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Natsume's POV

Natsume's room

1 am


still cant sleep , natsume?... well it is your fault after all

my fault?! How can it be my fault?!?

Stupid conscience

It all her fault!

I couldn't take it anymore I was screaming inside

The most annoying part ……

That stupid fucking incident keeps playing in my head


12 noon

I was walking on the hallway going to the cafeteria to get my lunch

As always I was alone

Ever since ruka and hotaru got together a year ago it's been like this most of the time

I still had fan girls chasing me around

Everything was normal for me

As soon as I was about to turn right to the corner

There it was mikan making out with some random guy

Every week someone different

With my eyes wide open seeing the girl I love making out

"oh sorry hyuuga san we didn't know you were there" said the boy with silver hair and green eyes and a smirk on his face

last week it was some guy with black hair and blue eyes I don't really keep count

oh and yeah did I mention that she just became so powerful that she mastered her alice and would always nullify mine so wouldn't be able to hurt any of them

that darn slut just became smarter and more beautiful

I always wondered what happened to that girl I use to love I still do and I know that she would change back someday

I just have to wait

But the hell with it! How many fucking years does she want me to wait!

the worst part of it all is that I was the one that would always catch her with some guy

almost everyday it would be like this

the story of my life……

"Hyuuga?! Why the hell are you doing staring at us? Your starting to freak me out! Would you just give us some privacy here! Just get lost loser!" she said in such a harsh tone

"oh sorry polka-dots… wait… why the hell am I saying sorry?! If you want some privacy get a room, slut! Its not my fault that I had to run into you guys at the hallway!"

"whatever, lets just get out of here that perverted freak just wont stop" she said while walking away with that guy

End of flashback

Why did that sweet innocent girl have to turn into a slut?!

Normal POV

Yup. He's right our dear innocent little mikan has turn into a slut.

Almost every night Natsume wouldn't be able to sleep

He goes to missions more often so that it would keep his mind of mikan.

Why you ask mikan grew up as a slut well its pretty simple

Its all Natsume's fault


2 years ago

Mikan a 14 year old little girl was in love

Yes our cheery innocent little girl was in love with the hottest boy in school

But this kind of love was different

She never fell for his looks

Or for his popularity

Or for how good he was at everything

Being mikan she wouldn't look at the outside but at the inside

She was the only girl that could actually go near him and have a talk with him

They were like brother and sister

And being like brother and sister

He would be so arrogant at times bossy and yet there are moment were he would be so sweet

She was also the dense type

Natsume loved her it wasn't that obvious

but if you were that girl who would always sit next to him during free time

If you were that girl you would go to when you couldn't sleep and go up on the roof and just watch the stars together

You would know.

Our little mikan was just too dense.

But she knew someday they would be together and she would love him no matter what

Until one day

Mikan was walking silently it was still too early to make noise since some students were still asleep

She woke up too early today and decided to go and see natsume

Even if he did still call her names and insult her all the time she would still sit with him even if no words were spoken from his mouth

Whenever she would have a problem she would go to him

He wouldn't talk at first and tell her to go away

But she would still keep talking

She knew he would listen and he would always have the solution to her problems

She wasn't really sure if he loved her or even liked her but she didn't really care

But she always knew she was considered a friend and he cared for her

That's why she loved staying with natsume

He was always there for her even if he didn't show it

Getting back to out story…

Mikan was walking towards the sakura tree

He heard her talking Persona he didn't notice her there but persona knew she was there listening to what he had to say

"Natsume you're falling behind on these missions. You're getting too soft"


"it's that sukura girl? Am I right?"

mikan could hear every single word

"you love her don't you?"

mikan was shocked

she never noticed natsume was getting soft towards her she never even knew natsume had feelings for her. But her hearts started to beat so fast her she wanted to hear the answer so bad and hoped he loved her back

Natsume's eyes widen

Persona knew that natsume loved her but to protect everyone in this school he had to do this even if he didn't want to.

"what make you think I would ever love an idiot like her?" he said in such a cold voice he was lying he loved that girl more than anyone in the world but he didn't want her to get hurt

those word were replaying in mikan's head over and over again

tears started to pour out of her beautiful hazel eyes

natsume heard someone crying behind the tree

when suddenly……

"yeah Persona. How could he love an idiot like me?"

Natsume's eyes widen in shock

He never ment to hurt he

He really did love he but she just couldn't watch her get hurt because of him

Persona left into the shadows.

Just leaving mikan and natsume

"i .. i'm sor…"

"don't say anything natsume its not your fault I just thought you loved me too. God I feel so stupid!"

natsume's hair was covering his crimson eyes now filled with tears

"I think I should go now natsume. And i think its best if we don't stay together anymore i might just bring you down in your work and add more weight to your back."


"whats the use if i stay with you if you hate me so i'll be going then so this is goodbye hyuuga san" she left with tears falling none stop from her eyes

"I never said I hated you baka" he said to no one in particular

"im so sorry mikan"

mikan's heart was shattered after that incident

she skiped classes for a few days she didn't eat too

after a few nights in her room all alone she went up on her roof

"I knew you would come up someday" natsume said as if nothing happened

"….." she stayed at the other end so that she would be alone

natsume wanted to cry but he couldn't he wanted to say sorry and say that he truly loved him but he couldn't

no one really knew what happened to her

Natsume acted as if nothing happened

Being pretty little mikan she had fan boys a lot of them

She started dating them one by one a new one every week

Natsume became jealous because of this act

He saw them together at central town

Every night she would go up to her roof even if she knew natsume was there she would ignore him

"i don't want you dating with random people"


"don't talk to me i don't care as long as you stop seeing them" he just couldn't take it anymore

" why should i listen to you hyuuga san? you don't even care?" she just went down back to her room

she stoped crying already she faced the facts even if she didn't really know the truth exaclly.

It but after that night

Natsume saw them making out

Right in front of him

End of flash back

Just so you know Persona isn't evil or anything

He never wanted to this he kinda cared for the little girl and was proud of her sometimes for being herself and not minding what other people would say or how much they insulted her

But he had to do this for the sake of the academy

For the sake of natsume if he wouldn't focus something could happen to him

And it was the only way

And he knew in a few years mikan would be joining him

He knew that the academy would make her go on these missions someday

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