Hey everybody, it feels awesome to be updating again

Hey everybody, it feels awesome to be updating again. Thanks for all the submissions, and nobody get insulted if I tweak them just a little, so that they'll fit in with the rest of my list. By the way, since Firefly was canceled after only one season (arrgh!!) I'm simply running out of material, so I'm thinking about doing a list for something else? Any ideas? Miyazaki films? Twilight series?

Do not let the captain use your engines as a weapon. If he insists on it, make him clean it up.

For the above, thanks, phantomcranefly! Good stuff!

The rule about the crazy girl not touching guns is only valid when there are no Reavers about. This also applies to knives and other sharp objects.

Never wear anything with the Blue Sun logo on it, you might end up getting your chest sliced open with a butcher's knife by the crazy girl.

Having faith is not the same thing as believing in God. And no, this is not the beginning of a sermon.

Book was not always a sheperd, so don't be suprised when he knows more about alliance proticals than he should. Just accept the help from the nice military boys, and try not to look suspicious.

Yay, Flowerfairy30! Thanks so much for helping me out!

If you're in the middle of a glorified fistfight with a ninja-like Alliance official, it's always fun to count how many ways you should have died already.

You rock, 12 Withering Roses! And your name does, too!

If you're the hot doctor, take your shirt off as MANY TIMES AS POSSIBLE. Unfortunately, that still won't be very many times. You're much too proper for that.

If a sinister man asks you what your sin is, run in the opposite direction like you're on the Reaver's next meal plan, though you still probably won't be fast enough.

Never trust man who marries his robot play toy. There's just something not quite right with that.

Jayne can never be in charge. Why, you may ask? Well…because he just…can't…That's why!

If the crazy girl has a gun pointed at you, do not assume false bravado and tell her to go ahead and shoot you. I'm telling you, they messed with her brain. She will do it.

Serenity cannot stay afloat with too much sexual tension, because Wash can't handle it. You may be forced to get it on with his wife, just for his peace of mind.

If the weapons junkie is making mutinous noises, don't try to reason with him. Hit him with the elephant-sized tranqs NOW, ask questions LATER.

Possible romantic encounters with the cute doctor are definitely reasons to fight harder. With that kind of chance, you don't want to be eaten by Reavers. You wanna live!

Remember, always take time to stop and smell the engine oil, and to appreciate the pitter-patter of little combat-booted feet.

I just reposted this to add this note. I have started a Twilight series list, for those of you who professed interest, called Rules for Living in Forks. Check it out! Or don't.