Just a little scrabble that came into my mind one day on a very, very boring class. Partly inspired by Nelly Furtado's song Maneater. 'cause that's the song that always comes in to my mind whenever I read Godchild. .. yeah.

Warnings: not really any, you can see hint of Riff x Cain there. Really.

Disclaimer: If I owned Godchild, these two would have even kissed. Dammit.


You hate how those women giggle like little girls, gossip about all other people and each other and you wonder, is there really not anything else in their livesd?

Do this women breath it, gossip, do they love the way they're stabbing their knives

(made of words)

on everyone's backs. But that's just the way noble women are.

They still circle men they think are handsome and fascinating. Oh, how I hate the way they're acting like cats in heat. Yes, and there's one they truly adore, you know that very well, don't you? Because that person is you.

Earl Cain Hargreaves, 17 years old, a short life full of women and poisons, even if those two might as well be the same thing.

A life filled with pain of losing someone dear.

You do know that these women will never love you as you are? They'll always just see the heir of the rich family that holds dark secrets. They'll never see you as just Cain, just a teenager, a young lord with a bloody past and a crazy family. Crazy, even though I shouldn't be saying that, I am just a servant anyway.

And it pains me to know that I'll never be close to you the way those giggly women are, because.. am I not important enough for you?

Look at yourself, my lord. Don't you see how they adore you? It's hard for me to admit, but I... never mind, it's not my place to say anything. Now I see you searching for me, I feel a slight tingle inside of me when you set your piercing golden-green eyes on me. You come closer, forgetting all about the others.


You don't have to say anything else, I understand perfectly. I'll never be able to say it, admit what I feel aloud, but I think you already know. You're clever that way. I can see it from the cat-like smile that you grant to me and just me alone.

"Yes, my lord Cain."

I answer and you lay your slender hand on my arm. That's all I the comfort, all the touch I need. I'm content enough to be here, protecting you.