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Out of Boundaries

Chapter 1

An Auror and a Death Eater

A young nineteen-year-old witch sighed as she warily eyed the towering piles of paperwork to be sorted through that day. She leaned forwards on her desk, placing her auburn head on her hands, letting out muffled chuckle.

Lily Evans was a witch fresh out of Hogwarts. She was in an advanced specialised program to become an Auror. For someone just out of Hogwarts, the normal procedure was anywhere's between two to four years of deskwork, simulatanesouly training in DADA and shortly after beginning external work.

Lily was a rare exception. As soon as she had graduated she applied directly to begin Auror training. Alastor Moody had sought her out after receiving a reccomendation from Albus Dumbledore, the Headmaster at Hogwarts. She also received highest grades in NEWTS for her final year at Hogwarts.

Lily could still vividly recall the day she had first met Moody. She had received a post from a brown barn owl from the Ministry of Magic outlinining an appointment with the Head of the Auror department. It turned out to be an interesting appointment for she knew the name, Alaster Moody, but didn't have a clear image of the famous Auror in her mind.

Lily was a Muggle and for the first part of her life she grew up without any magical influence. She still wore regular clothing and enjoyed shopping at different vintage boutiques. In any case, she was curious of the reaction she would receive if she dressed in muggle attire. Thus, at two pm that Monday, she'd arrived dressed in a black skirt and heels with a dark green short-sleeved blouse.

When she had found her way through the labyrinth of the Ministry, she noted with amusement that the secretary was goggling at her. (She had received a number of reactions on her way up there as well)

"You can go right in M-miss Evans." The elderly lady stuttered.

Lily nodded smiling and headed towards the door confidently, her long sleek ponytail swinging behind her. She kept her expression smooth as she slid into the seat across a man probably in his mid-thirties, hair already greying and a slight stoop to his posture.

Her eyes glanced over his scarred but seemingly intact face. He was immersed in something he was reading for he didn't even look up at her when she'd entered the room nor when she sat down. It was a thick booklet in his hand so she decided she'd better get his attention. She cleared her throat quietly. So this was the infamous Mad-Eye Moody.

"Excuse me-" Lily began but stopped when he looked up at her abruptly then back down at his booklet.

"Oh, you've got the wrong room. Muggle Affairs is done the hall and the first left." He said gruffly, still reading the booklet. Lily looked at him with one eyebrow raised.

"No…I'm not with Muggle Affairs. My name is Lily Evans, sir." She said, now regretting her social experiment of wearing muggle clothes to the Ministry.

The man dropped the booklet abruptly and looked up at her. He stared at her for longer than normal and Lily felt herself grin nervously, something that happened whenever she felt uncomfortable. Finally he banged his fist on the desk making her jump in surprise.

"What does that crackpot old fool think he's doing, sending us a bloody superb model or whatever they call them? And what on earth are you wearing?" He asked gruffly, the first bit was mostly spoken to himself, but the latter comment directed at her.

Lily felt warmth swoop her cheeks and indignation trickling into her stomach.

"I am muggleborn, that is why I am dressed in muggle attire. Don't judge me from my outward appearance. You can judge me after you've seen me do what I've come here for, my Auror training." Lily said heatedly.

The man raised his eyebrows, but there was an almost imperceptible twitch to his lips when he spoke next. "Calm down lassie, not a good thing to blow up on your new boss."

Lily held his stare and he let out a chuckle.

"Well it looks like I don't have an uncertain new student to train, thank Merlin." He said gruffly.

"I don't really care what you wear but once we begin external work I do not want to catch you coming to work in impractical shoes like those." He said pointing to her three-inch black heels.

Lily felt herself laugh, feeling the tension drain from her body. "I don't know, I think they're pretty practical. Good for kicking someone right up the-"

"Alright I get the idea. Dumbledore told me you could be a cheeky bugger. Reminds me of that Black character. Anyways, to business. Here are the forms you have to fill out and then you're good to go. I've got a little office for you in the Auror's wing." Moody grunted and he pushed the forms towards her.

Lily's felt her insides warm in delight. "I have my own office?"

Moody narrowed his eyes. "It's not anything fancy. It's pretty cramped."

She continued to beam happily. She didn't care how small it was, she had her own office!

And that was how her first meeting with Moody had went. He had muttered aloud to himself, while she was still in his office mind you, about how the enemy would go straight to her because of her looks. She shrugged off his pessimism. Once she enrolled in the 'Concealment and Disguise' program and 'Stealth and Training', she would feel prepared.

Her training with Moody most days was difficult and random. Some days she would be working in the office for him, conducting investigations, and other days she would be training in combat, hexes, and DADA.

So far she hadn't left the office for an external job. She was getting antsy. There was only so much one could do to prepare through books and instruction. A lot of it had to do with personal grit and responding spontaneously in the moment.

She only questioned him once about this and his reply had been something she'd expect from her grumpy, brilliant advisor.

"Evans, when the time is ready and you're fully trained then you will go out in the real world. That will be the real test, to make sure that you have the guts for the job and can handle being put under pressure. For now you just train your ass off and hope some of it will come in handy when that day comes."

She had made friends at the Ministry of Magic. It gave her that sense of community that she'd longed for since leaving Hogwarts. Everyone was older than her but only by a few years. The Longbottoms were working there along with Sirius Black and Remus Lupin. The latter were two of her best friends.

That present day, she had to do many reports for Moody. There was one about the 'famous' dark wizards of their century, another on the statistics of Muggle deaths and determining whether they were from magical sources, and finally an opinion-based report on the Unforgivable Curses. It was Friday afternoon and this realization had begun to seep into her pores, draining all of her ambition and replacing it with anticipation of being free for the weekend.

"Why would anyone want to read about the history of these dark wizards? They're dead, it's not like hordes of them are going to pop out of the grave. B-o-ring." Lily said in a dry voice, scratching away in her purple notepad and blowing a wisp of her golden auburn hair from her eyes. She often talked to herself when she got annoyed.

Moody, however, had been walking past her cramped office and popped his head in the doorway, a stern look on his heavily scarred face.

"Evans, no more wasting time talking to yourself! I know it's boring work but we have to get you doing some of the regular paperwork so the Minister of Magic doesn't get too bent out of shape that you're skipping two years of internal work." Moody said brusquely.

"When will I begin external jobs as an Auror? I'm not officially an Auror yet because all I've been doing is practicing spells inside the Ministry and finishing up reports." Lily said. Her amusement grew as he narrowed his eyes at her gall.

"Sometime next week, actually." Moody finally said, keeping his stern expression but she let out an exhale.


"Yes, really! Now get those reports done and into my office by no later than four!" Moody said grumpily.

Lily rolled her eyes. She lazily shook her wand at the radio on the shelf above her desk and soon muggle music was filtering down into the room. She leaned back in her office chair and pulled her fingers through her wavy locks, humming softly to the music.

Even though she had grown up in the wizarding world she still preferred muggle music. There was something comforting and familiar about it. Lily could still remember when her Dad would blast the Beatles in his voltswagon on their way to Kings Cross.

"Knock, knock." A masculine voice said casually and Lily broke away from her reminiscent thoughts. She looked up to see a handsome young man with shoulder-length black hair and enigmatic looking gray eyes standing in her doorway.

"Sirius! Distract me please, I've been doing reports all day." Lily said yawning.

"You poor, overworked child." He said saracastically, shaking his head at her causing black tendrils to fall around his face.

"I am! Three papers due in one day! It's horribly underrated, an Auror's life. I could've been a Healer and doing real assignments." Lily said but Sirius snorted, knowing she was only joking.

"You think you have it bad. See when I began my training as an Auror, I didn't have to do the full three years but I still had a year and a half. Moody is so easy on you, he was always on my case for the littlest thing." Sirius said, leaning back lazily.

At Lily's raised eyebrows Sirius plunged on with conviction. "It's true!"

"Are you saying that I'm getting off easily, Black?" She asked darkly, a mischievous glint in her eyes.

"Maybe I am, maybe I'm not Evans." Sirius drawled.

Lily's face broke into a smile. "I think Moody just likes me better."

"Yeah. Sure." Sirius said with a roll of his eye and then he suddenly poked his head out of her door as if he heard someone call his name.

Turning back in her office with his eyes narrowed, he whispered in a cutting voice, "He just told me to get my arse back to my office and finish MY assignments. You think you have it bad!"

"Bye, Sirius." Lily said, smiling impishly.

Lily turned back to the pending piles of work to be done and sighed. She had been well distracted by Sirius but that didn't get her any farther on her assignments. She might as well get it over with it so she could get on with her Friday evening.

Turning up the music she focused on the papers and begin to scribble away for the next while. She grabbed thick dusty books for reference and plowed through her various history books. Two and a half hours later Lily was rolling up the papers into scrolls and attaching them to the delivery owl that coincedentally hooted its way into her office.

Lily yawned widely as she flicked the music off with her wand and she stood up to stretch. Moody suddenly popped inside her office and she blinked sleepily. What a lazy bugger, apparating when he was two doors down.

"Moody, ever think of knocking?" Lily asked teasingly.

Moody shuffled through his papers and growled, "Evans, don't reprimand me on knocking, I'm your boss! Now, I want you to do some research for me this weekend. I want you to find out all you can and then bring the information back to me on Monday. If you do this, early next week you may be assigned your first external job."

Lily grinned happily. "Sure, Moody. It'll be done for you by Monday. What's it on?"

"James Potter. Now get going before I change my mind!" He said gruffly. Lily didn't think twice of the name. She slid on her thin white sweater that kept her warm enough in the late September weather and grabbed her champagne tinted purse.

As she walked down the hall and the stairs into the main lobby of the Ministry of Magic, she felt a tap on her shoulder and turned to see Remus and Sirius.

"Finally done too, huh?" Sirius asked with a grin and Lily smacked him on the arm.

"I think Moody's quite a dear actually, see we've all been allowed to go at the same time. At least he values erm…camraderie between his Aurors." Lily said lamely and Remus laughed.

"A dear. Hmm that's a new one, definitely never heard anyone call Moody that before."

Sirius just raised his eyebrow. "I think to put it in more accurate terms, Moody just got annoyed with us and sent us home."

Lily rolled her eyes laughing as they made their way outside. "Come on Sirius."

"Always defending Moody! I see where your loyalities lie! Anyways, in more important matters, I have a proposition to make. Would you like to go out to eat with Remus and I? Otherwise it will just be me and the old chap."

Lily slugged Sirius on the arm. "Hmph. What about you Remus? You sure you want to go out with this bugger? We could always go on our own private date."

Remus smiled lightly and Lily regarded him warmly. Remus was one of those friends who could always put you at ease. They had met when she was a first year at Hogwarts. She hadn't known where she was going and managed to get separated from the other first years. Somehow she stumbled upon something…and well Remus helped her out of a tight position.

"Yeah, I spose Sirius can come." Remus said jokingly.

Sirius rolled his eyes and drawled, "Excuse me, but wasn't I the one who proposed the idea?"

"Sassy, this one." Lily said poking Sirius.

The three of them finally agreed to head to a wizarding pub in London that Sirius frequented and vouched for its cheap and tasty food. It was called the Huffler's Hodge. Lily raised her eyebrows at the uncanny name but followed Remus and Sirius inside the tavern.

"What can I get for you three?" Their waiter asked, but his eyes were locked on Lily. She smiled at him and turned to Sirius.

"We'll have three orders of your homemade chili, mate." Sirius said, rolling his eyes at Lily who still had the waiter's captivated attention.

"What would you like to have to drink, miss?" He asked and Sirius let out a sigh of frustration. Of course, one had to expect this when they went out with Lily. Flattering for her, annoying for Sirius and Remus. Well, mostly Sirius. Remus was just amused by the blundering idiots and Lily's inability to deflect them.

"Um, just water thanks."

The waiter nodded eagerly. "Excellent."

"Wait now, you haven't asked what we wanted to drink," Sirius said, gesturing between Remus and himself. He leaned over to the waiter who now looked mortified.

"Between you and me, the lassie is with him. Tough luck just thought I'd save you the humiliation later. I've already been through the heartbreak, mate."

The young waiter fumbled for words and then just turned away abruptly. "Sirius! That was unnecessary." Lily exclaimed, her face red from embarrasment.

"Had to let him down somehow. Otherwise, we were going to have to suffer through him mustering up the courage to ask you out." Sirius drawled lazily as he glanced at at a table of girls besides them.

"Right." Something seemed to strike her for she suddenly exclaimed, "Guess what?"

"You're going to ask the waiter out?" Sirius asked with a smile playing at his lips.

Lily rolled her eyes and then looked at Remus waiting to hear what he would say.

"Umm, you're going to ask Sirius out?" Remus asked jokingly.

Shaking her head she grinned. "Both wrong and very far-fetched. Moody gave me my first external assignment!" Sirius pretended to look affronted at Lily's comment.

They both looked interested so she plugged on. "I have to research a Death Eater by the name of James Potter. Heard of him?" Surprisingly, Sirius's curled his fists together and Remus looked paler than he had a few moments ago.

"Whoa. What's up?" She asked, feeling immediate concern at their reactions.

Lily noticed Sirius was looking off into space, his knuckles still clenched so Remus began.

"Long story. We were best mates with James during our time at Hogwarts until fifth year when something tragic happened in James's life."

"You were best friends with a Death Eater?" Lily asked incredulously.

Sirius's expression hardened and his hand tightened over the glass of water he was holding. "He wasn't always a Death Eater. His parents were murdered by You-Know-Who. James was home and he saw them murdered. It was during the summer before fifth year. When James returned to Hogwarts he was different. Everyone could see the change in him."

"Then, one day in early November he left. We didn't see him ever again. Not with lack of trying either. We owled him and contacted relatives but no one knew what happened." Remus replied softly picking up where Sirius stopped. Their friend's dark eyes had a faraway look in them. Lily swallowed the lump in her throat at her friend's obvious misery.

Sirius sighed. "He disappeared. Even Dumbledore didn't know where he went, and that certainly wasn't comforting. Although perhaps then he had his suspicions. Remus, I, and our other friend Peter Pettigrew continued Hogwarts for the next three years without a single word from him. Until we saw the Daily Prophet one day." Sirius said bitterly.

"What happened?" Lily asked, her emerald eyes fixed on her two friends.

"There was a deadly Muggle raid. This was the first big raid of You-Know-Who back then and it happened in London at a hospital. There were over forty Muggles killed and many others injured. James had been spotted next to You-Know-Who during the raid. He had also been the one who conjured the Dark Mark." Remus said dejectedly, lifting his hands and resting his chin on them.

The lights had dimmed in the pub and the music had changed to a softer rock band that crooned the lyrics in a foregin language. Lily shook her head. Moody had definitely given her a tough Death Eater. And also an emotionally charged assignment, considering how it affected her two closest friends at the Ministry.

It was clear to her now why she hadn't recognized the name when Moody had first assigned it earlier that day. She had only been in first year when the boys had been in fifth year. Lily had been so caught up in adjusting to Hogwarts and focusing on her studies that she hadn't much attention for much else.

"So…his parents were killed by You-Know-Who and then he turned into a Death Eater." Lily mused aloud, twirling a piece of auburn hair between her fingers.

"Basically." Sirius said reluctantly.

The young waiter came to their table with three steaming bowls of chilli and he passed them out to the now forlorn threesome, his cheeks stained red when he placed Lily's bowl in front of her gingerly, his eyes darting down at her and then away.

"Thanks." Lily mumbled, still lost in her thoughts.

"You're welcome. Enjoy!" He chirped cheerfully, speeding away with one last glance, and tripped over the extended foot of one of his fellow waiters.

Remus and Sirius snorted and Lily bit back a smile. They ate for a few minutes in silence, enjoying the warm hearty chilli and the soft music playing in the background.

"Moody definitely gave you an interesting first assignment." Remus finally said, breaking the silence.

Lily took another bite of her chilli and nodded. "Yes, he certainly did."

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