(A/N: A view of the FFIX gang's journey, from an unusual perspective... Short, and kinda experimental. Reviews are much loved.)

Quale tell me, "Frogs not only food out there, Quina. World have many foods, many places to explore."

I go, to see world and taste many foods. Gain wisdom.

I travel with Zidane and his friends. We walk many roads, through mountains, caves, plains and towns. Even across ocean and through air. World is big place.

I no find frogs outside marshes. Instead try other foods. Alexandria is grand, food rich and filling, like castle. Cleyra have very tasty sand. Is light and sweet. Dwarf town have lots of yummy-yummies but dwarf hospitality not good. Black mage village have very strange people. Have tasty chocobo egg, but they no want to eat it, want to hatch it instead. Is quiet, shy village. Madain Sari is home of lost summoners. Old and dusty, but river have excellent fish. I cook for Eiko, make her a full table like days of old. All ruins now but could be rebuilt as fishing village. Then village gain life again. Lindblum big town, with many delicious foods.

I catch frogs in Qu marshes across the world but frogs not all there is to life.

In life, many different peoples, different customs. Some I like, some I no like, but all help me gain wisdom, become good gourmet.

Now, the road leads us back. Zidane, Garnet and Steiner return to Alexandria. I go too. Alexandria has good food, good people. Make me happy, for I bring recipes from all over the world, amaze chefs with less experience. Quale's wisdom guide me well. Zidane's wisdom guide me well too. Now my wisdom guide others. I make best food Alexandria ever see. I make royal wedding a feast. Only, Zidane tell me, no frogs.