other.

Katelyn glances at her desk; it's metalic silver with a keyboard and miniature computer on it. A few feet away, she sees a television shouting out the usual propaganda of the Mutant Nation, getting flashes of Rogue every few seconds.

Katelyn hated it, she had to get away from this, so she closed her eyes, and once again slipped into the Nexus, calling out for Caleb.

"Caleb?" she calls out through the Nexus.

"Katelyn?" Caleb answers. "It's been awhile since we last talked, how have you been?"

"Oh the usual, I'm on an official mission for once, I'll never figure out why they sent me here of all people," Katelyn says.

"Yeah, I'm with you on that one, I'm guessing you can't tell me what your doing," Caleb says.

"Nope, sorry, but I can't tell anyone what I'm doing," Katelyn replies.


(From Parallels of Revolution, by Jessica Roland)


In ages past, there has always been a basic society of the high, the middle, and the low. No matter what type of society you look at, this has never changed in its truest form. Other forms include caste systems, as shown in India and in the novel Brave New World. In our current society, the Mutant Nation has blended the caste system with the social classes in a way.

As is in many societies, the Mutant Nation is made up out of a pyramid-like structure for the hierarchy. At the top is the obvious, the item of worship for everyone in the world, is Rogue. As is in previous Totalitarian societies, the government has eliminated all religion, forcing complete love and devotion to the leader. Making an enemy of love and peace is barely just a fictional account, as shown in Orwell's classic novel 1984, the Mutant Nation, has been trying to steer focus away from ideals that would undermine their Fascist and Militaristic Policies.

Despite the fact that Magneto, the secret leader of the Mutant Nation, himself was persecuted by Hitler and his Nazi regime, he has employed the same policies towards humans that Hitler employed against the Jews and others, which has lead the world into a whole new version of Nazism.

The group under Rogue is equally as dangerous; a group mostly made up of Omega class mutants, the High Council. While we cannot be sure of everyone that is on this council, we are sure that they are the ones that control most of the lower departments, such as the Network or the Acolytes.

The third level of the pyramid is the Mutant High Class. Usually with highly advanced mutant abilities, this class of mutants works as the supervisors and managers, the middlemen between the council and the middle class. Unlike in past caste systems, no one is born into the MHC or any of the others; mutants are rated upon their powers, and are placed in any one of the castes.

The Mutant Middle Class, or MMC, is the 4th level of the pyramid, the working class, as they would be called in other societies. They are those who lay the groundwork for the Mutant Nation, they work hard to advance a government that will never give them the respect that they deserve.

The Mutant Low Class, or the MLC, is the proverbial bottom of the barrel. They have no power in the government, not even being part of the working class. The lowest class of mutants are those that have powers that cannot help the government as well, mostly physical mutations, this group makes up about 60 of the population, making them the hidden Majority. If there is any hope, it lies in this lowest class.

In The Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx said that the working class would be the ones that rose up to overthrow the capitalist society, maybe he was right, but we have to give the middle and lower classes the leadership they need. They need to be able to realize their power in order to revolt against the Mutant Nation, but there has never been any such revolution.

The reason why? The MN has a police force beyond the usual one, in history it has had many names, Gestapo, Thought Police, Secret Police, Morale Monitors, but now they are called the Acolytes.

They cannot claim that all thoughts of revolution have been eliminated; the GNSP is proof of that. We have been trying to discover other revolutionary groups, with no success because of the actions of the Acolytes.

The existence of other revolutionary movements is crucial to the overthrow of the current totalitarian regime, because it is evidence of the incomplete power of the Mutant Nation.


Katelyn walks out of the classroom, her book bag slung over her shoulder as she joins the single-file line of students that are walking down the hallway.

She hadn't heard anything even resembling talk about revolution, beyond the usual propaganda about how the revolution needed to be suppressed.

When she got to the cafeteria however, while she was getting her food at the lunch line, she overheard a voice at a nearby table in the female section, talking.

"We've got to be more careful next time, the Acolytes are starting to crack down on the Chicago area," one voice says. "There might be a mole in our group, we have to be more careful with our membership."

Katelyn continues on her way down the line, but makes a note of where that table was as she finishes getting her food.

She walks towards the table, but catches a bit of the end of the conversation: "We have to get going, the COR will meet tonight in the old Field Museum," the leader says, and the group breaks up.

Katelyn smiles, she now had a clue as to where she needed to go in order to finish her job.

What none of them knew was that at the same time from the opposite side of the room, Caleb was listening too.


When the Mutant War broke out, Chicago was targeted as a human stronghold. While most of the city was rebuilt after the war ended, the museums where mostly left out of the rebuilding process, and several of them were replaced with Mutant Nation-centric museums.

However, the Field Museum was still in a state of disarray. Katelyn walks into the museum, and looks around for any sign of life.

The main hall of the museum lies in ruins; the towering skeleton of Sue, the most complete skeleton of Tyrannosaurus Rex still stands tall over the hall.

Katelyn hears voices coming from a side room, and makes her way through the rubble as she comes out from behind a pillar, and the voices grow louder.

"The Mutant Nation has tried to suppress and destroy us through their lies, and spreading hatred through their Network and schools!" The voice from earlier says. "The Children of the Revolution must carry on in our actions against the enemy, no matter what the price is!"

Katelyn starts to back up, hoping to get to a safer distance that she can still listen from. But once she turned around, she found herself looking at an African American teenager wearing a black uniform with the letters COR etched in gold on the sleeve.

"You better have a good explanation for your presence here girl," the teen says, and begins to lift his hand as light starts to gather.

"Umm, I, uhh," Katelyn tries to say. "Wanted to join your group?"

"Give her a chance, Shane," a voice behind them says, and Katelyn turns to see a girl with long blonde hair wearing a dark green bodysuit. "Is it really necessary for you to intimidate everyone who wants to join the COR?"

"Sorry ma'am," Shane says, and the girl leads Katelyn into the main room.

"Welcome to the Children of the Revolution, we're not nearly as glamorous as the Global Neo Socialists, but we get the job done," she says. "I'm Celeste, but my code name is Artemis, I'm the second in command of the COR."

"Elizabeth Belladonna, or Renegade if you'd prefer," Katelyn says, and Celeste leads her into the crowd.

The leader, a green haired 17-year old wearing a long white trench coat steps up before the crowd and starts to speak. "I would like to welcome into our group our two newest members, Elizabeth Belladonna and Shawn Livingston."

Katelyn looks around, now noticing her classmate in the crowd.

"We are approaching a dangerous time for our group, " she says, addressing the crowd. "We have reason to believe that the COR has been compromised by the Mutant Nation or is close to being compromised. But we remain safe, because of our secrecy."

Katelyn had to admit she had a point. One of the major weaknesses of the GNSP was that they acted with barely any secrecy, and had the habit of having the subtlety of a wrecking ball half the time.

"They preach peace and equality, but where has it gotten them? Nowhere!" The young woman continues. "The Mutant Nation isn't just in one city or one country, it's the whole world, and Ruin knows it! Yet the GNSP openly attacks the Mutant Nation through words and actions, how can we be sure that if they win, we won't have a more dangerous enemy to deal with? The Mutant Nation is Fascist on a scale never before seen, but Ruin's forces claim to fight for Socialism, they want equality, but how do we know that what they call equality won't be the same as what the Soviet Union called equality?" She called out, at the same time, her eyes are scanning the room. "We are a public forum, if there are anyone among us who would like to come forward and speak."

Katelyn found herself drawn to come forward, and when she stepped up before the crowd. She had to wonder if she looked foolish, she wasn't very tall, and she stood up there, trying to find the words. She looked at the young woman from before, who gives her a comforting smile, and Katelyn starts to talk.

"I won't lie, I'm new here, just joined this group, but I can already tell that you all are passionate about what you do," Katelyn says. "I'll admit that I didn't grow up in what you'd call a family environment, we where always on the run from the Mutant Nation, having to steal what we could to survive, I consider it a miracle that I'm able to stand before you today. I was raised to believe that everyone is equal in the eyes of God, and therefore should be seen the same way in the eyes of the people of the world. Yeah, I'll go out and say it; I was part of the GNSP Revolution, I saw first hand how they worked, and while their tactics can get a little out of hand, they're like family to me. I'm not going to say whether or not the tactics of either the GNSP or the COR are right, but they're both after the same thing, freedom."

Katelyn ends there too much applause as she steps down, and back into the crowd.

Caleb smirks, the more that the COR members said, the more the Acolytes had against them when the time came.

But he had a feeling deep inside him, a feeling that maybe he shouldn't call in the troops just yet. After all, he was wired and should get all the evidence that he could in order to look good to his superiors and for the Network.

To end the meeting, a song begins to play over the loudspeakers, Katelyn had heard it before, it was one of the songs that was played at the Revolutionary HQ from time to time:

Well, you can bump and grind

If it's good for your mind.

You can twist and shout,

Let it all hang out,

But you won't fool

The Children of the Revolution,

No, you won't fool

The Children of the Revolution,

No, no.

Well, you can tell I play

In a foreign way

I drive a Rolls Royce

'Cause it's good for my voice

But you won't fool

The Children of the Revolution,

No, you won't fool

The Children of the Revolution,

No, no.

At that point, the meeting was more or less over, and the members start to disperse, but the same woman who invited everyone to come speak holds Katelyn back.

"Elizabeth, right?" she says. "I apologize if we haven't been properly introduced, I'm Natasha, or Shifter, I'm the leader of the Chicago branch of the COR, your family is involved in the GNSP, huh?"

"Yeah, in a manner of speaking," Katelyn says. "What's it to you?"

"A lot of the members of the Children of the Revolution joined because factions of the Mutant Nation ousted them from their homes, and forced into the apartments while the MN elite got the nicer homes," Natasha says, watching the remaining members file out. "No matter what class they are in, children, usually orphaned by the genocide or the purges, are always forced out of their homes, until they are old enough to become productive members of the working force. We aren't the GNSP, we can only stay in one area, we don't have the weapons or the know-how to fight out in the field, we only want to survive."

"I understand that, but you might not have any choice," Katelyn says. "I'll be honest, I wasn't exactly truthful tonight," she continues, and closes her eyes, her hair suddenly changes color back to its natural auburn and white, and returns to its usual length, and she removes the voice modifier, so she speaks in her normal voice. "My name is Katelyn Summers, and the leader of the GNSP has sent me to tell you that you're all in grave danger."


Back in the GNSP headquarters, the doors get thrown open as Lorna Dane; AKA Polaris rushes in to the war room, where Jess is planning out strategy on a map of the world.

"Lorna, is everything okay?" Jess asks.

"Jess, I'm sorry I couldn't get here sooner, but I just learned this myself," the GNSP's informant in the Acolytes gasps. "One of the Council members in charge of the Acolytes had sent an agent to infiltrate the same group you sent Katelyn to, they're going to raid the HQ in Chicago tonight!"

Jess' blood runs cold as she hears those words, and quickly dials a number. "Zartan? Are you guys still in Chicago?" She asks.


"Katelyn… wait, your Rogue's missing daughter, the one kidnapped by the GNSP, aren't you?" Natasha asks. "The Acolytes have been looking for you for years, and now you just happen to show up on our doorstep?"

"Yeah, I'll admit that Ruin's not exactly well known for her good timing," Katelyn says. "But we have to get out of here, now, they could attack at…"

"Both of you put your hands up!" A voice from behind them says, and a man in a black Acolyte uniform steps out from the shadows, aiming a rifle at the two girls. "I've got two of them here, commander, they aren't going anywhere…"

"Good work, bring them out here with the rest of them," a woman's voice on the other end says. "We can have Mechmaster identify them, so we can properly press charges against them."

"Katelyn, I'm sorry, I'll come back for you…" Natasha whispers, and backs away, transforming into a black bird, she flies off.

"What, we've got a shape shifter here!" the Acolyte says, leveling a gun at the retreating bird, only to get it knocked out of his hands by Katelyn. "You little, you'll pay for that!" The Acolyte says, and strikes the girl, knocking her to the ground, the last thing Katelyn sees before she blacks out is Caleb, adorned in full Acolyte gear.

"Bring her to New York, my mother will be very interested in this one, welcome home, sis," he says with a cackling laugh.


Well, Katelyn's been captured by the Mutant Nation, things are looking bleak now, aren't they?

Well, next time things start to look up as a rescue is launched to save Katelyn, but first, she must meet face-to-face with her mother.

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