Yoshizilla: Finally, it came...what came, do you all ask? I'll tell you - the 8th Anniversary of the first, and original, Nintendo 64 Masterpiece, the game that started the entire Super Smash Brothers legacy: Super Smash Brothers itself, also known in Japanese as Nintendō Ōrusutā! Dairantō Sumasshu Burazāzu, or properly trasnlated Nintendo All-Star! Great Fray Smash Brothers. And since this is a story that I DEFINITELY wanted to do for so long, and since it will have all of the 12 original Super Smash Brothers characters fighting in it, I reckoned that a novelization wouldn't hurt. Now I proudly present you all you fans, readers, and commonwealth people out there: Super Smash Brothers!

Disclaimer: Super Smash Brothers, Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Link, Kirby, Samus Aran, Donkey Kong, Fox McCloud, Ness, Captain Falcon, Master Hand, and Crazy hand are all properties of Nintendo. All other Nintendo-related characters belong to Nintendo as well. And Yoshizilla owns Peppertino Alfredo (Peppy) Ankylosaurus and Doctor Harryhausen Howard Hoshi (Dr. Hoshi).

Super Smash Brothers

(AKA Nintendo All-Star! Great Fray Smash Brothers)

The Novelization

By Yoshizilla

Prologue: The Beginning

It was a dark, stormy night as one could expect in a huge city like Nintendo City. All of the residents, visitors, and workers wandered around in the street, while in the peaceful center of the successful metropolis, a vast wide-open field spread around, and in the middle was construction on a huge mansion that would be home to the protectors and most famous residents of Nintendo City...The Super Smash Brothers.

Master Hand sipped a cup of coffee as he watched several Machoke and Vigoroths move several bricks, boxes, and other materials. "Ahhh, what a perfect, calm day it turned out to be." He said to himself, sighing, "Though it would be nice if we had something interesting to do..."

"Like what?" Crazy Hand asked, appearing right next to Master Hand in a puff of white smoke.

Master Hand turned to Crazy Hand and explained, "Well, we manage to beat the Dark Legion in the Great War, but it seems that things have become too boring ever since...we have nothing to do until the Super Smash Brothers Mansion is complete."

Crazy Hand nodded in agreement. "Good point. Hmmmm..." He started pondering, before he snapped his fingers (more literaly himself). "I got it!" He turned to Master Hand. "I think I know what to do while we wait."

Master Hand sighed. "What is it, Crazy Hand?" He mumbled. He knew that whenever Crazy Hand had a great idea, it would utterly fail.

Crazy Hand chuckled. "It goes like this. We'll have a tourtament between 12 of the Super Smash Brothers, and we'll have them fight each other so that one will rise to be the best of them all!" He laughed maniacally.

Master Hand blinked. "But what about the other Smashers that aren't in the tourtament?" He added.

Crazy Hand stopped laughing, and he pondered. "Hmmm...good point. Maybe we'll have them go on vacation somewhere..."

"But where!?" Master Hand bellowed, "We barely know where we could find a good place for a vacation!"

"Just calm down and let me think!" Crazy Hand shouted back, going back into thinking. He continued thinking, and he started chuckling. "Of course...why didn't I think of it earlier?" He turned back to face Master Hand. "Master Hand, perhaps a flyer will get the 12 Smashers' attention..."

Master Hand moaned. "I don't know, Crazy Hand...it doesn't sound like a good idea..."

Crazy Hand scoffed. "You're always like that, Master Hand! Oh, whatever! I'll handle this myself." He disappeared into another puff of white smoke.

Master Hand sighed and stood there, floating in mid-air. "I swear, Crazy Hand becomes crazier and less smarter every day..." He muttered to himself, before he went back to sipping his coffee and watching the workers continue construction on the soon-to-be Super Smash Brothers Mansion.

Yoshizilla: Ladies and Gentlemen, this will be the only Author Notes in the entire story until the final chapter, and I just wanted to point out that the 12 Smashers (Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Kirby, Link, Samus Aran, Fox McCloud, Captain Falcon, and Ness) will appear in the next chapter, getting the flyers that Crazy Hand has promised. And...uh...with that all said and done, I shall see you all...in the final chapter!