Duel For Lost Souls

AU/Obi-Wan/Original Female/Darth Maul

A story about finding hidden strengths, forbidden passions, deep love and carnal desire…of a young woman who is much more then she seems, coming from a world that does not exist in the jedi universe. An unknown planet called: Earth.

She has no past. No identity. A beautiful tragedy known only as Iris. A girl who escaped slavery and prostitution, taking refuge at the Jedi temple. Her deadly grace in battle is almost as stunning as her beauty and kind heart.

Young Obi-Wan is a Jedi master working along her side. Despite trying to deny his emotions and desires; he falls deeply in love with her, struggling with forbidden feelings of passion and love...

But all is not as it seems, Her every move is watched by dark forces, and every moment they are more determined to have her. They send their most deadly assassin to retrieve her...as he hunts his prey he becomes more and more captivated with her, becoming a dark, deadly obsession...

( A/N: chapters 1 - 3 are currently being revised! )

Chapter One


I don't remember when or why it happened. All I remember was the pain I felt through my whole body, like nothing I've ever felt even to this day. There was so much screaming, so much pain, a blinding light brighter then the sun. It was only for an instant, a second, but I remember it like it was forever. Gasping. I couldn't breathe. I reached out to Earth. And then, suddenly…nothing. There was darkness. When my eyes finally adjusted to the emptiness I saw the stars and planets before me. They reached on into oblivion and forever in every direction. Their beauty was incredible…It was so overwhelming I knew I must be seeing the entire universe, from Earth, to places so far beyond it that we had no idea they existed…

I was out there, lost in the stars for what felt like years. Floating in a bubble through time and space…until…

I woke up with a violent start as one of the guards pushed me with his foot. I rubbed the sleepiness from my eyes to see sunlight creep through the windows of the ship. The others around me, all chained by their hands and feet, stirred in their places. Fear consuming their faces. Fear of the unknown. Fear of where they would end up on this day.

I looked out of the tiny window on the wall next to me. Through clouds I saw a planet unlike anything I had ever seen. A city that stretched into the horizon as far as I could see in every direction. I leaned closer to get a better look. As the ship descended I saw criss-crossing air traffic so thick it looked like a giant mass of moving vehicles a thousand feet deep. Id never seen anything like it…

The slave next to me shook my shoulder. I quickly looked around to see a guard coming our way. We scrambled to our feet as he approached. He snarled and grabbed us, pulling us forward to follow the rest of the slaves filing towards the front of the ship. A tremor of fear crept up my throat as we moved. Don't be afraid. I silently assured myself. You will escape…

As I got closer I saw the front hatch of the ship open, flooding the cavern with bright sunlight from the sky. Children wailed, grabbing on to their mothers as guards shoved them out of the ship. A small alien boy near me cried frantically, reaching out his arms. I pushed my way towards him, kneeling down to hold him. "Its going to be ok." I said. Even though I knew he couldn't understand me. Since being picked up by slave traders I found out that all creatures, even the lowliest of slaves, were implanted with a translating device. All languages could be understood and spoken by everyone in the republic. Everyone…except for me.

As I held the poor boy, I felt a hand grasp my shoulder, throwing me back brutally. I stumbled over the chains at my feet and fell to the ground , crying out in pain. I turned to look at the man, he cursed and grasped a handful of my hair, yanking me up to my feet. I moaned in pain and tried to push the guard away futilely. " Usoa kiltie chouasma hrekin!" He yelled in my face, shaking me cruelly and shoving me forward. I stumbled as he pushed me, the only thing keeping me from falling was his hand snarled in my hair. He cursed me again and pushed me out the capsule, the incredible light of the outside world burning my eyes as I fell to my knees beside the other slaves.

I squinted to focus on what was before me. We were on a huge landing platform above the city. All the slaves were lined up, each chained to another, at one end of the platform, the slave traders on the other. Fear consumed me again, my heart beating so loud and fast I could hear it in my ears. I struggled to keep it in check, but the fear was overwhelming.

I wont be a slave. I have to escape. I have to find a way!

I don't remember how the slave traders found me and picked me, waking up to find myself in chains, locked up and caged like an animal, treated like nothing more.. My memory is fragmented into pieces. I don't remember how I came to this place. I only remember my life…before I was a slave. On Earth. Everyday has been a struggle to remember where I came from. Survive and keep my dignity…to keep my sanity.

Until this day.

The sun was rising on the horizon, bringing a cold breeze with it that whipped through my hair. I struggled to stand on my feet, getting a better look at the platform ahead of me. At the other end I saw Fhremus, the man who owned and sold us all, greeting the slave buyers who began showing up. Discreetly hiding their ships from view at a nearby landing tower. The buyers strode from their ships to the slaves, lined up and chained like merchandise. They looked us up an down critically, assessing what they saw fit to their needs. Fhremus walked the length of the platform to inspect his stock. I eyed him ruefully, balling my fists behind my back until my knuckles turned white with anger. But my face remained calm as he stepped before me. He eyed me up and down. Then spoke to me, words he knew I could not understand, his face twisting in displeasure.

I gazed back at him into his eyes. Something the other slaves would never dare to do. I knew it infuriated him.

He forced a smile onto his face, speaking to me more gently. He reached out his hand and stroked the side of my face, running it down my shoulder…. I jumped back as far as my chains would let me go, biting at his hand. He stumbled back, cradling his bleeding fingers and swore at me.

"Don't ever touch me." I seethed at him.

He stared back at me in shock for a moment. His face red with fury. He raised his hand, shaking violently, and struck me in the face. I fell to the ground from the force of his strength, my head reeling in throbbing pain, feeling blood trickle down my cheek. I barely had time to look up before his foot crashed down onto my chest, stealing my breath. He looked down at me with a smug smile as I struggled to breath. He spoke again, digging his heel farther into me. I gasped for air, moaning in pain until the pressure was suddenly lifted. I struggled to my knees and coughed, shaking from the sharp agony resting in my chest. I saw Fhremus walk away swearing quietly as he met with a slave buyer.

I closed my eyes and tried to regain my breath. The pain slowly ebbed away as I breathed in and out…my knees buckled underneath me as I fought to stand again. I managed to get on my feet and stood straight and tall. "I refuse to let you break me…" I whispered, searching the platform for something, anything, to aid a way to escape.

It was then I saw Fhremus speaking to a man in black robes. I knew it must have been what distracted him from beating me further. Fhremus looked very nervous, I had never seen him like that before. He wasn't afraid of anything. But something about this man struck fear deep into his heart…

They spoke, and Fhremus clumsily looked around, pointing to me, clearly waving his hands to the others. After all, I was the lowliest of them all, cheaper then even a child because I could not speak or understand anyone…but the man in black shook his head, motioning towards me. Fhremus blinked, confused, and smiled shakily at the man, leading him to me. I watched them approach, my heart racing. I felt the fear rise inside of me as I watched this man stride to me. Something about him was unlike anything I had felt before…

I watched as they walked towards me, the man was dressed in black robes from head to foot, a hood pulled over his face. He walked with a power and grace that was almost hypnotizing. Fhremus backed away eagerly as the man slowly stood before me. I rose my gaze up the length of his figure. The bulk of muscle was clear through his robes. My eyes traveled up his torso and finally to his face. My heart was pounding in my chest. In the shadows of his hood I saw fiery yellow eyes that pierced through me, his face colored in red and black markings. I stared into his frightening face. He gazed back at me. A slow smile creeping onto his lips.

He looked at me, taking his time to asses me. I watched him silently, but his looks were not that of a slave buyer. No. It was something more…

I dared to look at his face once more. My fear was beginning to overwhelm me, but my face did not betray me. I expected to be struck again for my insolence but his eyes shot to mine, piercing me with their intensity. I refused to look away. By now any slave trader would have spoken their thoughts of me. If I was worth buying. But he had not spoken a word. He was as silent as I was. But his eyes…his eyes spoke without words…

You do not hold yourself like a slave.

My long hair swept across my face in the wind. My chest was throbbing in pain still, and I could feel the cut on my cheek sting in the wind. The others cowered as the buyers approached them. But I refused to let them have that power over me. I stood tall, facing what was before me. He watched me so intensely…

I dropped my gaze from his eyes, burning as if from the fire of his gaze, but I felt tears. My fists were shaking behind my back. Emotions welled up deep inside of me, the anger and determination, fear and pain. I felt him step foreword, his strong presence washing over me, and reached out his gloved hand. His fingers brushed against my chin, tilting my face to look at him once again. Even through his gloves I felt a fire from his body. There was so much power behind that touch that I shuddered. Power I somehow knew could crush someone in an instant. His touch was so foreign I knew it had never touched someone unless in a killing strike. He let his fingers linger for only an instant, stroking past my jaw, before he let it drop slowly.

My eyes watched his hand as he let it fall. I felt the wave of power as he moved. I dared to look into his eyes. Awed by the power I felt coming from him. He couldn't possibly be a slave trader. He was much more…

He motioned to Fhremus, who hurriedly came to his side. The man reached into his robes, my eyes widened as I saw a gun revealed, and handed him a handful of money. Fhremus gasped as he held it, his eyes bulging in his head. My mouth dropped open. I knew it was many times what I was being sold for. Fhremus turned, calling out to the guards to unchain me. My heart skipped a beat as I saw them walk towards me. My chest rose and fell rapidly, my mind racing. I must escape.

Two guards stood behind me as they worked on unlocking my chains. My sore hands gratefully dropped to my sides and I sighed in relief hugging them to my chest. I closed my eyes as they began unchaining my ankles. I let out a slow breath and opened them. Staring straight into the man before me. I felt the last chain drop, the men move away from me and reach for my arm. The instant I felt their touch I ducked, my hands connecting to their necks. I heard the crack of their windpipes, dropping to the ground. I spun around and reached for the mans gun in his belt, grabbing a hold of the hilt and pulling it into my hands. I backed up, holding the sights to his face. Fhremus screamed, charging to me. I cocked the gun and pointed it to him, stopping him dead in his tracks.

I looked back to the man in black robes. I expected to see a face of fury who would surely stop me. But I did not. Instead I saw him gaze into my eyes calmly. His yellow eyes bore into me, shining like an inferno. I backed up slowly until I felt myself dangerously close to the edge. I looked around, knowing the only way off of this platform was below me. I stepped backwards until I felt the edge on my heels. I lowered the gun. A strange calm overcame me. The guards began to approach me, Fhremus cursing wildly. The man in black looked into my eyes. We will meet again.

I dropped the gun and closed my eyes. The last thing I saw was him. I let my foot step back into the air, stretching out my arms to the sky and leaning back, falling into the sky.

I heard the cries and curses of the slaves rush past me, falling into the city below. Traffic criss-crossed around me and by the grace of God did not hit me. I fell past it, my blood rushing to my head, blurring my vision with darkness and threatening to steal consciousness. My body was going numb from the cold. I couldn't breathe. I gasped for air, trying to open my eyes past the cold wind. I saw a cargo ship rising quickly below me. There was no way I could avoid it. I braced myself for impact as it raced up towards me.

I fell onto the surface of the cargo hold, knocking the wind from my lungs. I felt the breaking of bones. I gasped, trying to breathe. I took in shallow breaths. I looked to my hands and braced them against me, lifting my face from the surface. I turned backwards, looking up into the sky where I could faintly see the platform I fell from. Hearing screams echo into the sky. I was alive. And I was free!

Joy swept over me, I managed a short painful laugh, feeling tears stream down my face. The ship landed at a nearby dock where I slipped away unnoticed. I limped on my feet, looking around for a place to hide. It wouldn't be long before they would look for me. In the distance I saw a spire rise into the sky, looking like a temple. I smiled, trying to move my way towards it. My legs were badly wounded, and many of my ribs and arm was broken. Every step was more painful then the last. I gritted my teeth, determined to make my way there.

I fell on the steps of the temple. Fatigue and pain coursing through me unbearably. I stumbled to my feet towards the archway entrance. I made my way inside, my legs too weak to carry me anymore. I collapsed to the stone floor. "Someone…please help me…" I whispered. My face touched the cold floor. "Please help me…" I distantly heard footsteps on the floor. I reached my hand towards it, passing out, blackness overtaking everything.

A creature made his way beside her, placing his hand on her head soothingly. "Safe here you are, my child..."