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Six years was not very long when you lived in Mineral Town surrounded by kids who were growing every day. Natsumi was nine years old at that time, adorable and still somewhat catty. She helped Popuri around the house only when told to. Her hair was a darker pink than her mother's and her skin was just a shade lighter than her father's. Time had passed quickly and the Carr family still had not heard a word from May.

Alex was the same age as Natsumi and was spunky and spirited with a face full of freckles and a head of straight red hair. She and the pink-headed girl were still best friends with Cat, who looked to be even lovelier than Natsumi with her long blonde hair and clear blue eyes. Cat and Benji spent much of their time helping their mother, a contrast to Natsumi.

Monami, a little over six, was already very skilled in music. She sat on her piano everyday and worked on the music books that she had imported from the city. She wore glasses and had curly auburn hair that reached halfway down her back. Her personality was a tad sarcastic and reserved, but that was a relief to her parents after having dealt with Alex's boundless energy for nine years.

Benji was an adorable fellow with messy blonde hair and a baby face. He was chagrined to find that his sister was taller than he was and swore to outgrow her soon. His best friends, Casey and Todd, joined him in all types of escapades around the city. Casey at ten years of age was a spontaneous individual who gave Stu's old pranks a run for their money and invented all kinds of places to hide bugs and scare his mother. Todd, eight, was responsible and could be a crybaby sometimes. Both boys were determined to be doctors, just like their parents.

The genius of the town was Japet, however. What a bundle of personality! He had brown hair with golden highlights that glowed in sunlight. His eyes were green and sparkling. No boy in town could beat him at wrestling, despite his tender age of six. He'd grow to be tall and lean, the town could see that. Even with his athletic ability, his real passion was in his studies. The Library was a constant attraction to him, later for more reasons than one, but I can't go into that now. In fact, it's better that I leave Mary's story completely in the dark for the moment.


On a particularly damp morning, Kai awoke early and headed for the outdoors to check on some crab nests he'd noticed the other day. As soon as he opened the door, he almost tripped over a large basket on his doorstep. He looked at it and knew what it was. Carefully and silently he knelt down to read the note pinned to the top of the blankets that covered the basket.

Her name is Summer.



Who is the father?

You'll find out in Die Now Kthnx