Punches and kicks were flying everywhere

Just a Little Cut

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Punches and kicks were flying everywhere. Many were either blocked, dodged, or discarded as if they were a light touch. The two figures were in such concentration, that they wouldn't have noticed anything else that might have happened. The sun began to settle on the Son home, and even though the two figures were exhausted beyond belief, they continued, determined to find an opening in which they could overcome the other.

Son Chi Chi fought against her husband, she knew she was slower than him and that if she waited a millimeter of a second longer, one of those punches would have gotten her. She jumped back, yet he kept up with her, and as she jumped back again, she felt a surface against her back, and before her brain could register that she had backed up into a tree, she had two arms on either side of her, pinning hers to her sides, and leaving her unable to move. The two stood there breathless, Son Goku holding her in place, and Chi Chi, knowing she had lost. Goku regained his breath sooner, considering he was more experienced in these situations. "Well?" His wife glared at him as she replied, "I… can still… defeat you… as soon as… I get free." Goku laughed as he leaned down and gave his wife a small kiss. "Chi Chi, you're pushing yourself too hard hon, give yourself a break."  Chi Chi thought this over for a minute. 'No,' she thought to herself. She had promised herself to train as hard as possible. She used to like fighting. Yet she didn't remember why she pulled away from the sport. She continued to think deeply until she noticed Goku carrying her inside. Gohan had gone off to train with Piccolo again. She sighed. She still didn't like the big green monster, but she was beginning to learn that he wouldn't hurt Gohan for the world. She was snapped out of her reverie by the sound of water running. Goku was running the bath water. She was too exhausted to do anything. She was tired because she was trying to push her power level up, Goku was tired because he was trying to push his power level down. I wonder how he trains Gohan? Chi Chi thought. He's much too gentle with me, but I don't mind too much since I just started to try to get my fighting skills back. As she stopped her ponderings, she noticed that Goku had undressed them and that she was now curled up on his chest in the tub. The exercise workout took its toll, and Son Chi Chi went to sleep.

Goku smiled at his wife, she was trying so hard to train herself. I'll have to keep her in bed tomorrow, Goku thought. If she continues like this, she'll wear herself out. Just the thought made Goku shudder. Well, now I won't have to worry about her so much. I know Chi Chi is strong, but if an enemy decides to attack the house, she can at least stall him until I get there. He thought for several minutes while undoing her hair and running his hand down her back. As he looked down again he gasped. Blood, all over his hand. It seems Chi Chi cut herself when she rammed into the tree. Goku quickly stood up, flared his ki to dry them off, and grabbed the bandages on the way to the bedroom. No matter how strong a fighter Chi Chi was, her skin was still very soft, which now that Goku thought about it, could be dangerous in a fight. But wait a sec, who said she was fighting? As Goku wrapped her up, he noticed bruises forming from their spar. I was trying to be gentle, Goku thought. Maybe we should just stop all together, I wouldn't even be training her, but she really wanted to…Goku thought for a while, the drifted off to sleep, his arms wrapped protectively around his wife.

The next morning, Chi Chi peeked her eyes open to see that it was 9:00. She started to close them again, until the information registered into her brain. '9:00!!!!!!!!!!! I have to make breakfast! Gohan should already be up, and who knows what he's doing?'  Chi Chi prepared to jump out of bed when something kept her there. Her husband's arms were wrapped gently, but tightly around her. Goku peeked an eye open. "Uh, uh, uh," he scolded. "You're staying in bed today" "Goku, no. I need to make breakfast and clean the house." "Didn't you do that yesterday?" "Yes, but… Goku let me up!" "Don't think so," Goku replied closing his eyes again. Chi Chi tried to force her way up until an unbelievable amount of pain shot up through her back. "AHHHHH!!!!!!!" she screamed painfully. Goku shot up, adrenaline pumping through his body as he looked around the room, then back down at his wife. "Oh yeah, Chi Chi. You hurt your back on the tree yesterday. It should heal soon, but that's another reason why you're staying in bed today." As Chi Chi grumbled, Goku replied, "It wouldn't have been so bad if you had told me that you hurt it. Then I could have helped you sooner. Maybe we should stop training… " "NO!!!!" Chi Chi sat up, breaking Goku's grasp on her and setting her face into a look of determination. "Now Chi Chi," Goku began sternly. "Don't argue. Just take a break ok? Here, let me turn on the tv…" He gave her a brief kiss before standing up and pressing the power button on the television set. He turned it to a soap opera and handed her the remote. Then he put his hands on either side of her on the bed and spoke, his eyes never wavering from her disapproving gaze 5 inches away. "Now, here's the remote, I'll bring in breakfast and watch Gohan. The only reason for you to get up is to go to the bathroom, and even in that case you have to come straight back." "Or what?" asked Chi Chi defiantly. Goku leaned forward and kissed her long and hard. When he pulled back, they were both quite breathless. "Don't be defiant, can you please just do what I ask? Just today? Please?" Chi Chi looked down and nodded. "Good," said Goku as he kissed her forehead and then walked out the room. "And you better not move from that spot!" he warned. "Yes, master" she said sarcastically. She flipped through channels as she noticed that she was in her night shirt, which therefore meant that Goku dressed her and left her workout clothes on the probably wet floor in the bathroom. Her neat freak instincts kicked in, and she slowly got up to pick up the clothes. As she bent down to pick them up, her back screamed its discomfort. She held her breath so that she didn't make any noises that would send her husband running up. However, she could not hold back a slight whimper as she pulled herself back up. She turned around to go back to the bedroom, but Goku stood in the doorway with his arms crossed, his body and frown blocking her way to freedom. She sighed and looked around for anything that would help her make an excuse, yet nothing offered any assistance. "Goku…" she started. But Goku raised his hand in an act of silence, and moved to pick her up and carry her back to the bedroom. She kept silent. She knew that Goku was upset with her, and just waited for him to speak. After he placed her on the bed and covered her back up, he turned away from her. Chi Chi waited for several minutes, her heart pounding with the guilt of a child who knew that they had done something wrong. "Goku?" she asked in a quiet voice. She waited, not knowing what to say or how to feel, not as if it was a major sin to move from bed arrest. He shouldn't be that upset. Goku finally turned around and hugged her tightly enough to let her know that he cared, but light enough so as not to hurt her further.  "Chi Chi…" he began. "I didn't ask you to stay in bed to hurt you in anyway. It was the exact opposite. I can't stand the thought of you being hurt and I really want this cut and these bruises to heal. You have no idea how many times I've not wanted to train you. Each time I attack you my heart feels like knives are piercing through every part with nerves. You really scared me. That cut may look like it's nothing big from where your looking, but if you put to much strain on it, it may rip itself open and you may collapse in pain somewhere and I won't know where you are so I won't be able to help you. And you have no idea what enemy of mine could find you in that time, and… just the thought of you being by yourself scares me." Chi Chi sat, shocked. She never knew her husband cared about her THAT much. "Chi Chi please just do what I ask and stay in bed. You really did about give me heart failure there, and it's not good for the Earth's savior to have heart failure." His eyes looked at her pleading, and Chi Chi could not resist herself to lean in and kiss him. She drew her arms around his neck as she thought his explanation through, and then agreed. "Ok, Goku. I'll do it." Goku flashed her a 'thank you' grin and leaned in to kiss her again when the phone rang. "I'm sorry, hang on" Goku said apologetically as he turned away from her to answer the phone. "Hello?" Chi Chi looked out the window as she waited for her husband to finish on the phone. She noticed a figure flying off along the sunset, and as she squinted, she saw another figure. Gohan! He was following that evil monster again! She began to move out of bed, but Goku, who continued to stare at the opposite wall, placed his hand on her leg. She sighed, she did make a promise, and Piccolo wouldn't hurt her baby… much. She thought of all that could happen as Goku hung up the phone. "Sorry Chi Chi, that was Krillen. Something is going on right above Earth and we're gonna go to Bulma's place to check it out." He watched her face turn into one of worry. "Don't worry Chi Chi, it'll be ok.." he said as he leaned down to kiss her lightly. "I might be back late, if you don't mind, I'm sorry…" "No," Chi Chi said. "You gotta do what you gotta do. Now go beloved, before I change my mind." Goku flashed another 'thank you' smile at her before heading for the door. "Remember," Goku started. "Don't move, yeah I know, go Goku." There was a smile and a loving gaze before he was gone and the house was empty. She focused her attention on the soap operas, and had tears in her eyes by the time she heard the door open again. A weak little voice carried up to her. "Mommy…" Chi Chi was in the living room in a flash. Her son was on the floor, bruises and cuts all over him. "Oh my baby," she said as she kneeled to hug him. "That evil monster…" "No mom, it was my fault, I kept getting the feeling that something was wrong, I wasn't paying attention…" "That's still no reason to hurt little boys," she interrupted. "If I had a higher power level I'd go show that big green… never mind" She said as she smiled softly at him. "How about a nice bath?" "That would be nice mom, thanks" "Inside or outside?" "Outside, please mom. Thank you." As Chi Chi stepped outside, Gohan rested his head on the floor, 'Nothing wrong with resting my eyes…' he thought. 'Nothing… wrong… at all…'

As Chi Chi stepped outside, she realized that there had been a major storm, and she had not known anything about it. Puddles stayed on the ground waiting for an opportunity to seep into the dirt. The wind played with her hair ruffling and straightening it to where it wanted it to be. Not being satisfied with that, it began to tug at her night shirt, pulling it every which way to make it rise and show generous amounts of skin. The barrel that the Son men loved to bathe in so much after a fight was on its side, across the yard. Chi Chi thought of her son, and without another thought, went to pick up the barrel. Yes, her back did hurt a tad when she bent down to pick it up, but she ignored it. Her son needed her. Then as she rose to pick it up, she heard a sickening ripping sound and a half of a second later, felt extreme pain go through her back. Son Chi Chi screamed her agony to the world as she passed out and the heavens opened up to let the droplets inside close in on its prey.

Goku sat straight up as if pricked with a needle. Everyone looked at him. "Goku… you interrupted my…" "Chi Chi!!!!" Goku cried out, ignoring Bulma and flying out the front door.

Gohan snapped out of his dream as he shouted "Mom!!!" and ran outside to see where his mother was. Chi Chi lie on the ground, her night shirt turning a stained red and the rain pelting her relentlessly. "No, Mom!" Gohan cried as he lifted his mother and carried her into the house. He placed her on the couch as he shook her gently, tears coming down his face. "Mom, wake up! Mom!" He lifted her wet shirt to see that there were bandages around her body and there was apparently a cut on her back, because it was staining the bandage and everything else that it could reach. "Mom…" Gohan said astonished. Did Dad know about this? As he tried to figure out what to do, he mother groaned and lifted her head. She looked at her surroundings and then at Gohan and what he was holding. "AAAHHH!!!" Chi Chi screamed as she snatched her shirt away from her son. Gohan looked closely at her. "Mom, what happened? Why are you hurt?" Chi Chi smiled at her son and said, "What do you mean? I'm not hurt." Gohan looked closely at his mother. Surely she knew… didn't she? Chi Chi was slowly backing away from Gohan and backed herself right off the couch. She landed on her back on the floor, and let out such an agonized scream that one would have thought she was dying a terrible horrible death. "Mom!" Gohan yelled and dove after his mother. "Mom, speak to me, are you ok?" Chi Chi didn't speak for a while, ignoring her son's cries as she thought to herself, Breathe, Cheech. Breathe in, and out, that's good. In, and out. Keep those tears back, and keep breathing.  As soon as she felt better she raised herself up and grabbed Gohan's hands. "I'm fine Gohan, and I can take care of myself, but son please do this for me. Do NOT tell your father about any of this, ok?" Gohan looked at her as if she had asked him to give her a piece of the sky. "What?" "Gohan, I know that I shouldn't ask but please, your father has so much on his mind, and…" Illegal tears started to flow down her face. Goku would never let her train again. She would never be able to go and protect her family and the world in battles, and… she almost forgot. Her promise. Goku might never trust her to do anything again. And also, it was in one of the Son family's major rules. Never break a promise. That is exactly what she had done, and she was paying for it now. "Mom?" Chi Chi looked at her son who was looking at her lovingly. "I promise not to tell Dad… if you go upstairs, clean that up, and then go straight to bed. Otherwise, deal's off." Chi Chi jumped forward and hugged her son. She loved him so much. "Thank you so much Gohan. I love you so much, do you know that my precious little boy?" "You have 10 seconds to get upstairs, mom" Chi Chi ran as fast as she could without hurting herself further.

Chi Chi lay in bed, thinking to herself while flipping through channels. Her newly bandaged side felt much better after a nice bath, a new shirt that was the exact same color (to throw off suspicious husbands), a blowdryer (What would I do without it?), and new bandaging. But… in a fight, I can't just run home and bandage stuff. I can't sit there and cry either. I have to be like the other fighters. I have to train through this. There is no way I can complain about this when to fight enemies I can expect to have my neck broken, be shot through the chest, be blown up, and perhaps die a slow and painful death… Why does this impress me so much? Why do I want to join my family in saving the world, when I could stay home nice and safe while my father tells me which member of my family died and I can say, 'That's nice, dad,' while doing tons and tons of dishes… Well, that explains my question there. So, I need to train tomorrow. I must work through this. It's no big deal, right? Just a small little cut' She leaned over and grabbed a sheet of paper and wrote a note to her husband, then fell asleep, remote in hand. 

Goku shot through the front door, ignoring his son's surprised yell. He flew up the stairs and threw open his bedroom door to see his wife… sleeping peacefully? "Um…" Goku muttered. "I have a feeling that I am missing something. I know something is wrong. I felt it." Goku watched his wife for 5 seconds longer, then turned to see his son.

"Gohan." Uh oh. Lying to mom is much easier than lying to dad. And it's never really been a 'your wife is seriously hurt' issue. "Daddy! You're home!" Gohan ran to his father who picked him up and said, "How was your day, son?" "Oh, it was fine," Gohan answered quickly. "Did anything important happen?" Goku asked as he set Gohan down. "No, nothing really. Um… I entered a new chapter in my books." "That's good son, and how about your mother?" "Um…" Gohan started out. "She basically yelled at me to study and that's about it." "Did she get out of bed?" 'Oh, so Dad must have known about it after all and put Mom to bed arrest.' "No," Gohan said quickly. "Why?" Goku sighed and leaned against the table, but he knew he felt something. What could it have been? "Your mom hurt herself yesterday, Gohan. She slammed herself up against a very uneven part of a tree and she's really hurt. I'm afraid that if she puts too much strain on it, she may rip the cut open and it will be much worse than she originally had it. The problem is, your mother is stubborn and won't stay in bed, but she hasn't seen the cut. She can't see it because, well, you know, it's on her back. But I want you to make sure that she stays in bed while I'm gone ok?"  Gohan's blood ran cold. Rip the cut open????? That's what she did, and I'm not telling dad. What's wrong with me? This is wrong, mom could really hurt herself…' "Gohan?" Gohan looked at his father. 'Ok, mom's off the hook this time, but I'm going to set her straight from now on' "Ok, dad." Goku smiled and ruffled his son's hair. "That's my boy. Now why don't you go get some sleep, you can go train with Piccolo tomorrow." "Yes, dad." Gohan replied as he walked to his room. Goku then went up to his room to see a note on his beside table.


Hi sweetheart! I hope the meeting was wonderful and I'm sorry I didn't stay up long enough to say goodnight. Make sure you wake me up nice and early tomorrow, we have got to train! Ok? See ya when I wake up!


Chi Chi

Chi Chi… train??? Um.. yes I definitely missed something, Goku thought. He decided to wait until tomorrow. If she still wanted to train after she woke up, he would check over her injury first, then, depending on the situation, they would go train. At least that cut had a day of rest so it should be getting better. Chi Chi will be happy to get back to training again. He smiled at his wife's eagerness as he stripped to his boxers and climbed into bed.

Chi Chi opened her eyes and looked at her husband. He layed with his arms wrapped tightly around her and drooling on his pillow. If any one saw this man now, they would not think this was the savior of earth. They would think he was a small child, or angel that outgrew his rightful body overnight. Chi Chi found it hard to believe that this adorable man drooling before her had killed many aliens that have come to earth. That these hands that gently pulled her closer to his body could shoot energy, punch the earth into two pieces if he wanted, or squish her body to the point where bones turned into powder, muscles burst and life fled from its crumpled home. Speaking of which… She looked at the clock. 9:00 again! Gohan should be up! I should be up! We should be training! "GOKU!!!!" "YAAHHH!!!!!!!!" Goku fell off the bed and landed in what seemed to be a very uncomfortable position, with his legs in the air and his head on the ground. "Goku, why didn't you wake me up? We've got to train! Where are my clothes? Nice boxers by the way… GET UP!!!!" Goku rolled to a sitting position and watched his wife hop into her clothes. "Um… Chi Chi?" "What?" Chi Chi sharply said. Ok, breathe Cheech. He didn't do anything. Don't go on one of your rampages. Breathe in… and out. There we go, in… and out. "I'm sorry. I mean, yes Goku dear?" "Um… you're hurt. We aren't training so you can hurt yourself more." "No, Goku I'm fine. Really I am." "Let me see…" "No!" Chi Chi ran from his outstretched hand. "Ok… no training then…" Chi Chi sighed. "I got a senzu, ok?" "Oh really?" Goku said. "I thought we were out." "We are, we were," Chi Chi explained. "One fell out of the bag, and I… brought Gohan in to see if there were any left." "Then why won't you let me see?" Goku inquired, determined to get his wife in a lie. "Because," Chi Chi started. "Because, because if you get a peek, we might never get to training." She continued in a sultry voice hoping Goku bought the story. Goku smiled. "Works for me! Let's go!" He got up and got dressed and then pulled Chi Chi outside.